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- BATCH 2 -

Jack @askaustralia
Sam and Belle @bluebxnnets and @arkxnsan
Yao and Lien @ask-yao-and-lienask
Feli @ask-felipinas
Maria @ask-germanic-warrior
Safaa @ask-landofcolor

Following the Batch 1, here is some other sketches/gifts for other awesome and nice people ! I hope you will love it too !



Oh wow! It seems like the Morph thing was a huge hit in only mere minutes so I decided to give you guys a special treat c: Thanks for the support! *Bow*

Btw, I didn’t know Hong Kong was Russia and China’s secret lovechild x’D

Gerita, Lietpol and Usuk


Fruk, Sufin and Germany

1p! Axis and Allies when Jealous


France : would be so dramatic and be obvious about it

America : be really pouty and refuse to tell where wrong replying nothing is wrong

Canada : be really quiet, more than usual

England : angry as hell and confronts about it


Prussia : shows off that he is too awesome for that Shit

Germany : debates about confronting them

Italy : goes into corner sulking

Romano: confronts cussing so badly that he needs to go to church

Japan : hides it and almost gets caught

“This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments, and you get the tears at the end, too.” -Harlan Coben

Happy Father’s Day from George Washington and America, the greatest father and son couple ever!

Can you imagine the countries on a road trip?

Aph Germany driving, repeatedly cussing at people along the lines of, “ITS CALLED A BLINKER DIPSHIT!”

Aph Italy turning up the radio for his favorite songs and somehow knowing the lyrics for every single song on the radio. Italy screaming the chorus at the top of his lungs and can even sing along to fast songs.

Aph Prussia hogging all the snacks and just completely pigging out. He keeps asking Germany for snacks at every stop to which Germany comes back with spicy jerky. Prussia eats it anyways, but just starts to take everyone’s drinks.

Aph America singing along with Italy whenever he can. He fights for food with Prussia and repeatedly tells Germany to stop for fast food.

Aph Japan bringing ear buds and trying to drown everyone else out with his own music but can’t and just sings along with Italy and America under his breath.

Aph China getting extremely annoyed and just tries to sleep throughout the trip.

Aph Romano trying to sleep and yells at anyone who bothers him.

Aph England just looks like he’s planning everyone’s death and remaining deathly quite. He eventually stops after the first two stops and joins in the singing whenever Adele comes on.

Aph France flirting with all the people he feels like at rest stops.

Bonus: Prussia vomits everything he ate when they stop at a hotel for the night.

anonymous asked:

The ask is open?! Yay ^,^ May I get the allies playing with their toddlers (gender doesn't matter). Thank you!!

America/Alfred Jones:  Alfred stood opposite his child in a ready-to-fight position.  After his toddler finally charged at his legs, Alfred collapsed backwards, crying out that he’s just too strong for him to handle.  Play wrestling with his son for a while, Alfred would soon admit defeat, pulling his son close to him to leave a kiss on his forehead.

England/Arthur Kirkland:  Arthur would be very careful with his child, gently raising them in the air and bringing them back down to leave smooches on their cheeks.  He’d tickle their sides and leave zerberts on their stomachs.  The excited laughter that came from the toddler lit up Arthur’s face immediately, his smile only making his child happier.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy:  Francis’ constant fashion advice and makeup tips had apparently seeped into his child’s mind seeing as they now wanted to use their dad as a model.  Francis gladly tried on any combination of clothing his toddler tossed to him.  After getting all dressed in one of the most ridiculous outfits, the toddler came waddling out of his mother’s bathroom, holding a fistful of her makeup.  Francis knew he’d regret it later but it was worth it to see his child happy.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:  Normally, Ivan would be afraid to play with his child, thinking he might accidentally hurt them, but he thought it was safe to assume peek-a-boo is a harmless enough game.  Holding a blanket in front of his face and body, he’d drop it for a moment and gasp, saying “peek-a-boo!” before pulling the blanket back up.  Ivan practically melted every time his child giggled in response and smiled as wide as ever. 

China/Yao Wang:  Yao would be a little resistant after hearing his daughter’s request of dressup.  After some begging and puppy dog eyes, he would agree, pulling out the princess dresses and tiaras.  Sporting a tiara of his own, Yao would clap as his daughter walked out of the bathroom, now clad in a royal princess costume, bowing to her like she was real royalty.