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  • Prussia: I haven't seen much of West lately, but, I took a box of his stationary, so, from time to time, I send him faxes. From himself. From the future. [reading fax] "Ludwig, at 8 A.M. today, someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Ludwig."
  • Germany: No![knocks coffee out of Veneziano's hand] You'll thank me later.

Everyone always draws Feliciano wearing such fashionable clothes when in reality he’s just like:

wearing himself on a shirt

expressing his love for his favorite meal

little cat printed at the bottom!!

that damn muscle shirt

His actual wardrobe is so precious look at it!!!!


My very favorit shooting from almost 2 years ago! We shooted the priest versions of the italy bros in Venice (thanks to Lewys dad xD) and man it was wonderfull

South Italy + Editor: @lewyko

North Italy: Me

[Art belongs to Hidekaz ofc]