hetalia photo shoot

Adventures at _______con.

My first convention experience! Oh this one is…definitely one to be remembered. Not going to this con ever again, no siree.

So I want to my first ever con for my birthday this Thursday, July 30th. It was a nice and popular con, where I was assured by a really good friend that it’d be fun. So I oblidged, and soon I was going as 2p Italy from the anime Hetalia. Nothing special, really, and not great compared to many cosplays at the convention.

I went with two friends: An Aoi Asahina and a Talent Swap Touko Fukawa. I would have gone as Daiya Oowada, but the reason why I didn’t is another story involving a weeb, but that’s for another time.

So we were walking around the second day for Linecon, when all of a sudden this girl just grabs me from the line we were in and hugs me. Tightly.

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Weaboo cousin from hell

Okay so this is a story about my cousin, who we’ll just call L.
So whenever I was like 9 or 10 and way before I ever even started liking anime, my family had traveled down during the summer to visit the rest of my family. Well my cousin was super antisocial and “weird” (she wore a Naruto headband all the time and gloves) and she stayed in the house most of the time. Well one day I stayed inside with her and after a while she calls me over to show me a video. The vid she had showed me was of Mitsuki from Full Moon O Sagashite performing one of her solos. I was completely mesmerized by it and when I got home I looked up the video and ended up watching the entire series. That’s what started it all.

So fast forward to a couple years later and I’m 13 and still into anime. I had been begging my mom to let me go to an anime convention and with help from L’s dad she caved in and let me go to one she was also going to. Everything was going smooth until we found out L’s dad couldn’t take her, but my mom stepped in and said that L could go with us and just room with us the entire time there. We had planned to get there Thursday (to pick up early badges and all that jazz) and leave Sunday.

At first L was super nice and respectful and we caught up a bit on everything and talked about some anime on the ride there and she had told us about her being in the dance competition there and how she had everything planned but then she remembered that she had forgot her laptop cord. Well we really couldn’t go all the way back home since it was a 2 hour drive plus traffic and she called her dad’s friend (she comes into the story again later) who had just gotten out of surgery to see if she could get it. That meant that the poor lady would have to drive 2 hours back to her home just to get a cord.

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((Hey~ it’s Em here are picture from the Hetalia photo shoot from AWA! this are just the once with Lithuania in them (me, i was the only Liet), but you can go to my Instagram https://instagram.com/confusedcosplay/ if you want to see for pictures from the photo shoot and just from AWA all together, also Photo credit to @bramskyphotography  alright thats all have a great day ^__^))

P.S. i’m sorry i look so awkward in the pictures it was my first photoshoot >~<