Salaam, friends! In a couple of days it will be Nowruz, or what is known as the Persian New Year, and I, and my people, will be celebrating it with a few other nations as well. I have haft seen table ideas in mind already and I hope those who will celebrate Nowruz this year will enjoy all the Sabzi Polo and Anaar you can eat!

Nowruz Pirouz!

((or Nowruz Mubarak! whichever you choose to say, Nowruz is happening on March 20th! Unfortunately, I won’t be having any Nowruz fun, but I hope everyone will have a great Nowruz hehe

As Iran said, Nowruz is the Persian New Year originated as an ancient Zoroastrian celebration to welcome the coming of Spring (the Spring Equinox),,and the beginning day of the Iranian calender. However, Nowruz is not limited to celebration by Iranians, it is also celebrated in quite a number of countries and communities. Nowruz is also celebrated in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Iraq, Tajikistan and several others, officially and unofficially!

The haft seen table [the table of “Seven S’s”] is a major decoration in the celebration of Nowruz and it traditionally set up with items that begin with the letter “s” or “seen/sin” in Persian. Common items for the haft seen are grass sprouts [sabzeh/Sabzi], apples [sib], samanu [an Iranian pudding], books [like Hafiz’s Divan, or a religious book such as the Quran], coins [Sekkeh], somaq [sumac berries], and garlic [sir], though there are other items not included that can be put on the haft seen table :)

and as you can see, there are several guest appearances from the countries mentioned above! From left to right: Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan [who is rockin a unibrow]!

and now i’m offically off hiatus!!))

(( Happy Colón Day, Panama !

And today, Nov 5th, is Colón day, when Panama persuaded Colombian troops in Colón to not fight against Panama’s independence movement. 

I wasn’t sure what to draw at first, but then I realized I can just draw Maria in Colón’s regional pollera - La Pollera Congo ! Colón is known for its Caribbean influence. I based it off this picture since I love it so much and the girl reminds me of Maria <3 ))

We’re slowly approaching the Festival of Lights! Hanukkah is on the 25 Kislev - so this year, it begins on nightfall of December 6, and as usual, lasts for eight days, until nightfall of December 14!

Did you know that there’s this many spellings of Hanukkah? Because it’s a Hebrew word, there’s no correct way of translating it into English, or other languages. The top eight ways of spelling it are:

  • Hanukka
  • Hanukkah
  • Hanuka
  • Hanukah
  • Chanuka
  • Chanukah
  • Hannuka
  • Hannukah

But instead of bickering over which one is the correct one (don’t worry, all of them are!), enjoy the holiday!

(Very quick update on the different spellings of Hanukkah :0 I showed it to my fiancé a few days ago, and most people don’t know there’s this many ways of transliterating it, haha, so I thought “why not?” :’) Anyway! There’ll definitely be a decent post on Hanukkah in the future!