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A Hetalia themed ask set:

1. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

2. Who do you think is most like you?

3. Who is your Hetalia OTP? 

4. Brotp?

5. Notp?

6. How do you feel about the canon?

7.Who do you think you’d get along best with? Worst?

8. Who’s your Hetalia soulmate?

9. What do you base your headcanons off of? (News, politics, demographics, the canon, ect.)

10. When did you first get into Hetalia?

11. Have you ever written fanfiction, drawn fanart, or cosplayed Hetalia?

12. Did Hetalia ever drag you into liking another subject or make you study history? 

13. Do you think your Hetalia country is accurate to your country? 

14. What’s the best  line in Hetalia? (Or scene.)

15. Who would win in an arena deathmacth? 

anonymous asked:

Imagine the Axis raising a child together. Not them in a relationship with each other, just raising a child together as a group.

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  • this child would be so loved im gonna fukin scream
  • and so protected????????? not a single hair will be touched by anyone if those three have any say
  • it’s dysfunctional as all hell but they all love each other so who cares.
  • that kid is gonna be spoiled as fuck because none of them are gonna be able to say no to their kid.
  • you’ve heard of mom friend germany, now get ready for Actual Mother Ludwig™
  • feli makes their lunch everyday before school
  • japan helps them study and practice what ever they need to
  • germany is sorta awkward around the kid but so as much look at his kiddo wrong and he’ll uppercut you into next Tuesday.
  • the three of them work so hard to provide the best for their kid because they want the best for them.
  • they assure their kiddo that they are perfect the way they are and fights anyone who says the three of them can’t successfully raise a child because no where does it say that a three best friends can’t do a damn good job at parenting too