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I am soo sorry omg. I was unable to work on HetaInfo at all last week, as school was cracking down for the end of the first quarter. I’m very sorry, but I hope I can make that up now. Here’s the (overdue) character of the week, Russia!

  • Russia’s birthday is December 30th
  • He and Sweden are the tallest of the nations, and both of them stand at 182cm (5'11.6)
  • In response to a fan question asking if Russia was fat, Russia claimed he was “big-boned”. Himaruya confirmed this even further with a post about some nation’s body types.
  • He is quick to forgive and is always looking for friends
  • It has been said that he is shy and unsociable around people he doesn’t consider friends, however he considers everyone his friend so this side of him is not seen often.
  • Russia does seem to doubt this at times however, as he asked France on his radio show how he could get people to love him back)
  • He has been described as “gentle and naive, and not malicious, just extremely scary”
  • He has stated that each one of his bosses has taught him to use force to make friends
  • According to Lithuania, Russia likes people who cry and laugh easily
  • Russia greets people with a kiss on the lips
  • Though General Winter is Russia’s best ally during war, Russia is haunted and attacked by him every winter, causing Russia to loath winter and long for the warm Southern sea
  • He has been tormented since childhood, and has suffered many wars and hardships, which have cracked his mentality
  • Russia has stated that “tweaking with technology” has been his hobby as of late
  • He also enjoys knitting and cooking
  • It is said that Russia will pull out his pipe and put things that don’t belong in there, such as food, only to pull it out and eat it later.
  • His heart occasionally falls out of his chest
  • In a mini drama CD, he told Japan that his scarf is a part of his body and that he can’t take it off, however this was probably an excuse
  • Notes in the special edition booklet for Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3 revealed that Russia was originally intended to be dark-haired and middle-aged in appearance, and a typical large, crybaby older man who drinks

And that’s it! This one was rather long, sorry about that. Anyway, voting ends at 6pm EST. 

Thank you and have a nice day!

nagito-komaedas-boxer-briefs  asked:

I tried looking but couldn't find it and I wasn't sure if this question is ok but has the CD cover outfits ever appear in Hetalia episodes/manga? Especially the first volume ones? So far I only seen them on the Hetalia cds and the official Hetalia cover booklet.

In Hetalia of the Dead: Second Part, England wore a similar outfit to the one he wore on the cover of his first character CD. Here’s a comparison:

CD Cover:


The jacket is pretty similar but the bandanas have two different prints. England wore this same outfit in the manga strip this episode adapts from. This was the best I could get for a comparison since there’s only one of two shots of it in colour.

Other than that, I don’t recall the others appearing in the other strips or episodes!