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Drunken Poli stumbles/limps in "This town ain't big enough for the both of us-" they pointed finger guns at Matt "b-b-b-bam you ded now-"

Matt drops the rag in his hand, and clenches his chest . “Ah! You got me!” He dramatically falls to his knees, “World… going… black..” He gasps and drops to his hands, “I’m a goner. Good bye, world…” He slumps down to his side and reaches towards Poli, “Tell… Antonio… I… Bllereeehhhh” He sticks his tongue out with this eyes closed, his cheek against the floor, pretending to be dead.

A Hetalia themed ask set:

1. Who’s your favorite character? Why?

2. Who do you think is most like you?

3. Who is your Hetalia OTP? 

4. Brotp?

5. Notp?

6. How do you feel about the canon?

7.Who do you think you’d get along best with? Worst?

8. Who’s your Hetalia soulmate?

9. What do you base your headcanons off of? (News, politics, demographics, the canon, ect.)

10. When did you first get into Hetalia?

11. Have you ever written fanfiction, drawn fanart, or cosplayed Hetalia?

12. Did Hetalia ever drag you into liking another subject or make you study history? 

13. Do you think your Hetalia country is accurate to your country? 

14. What’s the best  line in Hetalia? (Or scene.)

15. Who would win in an arena deathmacth?