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Allies and axis's reaction to their s/o wearing their flag themed lingere

America: “I mean…you look great…but…why?”
Section 8.d of the American flag code says the flag should not be used as clothing, drapery or bedding. So Alfred being the classic nerd/country he is, would be confused at how and why his s/o had American flag lingerie. (Though he knows unfortunately no one reads the code like he does…) He would admit they look nice, but he would prefer to see their natural body…or anything else on them. But points for trying!

England: “Is that my flag?…I didn’t even know they made lingerie of it…I blame Scotland…”
Arthur would blink and look at his s/o before raising an eyebrow slowly…his flag…as lingerie? He would be confused, annoyed and almost offended…almost. Unless it was the specific flag of England, all he would be able to think about is that his brothers put his s/o up to this. And he would not be happy. He would almost immediately ask his s/o to take it off and get rid of it. If they wanted to look sexy for him, anything else would be better.

France: “Oh..! Mon cher~…For me?”
Francis would genuinely be happy that his s/o wore something sexy, especially that they’re in his colors, but he would chuckle and shake his head; he’d prefer lace rather than his flag. As long as it was once, he’d enjoy it. But he’d have more fun getting under the lingerie.

Canada: “You…wore that for me?…Wow..”
Matthew would be more shocked over the fact that he is staring at someone in lingerie, it would take him a minute before he even realized it was in his flag. Of course, at first he would nervously laugh considering the colors are red and white…so the red maple leaf would make him worried, before he’d relax and just appreciate the gesture. After all, they went out of their way to do something for him.

Russia: “Huh? Oh! That is my flag!”
Ivan honestly would even notice the lingerie was the colors of his flag, but when he did he would chuckle before kissing his s/o and patting their head. He’d be happy to know that they’re enthusiastic about wearing the Russian flag, but chuckle at their choice of attire. But as soon as he takes their Russian themed Lingerie off of them, they’d have another Russian on them.

China: “Where did you get that? 
Yao wouldn’t realize for the longest time that it was his flag. He would just think they are wearing red lingerie until he saw the stars. Then he would just shake his head. He would think he was going blind at first since he missed it for so long, but he would enjoy the show nonetheless. Old man didn’t expect to still be getting it, or a pretty show beforehand. 

Germany: “Ja? Oh…oh…that is nice…and..wait are those…yes they are…”
Ludwig would be all for it, until he realized it was his flag colors. The lingerie would be the first thing on his mind, though once his brain got back into reality and processed the colors he would sigh. German colors aren’t the most flattering…he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity…but he would recommend more leather in the future…for science, obviously?  

Italy: *barely processes that it is his flag colors* “Oooooh hi there…”
Felicano would be so into his s/o showing up in lingerie it wouldn’t even be funny. The happy go lucky man would be gone and replaced with a hungry Italian…what can we say? Italians don’t mess around~ Though maybe later he would realize that the lingerie was in his colors. And he would get a good chuckle and a smile out of it, but he would be completely s/o-centered. 

Japan: “Huh? Oh…that is my flag.”
Kiku would be more caught off guard at his s/o surprising him with lingerie. Once he processed that the red dot was his flag, he would relax a little bit. At first, he would think the worst, then think it was Twister, then understand it was his flag. Overall, he would politely tell them that he would prefer other outfits for them, but he appreciates the effort and the time they put into it. 


(( Ooook! Here it is! “Lullaby for a stormy night” with England and Chibi America,hope you guys like it even if it’s all in this sketchy style! Thanks again to the anon who has suggested me this…^_^ ))

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May I please ask how the 2p allies would react to when walking in a party, an angry little bee comes up to them and starts to bang the self into the allies’d cheeks because the 2ps allies accidentally stepped on a flower?

Sorry it took so long to get to this! -Admin Jay!

2p Canada: *looks at the bee and raises an eyebrow before looking down* “Shit…sorry…I’ll plant another.”
Matt isn’t one for parties unless he gets dragged to one by Allen (mostly to be DD or his wing-man), so if he had a reason to ditch before dealing with people, he would. He would take the bee back to his house and would guide it to a small garden as he finds some seeds and plants some new flowers for the bee as an apology. He wouldn’t mind, he was going to get to it eventually anyways, he just had a reason to do it sooner. 

2p America: “Ha, I’m trying to get buzzed, but not this way.”
Allen would shake the bee off and roll his eyes. He wouldn’t care about a little bee if he was at a party. His vegan nature loving side takes a backseat when alcohol and hot people are nearby. He would probably do something to make it up to nature eventually…but his mind would be occupied by a 101 things if he is at a party. 

2p France: *ignores the bee and heads start for the alcohol* 
Francois would ignore the bee completely as he heads for the alcohol. Even on a normal day he wouldn’t care too much about stepping on a flower, he is hardly outside as is. He would probably lose the bee in the crowd. Poor bee.

2p England: *gasps and quickly heads home to show the bee his garden* “I’m so sorry!”
Oliver would take any reason to be away from a party. If he stepped on a flower and hurt a bee’s feelings he would bring the bee home to see his garden and live there. He would see it as a win-win, he made it up to the bee and he got away from that awful party. Though just to make up for the flower crushing, he would plant a few new ones. 

2p China: *blows the bee away in smoke* “Sorry beedrill! Not today!”
Zhao is at home at a party, just like Allen. If he had a bee pestering him, he would just turn and blow a little smoke at it as he laughs. He would feel bad for it in the morning, but at a party, he is the shit. Nothing gets in his way, or gets him down. If he remembered why the bee was mad, he would have Oliver plant a flower or two for him, but he knows for a fact any flower he touches would die. It’s mostly because he forgets when he watered it…

2p Russia: *looks down and sighs* “Now you will harass me?”
Viktor would look at the bee and shake his head. The little bee was messing with the wrong man. But he did want a reason to get away from the party…maybe he would try to find the bee another flower. It would be a good enough reason to leave this den of annoyance and stale piss. 


So I’ve been watching a lot of Brooklin Nine-Nine and I keep playing with crossover where Alfred and Mathew are twins who become rookie detectives at their dream station because their role models Arthur and Francis work at. They keep trying to be hard boil detectives but there both teddy bears. Their chief is Romano who is all ways blowing up on his squad to try and out perform the 62 station which is run by his brother. (It only does well because Ludwig is the lieutenant and is the one that actually runs that precinct.)

Vash, Gilbert, Roderich are part of some notorious gang that is lead by Elizbeth. Her identity is a mystery even her gender she simply just goes by Boss. So this scene is Alfred and Mattie trying to get her name out of Vash

Allies’ Favorite Video Games

Became Admin Sarah and Jay are video game nerds.

America: Mass Effect 
Why? Space. Space Aliens. Space Soldiers…Spaaaaaaaaace.

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England: Elder Scrolls
One word: Mages. Also, the ability to burn, freeze, and electrocute those he disagrees with.

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France: Dragon Age
The fighting is too gory, but it has an amazing plot with great characters. More than half of his game play would be trying to romance everyone.

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Canada: Animal Crossing
Cute little animals, making outfits, mayor of a town. Kindhearted fun. Sign him up.

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Russia: Portal
Ivan would be okay with the puzzles of Portal, but he’d really be in it for the sassy GLaDOS

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China: Cooking Mama
Not a game series, but Yao would take this video game VERY seriously. If he gets anything less than a perfect score, he’d play again.

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