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So I love how much of a Tolkien fan Stephen Colbert is and still to this day my favorite interview from the Stephen Colbert Report is when James Franco rematches Stephen to a Tolkien off and gets schooled. 

Anyways I headcanon that England is a huge Tolkien fan as well so everytime he comes on Stephen’s show they also have Tolkien off that always end in a tie. 

Now A while back Ryan Goslin was on the Late Show and his mom finally stumped Stephen at his own game (Here’s a link to the clip I’m talking about) and I just wanted to do a fallow up on that where England get’s crowned the biggest Tolkien nerd

When I was out with family yesterday, I was wearing this really nice jacket and all of a sudden, my brother turned to me and said “You know, with an outfit like this you should be playing transverse flute and lead a riflemen’s procession.”

I secretly lost my shit because just earlier that day I had thought of Gil playing the flute, so now I ended up drawing Gilbert wearing the jacket I wore~

A Hetalia themed ask set:

1. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

2. Who do you think is most like you?

3. Who is your Hetalia OTP? 

4. Brotp?

5. Notp?

6. How do you feel about the canon?

7.Who do you think you’d get along best with? Worst?

8. Who’s your Hetalia soulmate?

9. What do you base your headcanons off of? (News, politics, demographics, the canon, ect.)

10. When did you first get into Hetalia?

11. Have you ever written fanfiction, drawn fanart, or cosplayed Hetalia?

12. Did Hetalia ever drag you into liking another subject or make you study history? 

13. Do you think your Hetalia country is accurate to your country? 

14. What’s the best  line in Hetalia? (Or scene.)

15. Who would win in an arena deathmacth? 

just-to-comment-in-fanpages  asked:

Do You take along with Italy? Since is said that in January 2000, Italy announced its opening of official diplomatic relations with the DPRK

There are worse people. Our personalities don’t mix terribly well, but he’s better than his brother, who greeted me with a rude gesture the first time we met.

I became acquainted (not friends) with Italy around the same time I was reaching out to other nations like Australia, the Philippines, England, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand. It just so happened that Italy was also trying to make up with Iran and Syria, so I suppose it made sense to make friends with all three of us. The time had finally come where the world was too globalized to go without socializing anymore, unfortunately.

That doesn’t mean I’m friends with any of them though, don’t be mistaken. I still prefer my own company. I’m the Hermit Kingdom after all.


//Here the UKs´ valentine cards. with their own handmade chocolate (Except Damian), isn´t they lovely 8´D?

Edit: Added the “To/From” with their own representative calligraphy 8Dc

Poland: Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke said “women must earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent.” …. I’m pretty sure we have rules against this sort of bullshit.

Lithuania: Smaller…?

Poland: Don’t tell Russia.  

Fic Recommendations!

#1. “Fire Ball Outfit” by “ChocolateTurnip” A modern AusHun circus multi-chapter (Human AU). It’s a fantastic murder mystery and is nearly completed. Overall, very well plotted and written. The characterization is godly. It always keeps you on your toes.


#2. “Red on White” by “December Writing Dragon” A brief, RusAme multi-chapter (Human AU). Angst is angst. It really tickled at the heartstrings. What would you do if your beloved got hit by a car? I’m really living for the heroic symbolism it portrayed.


#3. “The Nefarious Mathilda Jones” by “missycanucks” A mob/mafia multi-chapter (Human AU). It explores criminal activity between three criminal gangs, and how a wanted fugitive *Mathilda* messes with them all. What’s more, it’s fun to read how the police are constantly duped – the one time I’ll ever side with the bad guys ;p This is an amazing thriller to read! Weekly updates are on Thursdays!


#4. “Spellcaster, Secretkeeper (1 of 4)” by “Quizicalcoatl” A FrUk war + magical nations AU. England has a solution to end the war, but at what cost? His life?


#5.  “Ghost Stories” by “everythingisdragons” A sad one-shot where Alfred grows up seeing a ghost that looks like him, but not quite. *sobs* (Human AU).


Thanks again for the recommendations! Keep sending them! 

(I respond to messages if you decide to rec a fic like that, but if you drop a rec in my inbox, you can best be reassured that I’ll see and read it; I just won’t respond. )

Hetalia Characters' Favorite Fandoms
  • Italy: Pokeman
  • Germany: Attack on Titan
  • Japan: Anime, name one and he's probably seen it
  • America: Marvel (DC is good too but they don't have Captain America).
  • England: Don't make him pick between Doctor Who and Harry Potter
  • France: Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • China: Hello Kitty
  • Russia: Steven Universe
  • Canada: Youtubers, especially video game commentators
  • Prussia: Hetalia, obviously, because just like us he's obsessed with Prussia.
  • Austria: Broadway
  • Spain: Disney
  • Romano: Homestuck
  • Hungary: Sports Anime
  • Finland: Welcome To Nightvale
  • Sweden: Remember those posts that went around with a bunch of pictures of fancy architecture or furniture and it would be like "I'm in the stairs fandom" or the "bed fandom" or whatever?
  • Norway: Emo bands
  • Iceland: Literally gets into every fad. He's obsessed with Undertale right now.
  • Denmark: Do memes count as a fandom
  • Greece: Neko Atsume