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How would the allies react to an s/o that's into pastels?

To start off, all the allied members wouldn’t care if their S/O was into pastel colors because everyone likes different things and they accept that. However, some members may be chill with pastel colors more than others.

Allies react to S/O being into pastel colors:

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky

America/Alfred F. Jones

England/Arthur Kirkland

Canada/Matthew Williams

France/Francis Bonnefoy 

China/Yao Wang

*Bonus: Spain/Antonio Fernández Carriedo

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^ All the actors recieved a picture of their character as a gift, drawn by Himaruya Hidekaz himself.

The actors say that they now have more energy than ever and will - with the power Hidekaz has sent to them - give everything they’ve got for the remaining performances in Tokyo and Osaka.

Good luck guys ^^

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Could I get a piece where Germany and/or Prussia is encouraging their friend (the reader) to exersise and eat healthy? I could really use some encouragement right now... thank you!!

Convincing their friend to become healthier

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

When he heard about you wanting to become healthier, the Prussian immediately perked up and declared himself your official trainer! He trained Germany, so he knew he was more than capable to get you into shape. Of course, he would be easier on you and be more like your base of support. If you are feeling like you can’t run that extra lap or do that last push up, he will be there to be your cheerleader and help you push through. When it comes to diet, he will cook all your meals! He will reward you for your improvement with words of encouragement and gifts, often offering to play videogames with him  or play with Gilbird. He genuinely cares about your health and wants the best for you. In the end he just wants you to know that you are beautiful just the way you are! Just don’t tell the other BTT he said that…

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt 

He is very proud of you for taking the initiative to want to be healthier! He admires your strength and dedication to training with him, unlike Italy. When you can’t finish that obstical course or do that mile, he will be there to push you to your limits. Though he will take your feelings and physical being into consideration, all he wants is for you to give it your all. When you finally reach that goal, he feels proud of you for sticking to your diet and exercise plan! He will even joke around about how he wish Italy was more like you! As a reward, he will give you cheat days where he will bake you cakes and sweets and maybe go hike together. When everything is said and done, he is proud of you no matter what!

so… this new chapter… tells us a lot about America, actually.

most importantly, it shows us that our whole headcanon about America putting on a ‘mask’ isn’t a headcanon anymore - it is literally canon. I mean, some people might not interpret it that way, but I think this is what Himaruya is trying to tell us.

because look at what America says : he has a rare personality that can get along with everyone. which means that America can read social cues, can read the so called atmosphere, and understands that his personality can sometimes be overbearing. this leads to the question - if you understand your personality is annoying, why don’t you change it? I mean I understand that this isn’t a simple thing to do, but no where have we seen America even try. if I knew I was annoying people, I would change my personality - or at least try to. so we can more or less assume America is keeping his personality overly positive for a reason.

the only question is why. Why does he act like this? there could be numerous reasons; a) protect himself from the rest of the world b) because of his age c) just wants to live a normal life and etc.

well nevertheless America don’t be to harsh on yourself bc I love you for who you are too

Childhood Hetalia - Learning manners

Now that are manners, shoving your brother aside!

Spain, Italy & Romano © Himaruya Hidekaz