hetalia and homestuck

fandoms in a nutshell
  • Superwholock: alright you're at a 10 and i'm gonna need you at a 2
  • Homestuck: ding dong the witch is dead
  • Hetalia: keep your 12-year-old USUK fangirls and your carbohydrates to your damn selves
  • Attack On Titan: your show/manga is about death and emotional trauma why are you like this
  • Black Butler: 90% emo, 10% anime newbies
  • Naruto: the original weeaboos™
  • Tokyo Ghoul: probably the chillest fandom on this list ft. endless suffering
  • the Phandom: pro tip: stop
  • Legend of Korra: lesbian show with elements and stuff
  • DanganRonpa: the mother of bizarre crack videos
  • Undertale: FnAF 2.0
  • Osomatsu-san: if you took the meme factor of DR and the sin power of Homestuck, combined it with the following of Vocaloid you would get this incestfest
  • Love Live: wh y aR e yOu ssO AGG resSi VE
  • Warriors: is personally responsible for creating furries great job Erin Hunter are you happy now
  • Percy Jackson: has more salt than the ocean like jeez
  • Haikyuu!!: a good contender for the gayest fandom out there
  • Prince of Stride: The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed sta

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do NOT point out someone’s eye color for no reason.

bad ex: he looked around with (color) colored eyes

this is very distracting and unnecessary and keeps the writing from flowing. is their eye color relevant to the story? if the answer is no, then don’t point out their eye color. this also goes for other things such as hair color, skin tone, etc.

when you’re describing someone, it’s fine.

ex: she had (color) hair and (color) eyes

if their eye color is relevant, it will most likely be something like this.

good ex: the teacher looked at me with her cold, (color) eyes and i immediately sank in my seat.

this is relevant to the story. you’re describing her gaze, so it’s relevant to point out her eye color. if you’re talking about the noun already, then bringing up an adjective or description is fine. bringing up a description when no description is needed makes it obvious you’re just trying to boost the word count. more words doesn’t always equal better quality. more description doesn’t always equal better quality, either.

bad ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes.

that’s basically saying, she looked with eyes. well duh, what else is she gonna look with? doesn’t saying it that way sound weird and unnecessary?

good ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes full of sadness.

this is where bringing up the color is relevant. you’re describing how her eyes look: sad. mentioning that they’re brown helps bring up a better visual of how her eyes may look.

another good ex: she looked at me with her brown eyes. i love brown eyes.

this is, again, where bringing up her eye color is relevant. the protagonist mentions they love the color brown. does that mean they’re going to fall in love? do they feel sick from hatred, since their enemy has an eye color they can’t help but adore? it all depends on what you’re writing.

normally, mentioning her eye color for no reason like this would be bad and distracting, but the protagonist obviously has some sort of fascination with brown eyes, thus making it relevant to mention the color.

i’m not the best at explaining things, but hopefully this helped some people realize their mistakes! this is just something i’ve noticed when reading stories that really irked me, so hopefully some people learned from this ouo

What Fandoms do:
  • Me: I'm taking the laptop to do research for a project, so don't disturb me.
  • *the day the project is due*
  • Friends: So, have you finished your project?
  • Friends: ...
Fandoms Reaction About Who Won the Election
  • Hetalia: *faints*
  • Homestuck: Oh boy...we need sburb to be real now...
  • Doctor Who: Haha byyyye! *goes into tardis*
  • Sherlock: I guess he lowered the IQ of most of the states with his talking...
Your fandom love is showing
  • *English class gives a project*
  • Me: man can I write about my love for fictional characters
  • Friend: wut no
  • Me: Okay how about how fictional characters changed my life
  • Friend: no why
  • Me: How about-
  • Friend: no
  • Me: but I love them-

I imagine there were a lot of photos before this one including, but not limited to: 

Gilbird zooming into the shot, Prussia taking the shot too early and ending up with a weird face, Canada slipping and falling out of the bottom of the picture, and one of the scenery blurring past as Prussia ends up falling too.

  • Real Life: Assume straight until proven gay.
  • Tumblr: Assume gay until proven straight.
  • Fandom: Assume Gay even if proven straight.
  • Sherlock: Gay until gay, gay, gay, gay.
  • Supernatural: Gay, gay, gay, angel, gay, winchester, gay.
  • Glee: Gay, gay, gay, GAY, gay, GAY, double gay, gay.
  • Merlin: Gay, gay, gay, magic, gay, gay, medieval stuff, gay.
  • Avengers: gay, gay, gay, superhero stuff, gay gay gay.
  • Torchwood: Bisexual, gay, bisexual, omnisexual, bisexual, gay.
  • Doctor Who: DO WEEEEEEE DOOOO.
  • Hetalia: Draw a circle that's how gay we are.
  • Homestuck: Idek anymore there's like 13 different types of relationships
Try To Make Your Fandoms Sound As Bad As You Can

Team Fortress 2: A bunch of grown men with badass hats shooting each other over glowing dots and briefcases.

Gravity Falls: Noah Wiseman must uncover the secret of his great uncle’s brother’s diary while battling a mystery flavored Dorito chip

Steven Universe: A bunch of rocks slam into each other and make out and stuff

Gorillaz: The Satanic lovechild of Shrek and Keith Richards starts a band with a blue haired stoner, a loli, and Captain Protein Shake.

OFF: “I came here to chew some Big League Chew and kill spooks and babies. And I’m all out of Big League Chew.”

Hetalia: An Italian man wants spaghetti but his Aryan hubby says no.

Black Butler: Demons, cake, pedophilia, death and corsets. What more can you ask for, really?

Lucky Star; Dammit, Konata, stop being so relatable.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Barney the Dinosaur’s human incarnate starts some mischief and the little furry babies are pissed.

The Babadook: [Babadook screaming like an angsty scene boy]

Homestuck: Together a gamer geek, his cousin(?), Mandy, and Henry Danger fighst alongside some pissy candy corn headed internet trolls to save the world from a mutant dog…beetle..carapace…thing…and aaah shit here come the cherubs!!

Steam Powered Giraffe: Musical robots with a love of Bobby Darin and a hatred for elephants and rock candy.