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Allies Body Types

I just reblogged a post that made me think about my headcanon for Hetalia characters’s bodies, so here are some. And sorry about this, but I’m not sticking to official heights when it comes to Hetalia… They’re all too close, and characters are often drawn different heights, so I’m making up my own. Sorry? (also, I’m not including weights because I’m only vaguely aware of how it works for men, with the different muscle-fat distribution and all, I’d probably say something unrealistic)

America: 182 cm (slightly under 6′). He has the body of a jock, very fit and a lot of muscles. Flat stomach, extremely defined abs (all his muscles are very defined, actually). He barely has any fat, but he can’t be considered really thin, since he has all those muscles and he’s not thin-boned, but he doesn’t look bulky, either. Average hip size for his height, broad (but not excessively so) shoulders.

Canada: 178 cm (5′10″) (yes I know I’m horrible but I can’t help imagining him a bit shorter than America). He’s very fit, with defined muscles, but considerably slenderer than America. His ribs and hip bones are visible under his skin, he has thin arms and legs. Not an ounce of fat on his body. He’s slight-boned in general, with narrow hips and shoulders for his height. He’s kind of delicate-looking.

China: 169 cm (5′6″). Extremely slender and fine-boned, but also fit, even if his muscles aren’t too defined. His body looks elegant and well-proportioned. His hips and shoulders are slightly thin for his height, but it’s not very noticeable.

England: 174 cm (5′8″). He’s skinny. His body is toned and he does have muscles, but he also has thin arms and legs, and his ribs are clearly visible. Thin hips and shoulders, too, but he doesn’t look as delicate as Canada and China do, he’s more on the scrawny side.

France: 177 cm (almost 5′10″). He has an extremely well-proportioned body. He’s muscular and toned, but not too much, he doesn’t look buff. He has broad shoulders, the same as America’s proportion-wise, but his hips and waist are narrower. He looks very elegant, but still clearly masculine.

Russia: 194 cm (6′4″). (yes that’s extremely tall) He’s big-boned, with extremely broad shoulders and wide hips. He has muscles of steel, very toned, but he also still has some fat on his body, which makes him look even more massive.

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List of 2P Headcanons


  • France
    • Name: Louis Bonnefoy
    • Age: 26
    • Height: 5′9″
  • America
    • Name: Alex Foster Jones
    • Age: 21
    • Height: 5′9″
  • Canada
    • Name: Samuel Williams
    • Age: 20
    • Height: 6′
  • England
    • Name: Oliver Kirkland
    • Age: 23
    • Height: 5′5″
  • China
    • Name: Xiao Wang
    • Age: 22
    • Height: 5′6″
  • Russia
    • Name: Nikolai Braginski
    • Age: 22
    • Height: 6′3″


  • Japan
    • Name: Kuro Honda
    • Age: 21
    • Height: 5′4″
  • Germany
    • Name: Luther “Lutz” Beilschmidt
    • Age: 23
    • Height: 5′10″
  • Prussia
    • Name: Klaus Beilschmidt
    • Age: 24
    • Height: 5′8′
  • Italy
    • Name: Luciano Vargas
    • Age: 22
    • Height: 5′6″
  • Romano
    • Name: Flavio Vargas
    • Age: 22
    • Height: 5′7″
  • Spain
    • Name: Santiago Fernandez Carriedo
    • Age: 25
    • Height: 5′11″

anonymous asked:

What heights do you headcanon the Nordics to be?

Hmm. I believe there are canon heights for a few of them, so I will probably include those too.

APH Denmark: So Denmark looks pretty fucking tall, especially since he is so close in height to Sweden. However, I think that a lot of that height also comes from his hair XD. So if i had to pick a height for him I would say about 5′10″, or 178 cm

APH Finland: Finland is canonly 5′7″ or 170 cm. 

APH Sweden: Sweden is 5′11.6″ or 182 cm. 

APH Iceland: I can’t remember where I read it so don’t quote me, but I think I saw that Icy was the tiniest bit taller than Finland. But just barely. So I would probably head canon him to be about 5′7.5″ to 5′8″, or between 171 and 173 cm.

APH Norway: From the looks of it, he is kind of in between Iceland and Denmark. Fairly average height. I’m gonna go with 5′8.5″ to 5′9″, or 174 cm to 176 cm.

Nyotalia Height Headcanons

Feel Free To Add More

England: 5'2"

America: 5'6"

France: 5'7"

Canada: 5'10" (When not slouching)

Japan: 5'2"

North Italy: 5'6.5"

Germany: 5'9"

China: 5'4"

Russia: 6'3"

Lithuania: 6'0"

Poland: 5'6"

Sweden: 6'3"

Denmark: 5'10"

Norway: 5'7"

Finland: 5'8"

Iceland: 5'6"

South Italy: 5'6"

Spain: 5'8"

Prussia: 5'6"

hetalia headcanon heights

❀ i thought until i receive any requests i’d do some height headcanons n such ❀

♡ allies ♡

America / Alfred F. Jones


England / Arthur Kirkland


France / Francis Bonnefoy


Russia / Ivan Braginsky


China / Wang Yao


Canada / Matthew Williams


♡ axis + spain ♡

Germany / Ludwig Beilschmidt


N. Italy / Feliciano Vargas


Japan / Honda Kiku


S. Italy / Lovino Vargas


Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt


Spain / Antonio Fernandez Carriedo