hetalia independence

Its crossover “The Fox and the Hound”. War of Independence. Arthur and Alfred - children who living in America at that time. So you understand what happened next, ha.

Sorry, my English is very bad I know.

Итак, это кроссовер с мультфильмом “Лис и пес”, который создавался на конкурс. И вот, выкладываю. Времена Войны за Независимость. Артур и Альфред - обычные дети, живущие в Америке. Но тут начинаются разногласия между метрополией и колонией, война. Печальный сюжет, в общем-то, когда друзья становятся врагами.


Prussia: Remember, war is a blunt and costly instrument. Your objective is like a button. and there are some obstacles to pressing it, sure, and you can break through those obstacles with a club, yeah, but you’ll smash the entire keyboard hitting the button.

America: Oh… okay.

America: But… didn’t you say war was always your first option?

Prussia:….weeeell. Yes. We’ll see how far it gets me, kid.

Maraming salamat po![Thank you so much!] 

Huwag po nating kalimutan ang totoong dahilan kung bakit natin ito ipinagdiriwang….[Let us not forget the true reason as to why we celebrate this certain day…]

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan po sa inyong lahat![Happy Independence Day to you all!]

The Joys of Parenting
  • America: For the last time Dad, I'm the United States! I'm not a colony anymore, I'm grown up!
  • Britain: Just last year you couldn't elect an official
  • America: ... Yeah, so?
  • Canada: Hey Dad can I have my independence?
  • Britain: Yes, Canada, go make your old man proud.
  • Britain: Because he's not a little shit, that's why.

Great Britain: You really think you stand a chance? Just bow your head, boy. Defying me is too dangerous. 

America: Alexander Hamilton told me that a nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one. 

America: And I will not deserve a master.