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Should There Be an Official Season of 2p!Hetalia?

Many people(including myself) in the 2p!Hetalia fandom want a canon season from the creators of Hetalia. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and I’ve asked myself: Should the 2ps really appear in Hetalia?

My Opinion: I don’t think they should, even though I love the 2ps to bits. My reasoning:

1. Making them official would also give them official personalities. I know for a fact that not everyone’s 2ps are the same, so some people might be disappointed An example would be 2p!Germany. Some people see him as a lazy ass but others see him as a bad boy. The creators of Hetalia would have to choose one or the other. (Or make a whole different personality)

2. Himaruya has yet to include the 2ps in the manga, meaning they would have to appear in the manga before the anime. Of course it’s possible that they could steer away from the manga a bit.

There are a few more reasons why I’m against it, but I’m going to try and make this post short. I think it’d be better if 2p!Hetalia was kept as a fandom thing. There is also a fan-made 2p!Hetalia movie and series being made, so we can at least enjoy it knowing it isn’t official. 

Again, this is just my opinion! Please tell me what you think, I’d love to know! Thank you for reading, my lovely! ))

Unpopular Hetalia Opinion: Violent RusAme

I know well RusAme is commonly known for Cold War, and often first things that come to mind when thinking about Cold War is hatred, sarcasm, and violence.

And that’s why it’s no wonder many RusAme canonverse fanfictions that’s based on history contains violence, ranging from verbal sarcasms to actual punching / shooting that’s very bloody and violent.

Seems reasonable. Cold War -> Hate and Rivalry ->  Violence. Easy to think.

But I just find it’s kind of exaggerating to “personify” Cold War as two men exchanging blows / bullets directly. Because direct combat between USA and USSR actually never officially happened. It’s more like lots of verbal threats and provoking other people to attack the other, but never directly make a move. Because making the first direct attack in the Cold War would make one of them (USA or USSR) as the “villain”.

And frankly speaking, USA and USSR were both superpower nations that were very cautious in their move, which explains why Cold War went on for decades without actually growed to the actual direct war between USA and USSR like Axis vs Allies in WW2.

True, there were few instances of indirect wars that made USA and USSR soldiers to oppose each other, but like I said before, it’s indirect as in they support opposing sides but not directly attack each other, like in Korean and Vietnam war. In other instances like Polar Bear Expedition, England tricked USA soldiers to make them end up facing Bolshevik’s soldiers which was not their original purpose being there, which made USA troops’ morale down and making it one of reasons that made the expedition failed. In short, yes they might be throwing few punches there but it’s all within indirect context like ‘you punched my friend so i’ll punch you’ or ‘sorry i was tricked by others to be here, i’m just defending myself here’ not just a mere shallow ‘you irritate me that’s why I punched you’.

So it just makes me think those over violent fighting portrayal between USA and USSR for Cold War in numerous hetalia fanworks are too exaggerating, since most of them were done in a mere shallow context of ‘you insulted me so i’ll punch you’. Lots of propaganda, threats, insults, yes. But actual direct punching / shooting until they’re badly bruised and bloody? I think that’s too unrealistic historically. Maybe a few punches here and there in the few indirect context I explained in previous paragraph but never directly.

Even in hetalia, Hima only draws Ivan and Alfred to be bickering and throwing insults / sarcasms at best, but never actually fighting by fists / guns.

They don’t even touch each other in those scenes. 

And before you drag these scenes to tell me I’m wrong that hima did portray them actually fighting:

I’m just gonna say, those are just AU and not the actual canonverse world, which doesn’t follow any historical facts at all.

Lastly, I understand that exaggeration sometimes is needed in writing fiction (even fiction that’s based on facts such as hetalia), to make the story spicier and more interesting. But still, it’s an exaggeration nonetheless and I just want that point to come across this part of fandom that loves portraying Cold War RusAme as an actual instinctive physical brawl fighting instead of intelligent calculating mind games like it actually was. 

