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Despite designing Alfred a Halloween costume last year, I never had time to draw it because of Marching band. So, eight months later I’ve gotten into a spooky mood and finally drew it.

Alfred is meant to be a Harlequin, though the design does have elements of a band uniform I saw last year. 

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Hit me up with those fluffy headcanons for what Sweden and his s/o would do on a way-too-hot summer day, please? Thank you!

You got it

If it’s over 20c (68f) he DIES, so when summer comes along, yall know he’s not going outside

-He’s tall, it’s hot. To avoid staying outside longer, he will pick you up and run inside. In public or not. Thank god he has long legs

-Ice cream dates? Ice cream dates. Yall out here having the best time of your lives getting sugar high and sticky from it melting so fast

-^^ If you smear ice cream across his forehead, he will lick it off your cheek when you least expect it

-Yall might go to a really cool water park, just watch out because he might randomly jump in the water with you

-Eventually, yard work has to be done, right? This man is way too overprotective and makes sure you don’t pass out. You’ll hear “Do you need water?” Every 10 minutes. 

(He just worries a lot, the poor guy)

-Extremely gentle if you get sunburned

-When it finally gets a little dark and cools off, it’s nice to sit outside with some popsicles 

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*as you're walking down the beach on a beautiful afternoon, you notice a "girl" laying on the shore as if "she" washed up on it from the ocean* "Huh?? what the... Hello? Hello?! Are you ok?!?" *you run over to me as I don't respond to your call*

*Attempting to remain calm in a dire situation, I quickly make sure if you have a pulse and steady breathing. You had a pulse;it was quiet, but it was there.* “Oh god, oh god, what do I do?? Um… Please, wake up! Can you hear me?!”

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