hetalia kiku


Japan→Me, Italy→my Italian friend 

I don’t know why my nose bleed at that time, I wasn’t thinking about erotic stuff btw haha


ベッドのシーツに血痕が…と思ったら自分の鼻血でした( ̄◇ ̄;)


Well its not my AU kis_koly on Instagram gave me the idea of what could happen if Hitman Jones and Kiku met and I kinda imagined this,, shortly after I posted it pinkgucciii (also on ig)  messaged me saying she had an AU with an abusive Hitman Jones and abused hostage Kiku, so Credit goes to them!!



I also said that out loud, Oops…😅


Childhood Hetalia - The creepy neighbor

Wonder where Japan is hiding.

Germany, Japan, Italy & Russia © Himaruya Hidekaz

where do you even start on the russo-japanese war? it was a war of iconography, a racist battleground for the rest of the great powers (roosevelt provided the commentary of “the plucky little japanese”), a test run for world war i, and an effective death knell for two empires (not even a decade after the close of the sino-japanese war, russia would come to find that revolution was a bigger threat than any humiliating peace the japanese could deliver). it wasnt just “the victory that startled the old world and warned the new,” it, along with many of the events of the late 19th century, was a preview of the sheer bloodshed that would beget the rest of the 20th century

im going to borrow a quote from a different scholar here and when people ask on the aftermath of this conflict, i wanna answer, “we are still seeing the effects”