hetalia fandom look at this

  • Someone: haha but aph poland is so smol and he couldn't protect himself if he was in some sort of survival game and he's a bit weak but i love my cute cross-dressing son
  • Me: *putting down a history book* w h a t
let's put it simply

if you do not comment on a fan fiction, you won’t get anymore updates

one, it doesn’t help the author’s motivation. why should they write more if you don’t show anyone’s enjoying it?

two, things don’t come for free. you can’t expect an author to give you stories for no pay and no compliments

if you don’t comment, who will?

a sure fire way to get an update on your fave fic: leave a comment!

leave a comment!

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Thank you! ❤︎

I’ve never gotten this much fan art and support for the stupid role swap AUs I make oh my lordie (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

You guys are so sweet and supportive, I love you all so much ;;;;;;

Since I reached 400, I might do a special thingy ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ I’m just not sure what to do though!! ;;

If you have any suggestions, please tell !! I wanna show my gratitude ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Sh*t the Hetalia fandom needs to do
  • End this FrUk v UsUk war
  • Give Belarus more love
  • Remember that Kenya also counts as a hetalia girl (stop leaving her out of hetalia girls posts!)
  • More platonic relationships
  • France having friends and not just lovers
  • Doing research before making oc's 
  • No more whitewashing of Seychelles
  • Platonic relationships
  • Treat the few female characters we have like they matter
  • A lot more Belgium (She gets forgotten as well)

That is all.

Is it just me or do many (and with many I mean, like 90% of content I see) new hetalia askblogs not care about nationality/culture at all and just use the character for whatever fantasy AU they have in mind? I mean that’s still cool, but I just noticed how the sheer amount of dragon/alien/mlp AUs just drowns out the cultural/historical part of the fandom. Even looking at hetalia blogs that try to capture the whole fandom’s creative community they reblog mostly random AUs.

I am not saying this is bad! It’s great to see new people trying out new things. I dont wanna sound like a bitter old hag here and I am glad there’s so much new content out there.
However, it would be great to see askblogs where the character’s nationality still matters. Just little hints of cultural identity. I think it would give the fandom back some purpose and have less people become disenchanted by the concept of hetalia as soon as their AU’s popularity decreases.

new bleg alort

Hello, I’m new to the Hetalia fandom and looking for blogs to follow. If you can suggest blogs that I should follow (including yourself) that would be awesome. If you know a master list of Hetalia blogs that would be helpful too.

So stand up and be proud
And sing out very loud
We stand out from the crowd
‘Cause Canada’s really big!

Happy Canada Day ^_^

I thought this year I’d pay homage to one of the first fandoms I’ve been in and draw Canada and all the Provinces and Territories from the IAmMatthewian Project!

To the -4 people who look at what I post:

People keep saying hetalia fandom is dying but tbh I feel like we’re doing pretty good. Sure we’re not overly vocal and there are less and less cosplayers but we always surge up for a new season. We’re always just outside the spotlight having ourselves a little party. 🎉Anyway I’ve been kinda down recently and looking back and revisiting the fandom had helped a lot so thanks guys. Nee nee papa guess I’m stuck here forever. 😄
TLDR: Hetalia is great for mental health
Pm me if you wanna talk Hetalia