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What do the 2p axis and allies (plus 2p Spain) like in a S/O? Or what do they look for in people. ( thanks love your blog!)

Summed up charastics that the 2ps like in people. (( i already did the favourited body types))

2p america: active, honest, easy-going.

2p canada: warm, trusting, amusing.

2p england: friendly, social, kind.

2p france: mature, humorous, clever.

2p china: patient, innocent, postive.

2p russia: intelligent, level-headed, trustful.

2p italy: affectionate, forgiving, confident.

2p japan: independent, logical, amiable.

2p germany: outgoing, adventurous, oppurtunist.

2p spain: forward, lively, quick-witted.

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here’s a quick pic of me and my bud before class! s/o to chun-yan for being the coolest science partner ever!!! ☺💕

5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
  • Countries: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
  • England: what's everyone's New Year's resolution?
  • China: to get my money from America.
  • Russia: to have fun tormenting America~
  • France: to make America eat less burgers.
  • Canada: to slap some sense to America.
  • America: ... to get new friends.

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Different yet just right.

APH | { Martial Artist & Ballerina. } China & Nyo!Russia.

  • Italy: everyone, I made candy that tastes like us~!
  • Germany: what? What is that supposed to mean??
  • Italy: ve, it means that these candies taste like what we would taste like in food form~ mine tastes like gelato, Germany's tastes like wurst, and Japan tastes like salt~
  • Japan: wait, why would my one tastes only like salt?
  • China, from a distance: because you're salty!!
Allies Preferences - How They Hug Their S/O

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