hetalia new style

“ Since Britain still shows no sign of willingness to come to an agreement in spite of her hopeless military situation, I have decided to prepare and, if necessary carry out, a landing operation against England.” 

Operation Sea Lion (Unternehmen Seelöwe) , Hitler’s planned offensive against Britain, which would bear him triumphantly to London, was set for September 15, 1940.

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Getting caught smoking in the house.

ok i was in the middle of doing a request when suddenly i fucking hated my art style so i’m tryna tweak it

idk i’m kinda liking it and.. i drew legs so that’s a plus

it’s kinda shitty since i gave the glasses -34983 consideration but w/e

also i hate backgrounds

-But not as beautiful as…. me.  ☆ /poses/ 

-Aha, just kidding. Words really can’t express how perfect you are, so I’m sorry if I’m coming off short. I’m not really a poet or a writer, but I do love you with all my heart. And I hope you do as well!~ ♡ ♡