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romano-is-crying said: Hey! :) I’m so glad you get a week out of school! That’s great, Friend! I hope you enjoy it. ^-^ And for the pallet thing, I really love #5, and a Prussia would be lovely! :) Or if you’d rather do a Romano, I also like pallets #6 and #1. (I think #1 would be good for him.) But yes. Prussia in #5 is my top choice, if you’d like. :) Take good care, and all the best to you!! ^-^

I wish I could have done all three but hopefully this is okay ^//^ Prussia is actually really fun to draw. I should draw him more. I wish you all the best as well, friend! Hope you’re doing well ^-^



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ahhh could you do a boyfriend thing for iceland? bc that canada one was peeeeerfect!! ;;o;;

Wow, okay, so apparently after the Canada boyfriend headcannons, a bunch of boyfriend headcannons popped up, and after Prince’s Prussia boyfriend headcannons, the inbox completely blew up with boyfriend headcanon requests so… honestly, I am questioning all of you guys’ sanity as well as my own. I’m so excited to hear that you liked Canada though! I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do the character of Iceland justice, but I’ll give it a go!

- He’s a shy little babe, so you have to be the one to initiate nearly everything. First date, first hand holding session, first kiss, first everything. And the second. And the third. And every single one after. Basically, Icey-baby doesn’t like to start things.

- He’s in love with black licorice. Like, overly obsessed. If you are going grocery shopping, he’ll call and ask for black licorice. It’s all over the place. In every kitchen cabinet, the living room, the bedroom, and pretty much everywhere except for the bathroom.

- Will try to restrain himself from talking back to the other Nordics around you. He doesn’t want you to think that he’s rude, so he’s willing to endure their comments whenever you are around.

- He’s not too big on PDA, but if for any reason he feels a bit jealous (say for instance, one of the other Nordics start getting a little too close to you for comfort) he’ll take your hand in his to keep you by his side and make sure everybody knows that you are his.

- Please put your head in his lap when you watch TV together. He’ll turn redder than a firetruck as his eyes awkwardly dart between you in his lap and everything else in the room.

- If you can stand the taste of black licorice, he’ll buy it for you as a gift all the time.

- Dates are rare with him, since he’s just so shy and afraid he might mess up any date he plans, but when they do happen, he loves to go someplace with very dim lights so you can’t see him blush and where you can both be pretty quiet so that he doesn’t have to worry about running out of interesting material to talk about. Someplace light a candlelit dinner or a movie works great with him.

- If you ever want anything from him, anything at all, all you have to do is kiss the junction where his neck meets his jaw. It’s his weak point. He’ll go weak in the knees and do whatever you want.

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