hetalia photo shoot

Adventures at _______con.

My first convention experience! Oh this one is…definitely one to be remembered. Not going to this con ever again, no siree.

So I want to my first ever con for my birthday this Thursday, July 30th. It was a nice and popular con, where I was assured by a really good friend that it’d be fun. So I oblidged, and soon I was going as 2p Italy from the anime Hetalia. Nothing special, really, and not great compared to many cosplays at the convention.

I went with two friends: An Aoi Asahina and a Talent Swap Touko Fukawa. I would have gone as Daiya Oowada, but the reason why I didn’t is another story involving a weeb, but that’s for another time.

So we were walking around the second day for Linecon, when all of a sudden this girl just grabs me from the line we were in and hugs me. Tightly.

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((Hey~ it’s Em here are picture from the Hetalia photo shoot from AWA! this are just the once with Lithuania in them (me, i was the only Liet), but you can go to my Instagram https://instagram.com/confusedcosplay/ if you want to see for pictures from the photo shoot and just from AWA all together, also Photo credit to @bramskyphotography  alright thats all have a great day ^__^))

P.S. i’m sorry i look so awkward in the pictures it was my first photoshoot >~<