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after mehmed ii conquered byzantine, he declared himself the roman emperor and protector of the orthodox church (even as to his east, moscow would style itself the third rome) – “in old times, the roman empire was pagan, catholic, and orthodox. now it is muslim.

  • Child Italy: England, England, I heard that you broke off from the Roman Catholic Church??
  • Child England: u-um, yeah, my king said so because he and the queen had a disagreement about something.
  • Child Italy: e-eh, really... but you should really consider it-
  • Ottoman Empire (Turkey): hey, Italy! Haha, you think you can push me around that easily-
  • Child Italy: shut up you stupid empire! Run before I shoot an arrow up that thick skull of yours- ah, sorry England, um... well, yeah, please try to reconsider it~
  • Child England: *shakes nervously*

America: Did you know that the last time the Cubs won the world series the Ottoman empire was still an empire? 


America: So are ya prepin’ a comeback?


America: Cause they just won again!!!!


America: Did you know that a baseball has 108 stitches?


America: And it’s been 108 years since the Cubs last won a Wold series?!


America: The curse is broken!!

In 1664

Hungary (and Slovakia): Yay! We finally did it! We won! No more Turks on our land!

Austria: By the way I signed a peace with Turkey to stop the attacks, and I gave them the land you protected, making this whole battle meaningless and non-existent. 

Hungary (and Slovakia): ….

Hungary (and Slovakia): ….

Hungary (and Slovakia) : …

Hungary: You son of a -  

they’ll be at each other’s throats again later, but for now, it’s nap time

the two “sick old men of Europe”, during/post WW1
some fun with stock imaging, yessir
note: the “tanzimat era” was an era of reform for the Ottomans in an attempt to slow the decline of the empire and calm the nationalist rebellion within the people. Long story short, it failed


After a long wait, here is the full Ancients panel from Anime Detour 2015.

Also: here is a link again to our previous panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB7k1gZbHAY

My Sister (non-Hetalian) reacts to Hetalia screen-shots

Sorry I haven’t made one of these in ages! I was planning to to celebrate 100 followers but I never got round to it. So here it is! My sister knows some of the characters but didn’t know what was happening in any of the pictures.

He (Lithuania) is going to meet someone important and he’s scared.

Japan is annoyed because that other guy stole his cat.

He (Spain) is hiding from the guy who is holding something on a coat hanger. Coat hanger? yeah that green one. That’s chibi Romano.

What are those things? Pandas? fish? fireflies?

Sakumanamajiro (Kumajiro) is eating Russia’s head.

Who are they? Is that Ireland in a storm with a pirate?

they all look the same but that guy in the middle looks like he’s burning something with his lazar eyes.

Canada (America) is playing Slender with the guy in the green shirt. *facepalm*

What are those? Are they turnips? Are they fighting?

Is that a court room? Is Russia the judge?

He’s saying “Will you marry me?” …close enough…XD

When a Nation starts to fall, it's representative becomes deathly ill Before finally dying after the fall is complete and the Nation is no more.

The only ones to have ever survived this are Mongolia, Prussia, Turkey and, some would debate, Germany.
How they were able to live through the pain is unknown.


you can kinda take this as genderbend because this WIP has been sitting in my computer before Himaruya introduced “Persia”

16th century Ottoman Turkey and Safavid Iran! Iran (also known back then as Persia- which is derived from the Greek name of the country. Iran, however, is the ancient name that has long been used by Iranians themselves) is one of the oldest contiguous civilisations in the world- dating back to the Achaemenid Empire (also called the First Persian Empire) founded by Cyrus the Great 2500 years ago. Although the Ottomans and Safavids were both Islamic empires, they were rivals jockeying for influence in the region.

Also, Iran is mostly Shi'a Islam, whereas Turkey is majority Sunni Islam (it’s a sectarian difference like Catholic/Protestant in Christianity). While they were at loggerheads most of the time, Iranian culture greatly influenced Ottoman Turkey and also Mughal India- Ottoman fashion often followed that of the Iranian court :P Selim I was indeed a pretty accomplished poet who wrote in both Turkish and Persian- he greatly expanded the borders of the Ottoman Empire by the time of his death- and it’s under his son Suleiman the Magnificent, that the empire reached its height. Tulips seem to have first been cultivated by Iranians, and were a very popular plant in Ottoman Turkey.