Prussia and s/o

So, I was reading some comics of Hetalia and now I realized how Prussia acts when it comes to marriages and relationships in general.

He avoids them and runs away from them.

And now I am making a big deal out of it because my portrayal was a bit different and I feel kinda guilty about not realizing it sooner.

He denies how lonely he is but he still cried when he saw Austria and Hungary together. Yet he still runs away from relationships.

What if Prussia actually got a really big crush and he would avoid his love? Or maybe when he was little he was really confident when it would come to relationships but something happened that made him run away from them? Possibly HRE? I don’t know, after all, Prussia was taking care of him. I’m sure HRE was important to Gilbert. Or maybe Old Fritz? Or he used to fall in love very easily but everytime he would try to impress his crush, it would always end up negative for him? Ahhh, so many posibilites that makes me sooo curious about Prussia.

Or maybe there is an explanation for this and I’m just blind???

Anyway, I fell like I should start writing imagines with Prussia having a crush, girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever else a bit different. Maybe you guys have something to say when it comes to this topic? I’m curious what you think about that.

Versatility of RusAme

I just want to share how dynamic and versatile these two characters are when portrayed as couple:

1. Cheerful Extrovert Alfred x Introvert Ivan : Fluffy opposite-attract domestic couple

2. Cheerful Alfred x Cheerful Ivan : That couple which would contain their youthful energy even after decades later. Will make a good comedic sight in any party with their light bickering.

3. Sarcastic Alfred x Sarcastic Ivan : Bickering couple whom you shouldn’t mess up with

4. Psycho Alfred x Psycho Ivan : Mad couple whom you should NEVER mess up with

5. Melancholic Alfred x Melancholic Ivan : Angsty Couple with lots of hurt comfort

6. Space Geek Alfred x Space Geek Ivan : Space duo lovers. Would stargaze any time they can and geek over tons of astronomical facts or new breakthrough in space exploration missions.

Originally posted by glerasaurus

And so many more. You could also mix and match their personality such as Sarcastic Alfred x Introvert Ivan, Cheerful Alfred x Melancholy Ivan, etc and will get another interesting dynamics! And just like other hetalia pairings, there’re also nyotalia, nekotalia, and 2ptalia to make the mix and match more various.

This is why I don’t get bored with this couple even after few years shipping them. They’re the farthest couple from the “boring” definition.

anonymous asked:

Hey just out of curiosity - how many followers (aprox) does this blog have? (because of the all "the fandom is dead" and "nobody likes aph anymore" rumors circulating around)

It has 1500+ followers, and it keeps growing (not at the same rate as a few months ago but it still does), so I don’t think the fandom is really dying, just a bit… sleepy. What I see is that several major/popular hetalia blogs left (either left the fandom or aren’t active anymore), which I believe left the fandom a bit… disoriented maybe? And the fact that Himaruya updates less frequently might be a factor also. I think the problem is that fandoms often heavily rely on someone who “leads” them, like the author and/or a few popular artists/bloggers. If these stop being very active, people will either get bored/demotivated because there’s less content/less people who share what they create and will leave the fandom, or they will start feeling lost and spread the panic to everyone else. No matter how many people still are in the fandom and keep contributing and sharing things, a lot of fans will still believe that the fandom is becoming empty and dying (which I find kind of unfair to all the others who are still there btw).

The fact is. The fandom is still big, even though people leave, new fans keep joining, and there are those who stayed: every fandom goes like that, it’s perfectly normal that people come and go, we just got to do our best so that it remains a nice place where people may feel good and have fun. Be more active and participative, contribute with anything you like best to do, art, writings, edits, headcanons, even silly/humorous posts… BUT most of all SUPPORT people who still create this content, whether you create stuff yourself or not. Supporting each others is crucial. Reblog and share what you like. This way other people will see it and those who create won’t feel like what they spend a lot of time creating is useless and ignored. This is especially important for new artists, and people who aren’t very known/popular. Make them feel welcome in the fandom and appreciated.

