hetalia nazi germany


You Anon, are very smart! Yes, it is indeed when the Munich pact was signed. Though Italy is not shown in the picture, it is only Hitler, France, England, Austria, and Germany. Then you’ve got some blond haired man next to Germany. I enjoy his SS uniform, and I believe the reason why they draw him in the SS instead of his Wehrmachts is because only the most top most respected people - by Hitler, of Hitler’s army were able to be given the title of SS. If you also haven’t noticed, they drew Austria in one in this picture. Also adding to my point.
Anyways, yes this is one of my favorite pictures because you don’t see too many actual historical fan made pictures with Germany. 


To the Anon who requested Nazi!Germany pics. I made this video a while back for my YouTube account. I figured that this would make up for the lack of pictures in the post that you requested. Please, enjoy! :)