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  • Prussia: hey, West! Can you draw me?
  • Child Germany: h-huh?? What's this all of a sudden?
  • Prussia: well, I'm sick of Spain and France always showing off how well or cute their little siblings draw, and so I want you to draw the awesome me so that I can show off how good you are! And hey, I've never actually seen you draw!
  • Child Germany: ... I don't want to.
  • Prussia: Ehhhh??? Why not??? Don't you love me, West???
  • Child Germany: that's not it... it's just... I can't draw well...
  • Prussia: it shouldn't be that bad! I mean, at least do something that portrays my awesome personality through art!
  • *The Next Day*
  • France: Prussia, why the long face?
  • Spain: did Germany manage to illustrate you well?
  • Prussia: yeah... through a hundred pages annotated essay about me... double spaced with bibliography and footnotes...


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anonymous asked:

I sent in the one about falling asleep in public, i really liked it can you please do one with the axis too -3-

2p Italy/ Luciano Vargas: Nudges you awake and asks if you want to go home to rest.

2p Germany/ Lutz Beilschmidt: Puts you in a bunch of weird and funny positions and snaps a bunch of pictures to share with his friends, then he wakes you up all sweet but little do you know.

2p Japan/ Kuro Honda: Like China, will resolve to take you home still asleep. Unlike China, he won’t drop you.

2p Romano/ Flavio Vargas: Doesn’t notice until he stands up and you fall, he’s sorry, and offers to do things to make it up to you.

2p Prussia/ Gillen Beilschmidt: Sits there until you wake up.