And in order to do so, go and search for new content yourself once in a while. Find new artists to follow, new bloggers, tell those people that you like what they post, what they create, and keep them motivated to stay in the fandom! Honestly we can do so much to make the fandom better and thriving again. Repeating over and over that the fandom is dying, imho, only contributes to create this sense of helplessness, as if it’s something out of our control and we can only sit there and watch (and despair of course). Who wants to join and stay in a fandom with this kind of mood? Be more positive instead, and spread your positivity and passion to others as well! The fandom will not die if we don’t let it!

The Thing With Poland

I’m really confused as to how the “like totally fabulous crossdresserski” Poland came to be in this fandom, because, let’s face it, I’m pretty damn sure Polish culture isn’t like that.
And I know, APH Poland’s supposed to be a stereotype, but where in Poland would Hima get that from?
And, more importantly, why do people make him so in fanon?
He’s an amazing character, with a really funny personality and actually much easier to write for (that is, if you stay in canon) that a Polish Regina George caricature.
What I’ve found in Feliks is that he tends to underthings things, to not have a filter, a very poorly working one at most. He’s an inspiration to people with anxiety, and proves to people that all people with social anxiety are in fact not ultra shy and secluded, they can be silly and outgoing.
And, let’s not forget, he can whoop anyone’s ass.
It’s said he isn’t the most likeable of people, but cares very much for the people he loves.
So let’s stop characterizing him as another shallow fashionista-like American Valley Girl character, and into the brash, silly, and yet still inspirational Feliks we love.

Another Unpopular Hetalia Opinion: RusAme could work out in this current era

Okay so truthfullly I made this post because I’ve seen many hetalians think RusAme is impossible to work out in current era judging by their current political tension and their infamous Cold War history. And even if they know about how RusAme was very warm during Imperial Russia era, they would say things like “but it happened so long ago! it won’t really affect them now”

But let’s not forget it’s canon that: 

1. Hetalia nations remember event that happened so long ago and it still affects their emotion now:

France and Jeanne d’arc:

Switzerland who still remembers his good past with Austria:

So I just personally think those “their warm history is so long ago, they won’t work it out now with their current political tension” opinions contradict with how the nations personification’s mind works in canon. 

It’s not a far stretch to think that Ivan and Alfred still remembers their warm past in Imperial Russia era and still feels nostalgic about it now whenever they see each other in current era. Afterall, they are nations’ personification who holds memories since their nation was “born”, unlike their leaders or citizens who are only aware mostly about their current political tension.

2. Hetalia nations =/= their leaders

Another argument of why most hetalians think RusAme is unlikely is because how both countries have long history of political tension. But really, I think most of this political tension in current era really refers to their leader’s political tension, because let’s be real here. Most people and medias would judge how good a bilateral relation is by both leaders of the nations’ opinion of each other, because it’s easier that way instead of analyzing in depth of their multidimensional relation such as cooperation in space, education, trade, etc.

So it’s understandable to judge RusAme is unlikely to work since their bosses often has/had disagreements with each other since USSR was formed.

But let’s not forget that Nations can have different opinion than their leaders, such as:

Japan’s boss signed treaty with Russia without Japan’s knowledge:

Russia’s boss forced him to make a steam engine in one week which is against his wishes since he’ll be punished if he doesn’t do it:

So it’s also not a far stretch to think that even when Ivan and Alfred’s boss have disagreements with each other, Ivan and Alfred could still have laughed with each other and have lunch happily together, since it’s canon that hetalia nations can have different opinion than their leaders.

tldr; RusAme could work out even in this current era. It just takes an open mindedness and vast knowledge of their long history to comprehend how this is actually logical and not impossible. Btw I also made another post similar like this few years ago if you guys want to read more argument about this and check them out.

