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Hetalia: Surprise Halloween! - Nordic 5
manga vs anime

Leon: “… And in case you’re wondering… All those ingredients can be bought on a child’s allowance. Humans can be built on the cheap. There’s no magic to it.”


Yet another ordinary World meeting, this time in Vienna, and “someone” (read: a drunk England or a sober Romania) had transformed Spain into the most cliche anime-cat-boy™ before going like “pouff!” and disappearing. 

Everybody was like “welp, Portugal take your brother home and like, feed him a sardine or something.” but have you ever tried to get a grown up man with the mind of a cat on a plane? No, because this kind of shit just doesn’t happen in real like, you weebs!

Anyway, so now the unfortunate host, Austria, is stuck taking care of a very, very naughty and overgrown kitty-man in the purest 2008 doujinshi fashion. 

Antonio doesn’t like clothes, forks, or sleeping in his own bed in the guest room; has entered into a territorial dispute with a very freaked out Austricat, and needs constant attention and petting (preferably behind the ears or on his tummy)…

Oh!! Will our dear Roderich be able to endure such a tough job?! Tune in for more ;)

((ps: he’ll start purring immediately if you scratch his butt, but will also try to flick his tail in your face. What an asshole!))