2p's theme songs (my opinion)

2p!America: Bang Bang by Green Day

2p!China: Beat Drop by Simon Curtis

2p!England: Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez

2p!France: Le bien qui fait mal by Mozart L’ Opera Rock

2p!Canada: Pain by Three Days Grace

2p!Russia: Louder Than Thunder by Devil Wears Prada

2p!Italy: Puzzle of Dreams by Vanilla Ninja

2p!Germany: Headstrong by Trapt

2p!Japan: Let’s Kill Tonight by Panic! at The Disco

2p!Austria: Highway To Hell by AC/DC

2p!Prussia: Tears Of An Angel by Ryan Dan

2p!Romano: Fashion by Lady Gaga

So....here's me awkwardly mass asking for opinions...

So….I kinda got an idea to possibly start another blog….by that I mean making a Google history blog for my hetalia oc Ada. She’s the one I’m working on refining and been using/drawing/writing about/detailing the most recently and I think it would be a good and fun new way to work with her character
But…I’m having some hesitations and self-doubts about actually making it, like doubts about whether anyone would actually be interested in it or care or if it’ll just kinda crash and burn right at the start, if people hate it cause its an oc , whether or not its really a good idea or not.
So I’m just looking for any opinions on the idea before I decide to do it or not
So yeah…
Just give me your opinions on it…you know if you want…
@canadas-googlesearchhistory @2pcanadas-googlehistory @seborgasgooglehistory @2pswedens-googlehistory @itsromanosgooglehistory @nyobelarusgoolgehistory @aph-bulgaria-google-history
(Just tagging the GH blogs that come to the top of my head and I talk to/interact with the most)
And uh yeah thanks!!!!

A respectful ask to the APH Romania fans to stop complaining.

I noticed how many complaints he got, people even wishing he wouldn’t have appeared at all just because they don’t like how he looks. Seriously?

I’m happy he’s finally in the anime and I hope he gets more popular. I want to see fanart of him, blond hair, brown hair, red hair, doesn’t matter. I want the character to receive more love in many artistic styles. The other countries enjoyed popularity with all its ups and downs for years, they caused debates and have mountains of doujinshi. Why must a part of the Romania fandom start acting like drama queens?

Be happy that the character has appeared, hope he’ll appear for more than 20 seconds in all season 5 and stop insulting artists who draw him “not according to your tastes”. Diversity in art is awesome, I’m thankful to everyone who takes their time to draw Romania whether they make him a vampire, a weird magician or a funny guy.

Please be more respectful towards the character.

“I understand that the 2P personalities aren’t canon, but I’m seriously sick of the same edgy gritty 'happy murderer’ crap in every piece of fanwork with them.  If you are at least going to make them the antagonists, make their goals more reasonable rather than ‘just because’.”

Not to mention the 2P fandom gets easily gung-ho if you try and portray them as other than ‘happy murderer’, yandere, “edgy badasses”, or jerkass woobies.  Even giving them the “wrong” name can get a negative reaction.  Like frack, man, there’s barely anything set in stone with these dudes, so kindly sit down.

This is why I prefer 2P Nyotalia.

- Mod V

This is important

Warning, if you are an easily offended Hetalia fan don’t read this.

Guys, I have three words. What. The. Fuck. Seriously? This isnt meant for everyone but god damn, I am so tired of people getting offended or mad when someone says they don’t like Gerita or some other popular ship like- Fuck guys, just stop. @lucianosgooglehistory / @that-one-girls-art got hate for stating something they thought. Why-?? This is TUMBLR, if you don’t like it then I dont know what to tell you! Tumbr is a place where you can create blogs, post art, share interests in fandoms and a lot more, so why are we judging another Hetalia fan for their opinion?? Us as a part as a fandom are supposed to be happy we share itnerests with other people, not bash them because they ship or don’t ship something! I know this is really short and probably a bit stupid but guys, please stop with the ship wars. Its stupid and not needed.