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Nations in Theater

America, such a good actor it’ll make you reconsider how manipulative he is in real life.

France, that over dramatic actor who takes his roles to heart and off stage.

China, the actor that’s been there forever. Has been in everything

England, the Stage Manager. 

Germany, the Director.  

Poland, in charge of costuming. 

Japan, in charge of lights and sound.

Canada, head of stage crew. 

Spain, Romano, Prussia are said stage crew. 

Russia, built the set. 

Italy, all the extras. 

How 2p America Became a Vegan

So it’s a widely accepted headcanon that 2p America is vegan or some form of vegetarian. But why is that?

Well I came up with my own opinion on why he is!

There are actually a number of reasons having to do with the trend, his history with Oliver, and Native American lore.

Firstly, Oliver would make his cannibal cupcakes for him when he was a child. When he got older, he found out from France that what England was putting in them was actually people.

Now when I think of Oliver’s cupcakes I imagine the meatpies from Sweeney Todd, which Miss Lovette makes out of people. Oliver primarily uses blood and some other parts that will mix in well with the batter. Then he’ll cook the rest and give it off as regular food.

Allen (or whatever you want to call him) is, in my headcanon, part Native American, so he believes in a lot of the lore. And part of it is the wendigo, a demonic spirit that targets cannibals and turns them into one. Of course, being afraid of the spirit, he started refusing the cupcakes.

But then, as he got older, that turned into a fear and paranoia that if he ate any kind of flesh he would turn into a wendigo so he stopped eating meat altogether. He still ate milk products and stuff like that though.

But when veganism started gaining popularity in the 20th century, he tried it out because it took away his fear of becoming a wendigo. And that is how he became a vegan!


hetalia world ☆ stars icons part seven

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Fun fact about Russian language - it has 3 genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. And it just so happens that most country names (especially the European ones) are feminine! In fact, out of the 8 “main characters” of Hetalia the only one with a masculine name is China (Китай)

so when i watched Hetalia with Russian subs i couldn’t stop imagining China as a harem anime protagonist %D

  • <p> <b>Oliver:</b> Allen, I want you to know that your beauty shines as bright as a million suns, you are a majestic mountain flower floating in a sparkling pond, under the moonlight...with a ladybug on you...<p/><b>Allen:</b> ...<p/><b>Oliver:</b> and that ladybug...is wearing a top hat...<p/><b>Allen:</b> ...thanks.<p/></p>
2ps and Finals Week

2p America: *Currectly watching Star Wars Episode III while his English class is reviewing grammar* 

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2p Canada: Oh look a pencil. Maybe if I picked it up I could get some work done. *flips desk and leaves study hall*

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2p France: Nope. Finals are a waste of time. Gimme an F. Expel me because I ain’t gonna do shit.

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2p England: *Making his own study guides. Has multiple colorful highlighters and gel pens and will get at least a B in every subject* He is just a pure little smarty bun.

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2p Russia: A’s in every class except English. He got a C that was originally an A because he refused to take that final. He thought English was to easy of a subject to have a final on. Didn’t give any fucks.

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2p China: “Wh E n uR WoR K i S gAR b A gE a N d iT’s N o T O k A y GO To ThE Tra S h a Nd ThRoW uRseLF A wAY~!” *tried finishing up his science report, ended up in the cafeteria and is currently smuggling boxes of frozen mini corndogs*

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2p Germany: Passed finals with D’s. That’s it. I mean Luciano wouldn’t let him fail so he forced him to study all week with him. So he is kinda dead at this point.

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2p Italy: *DEaTh To ALL HuMAnS!* Straight A+, except in art. He got an A- in there because in one project he didn’t “express his feelings into it”. So that teacher is gonna get to see his anger expressed for sure.

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2p Romano: Passed with all C’s and one A in home ect. He had like a fashion class so he actually cared about his grade in there.

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2p Prussia: He got a mix of C’s and B’s. He got by with coffee and some of those McMuffins from McDonald’s.

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2p Japan: A’s on everything. He pulled all nighters and if you approach him right now he will not hesitate to lollipop your throat with a sharpie.

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2p Austria: *Possessing his math teacher to get a C* Besides possessing teachers he is napping in every final and not giving a single shit on this.

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2p Spain: Sleeping and getting to every class late so only finishes half of every final. He fails everything, but Flavio pays the school to let him continue onto the next year.

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What qualities should Russia/England/America/France/Italy's s/o have?

Russia: they would have to be very understanding and caring, loving and being somewhat cheerful would also be nice. He’d Need someone who assures him that they wouldn’t leave him alone, and someone who is willing to Show others that they’re together.

England: someone who understands sarcasm, that is essential! They would have to be ok with him not being super smooth when it comes to affection, especially public one. It would also help if they would make him smile as he tends not to do that very often.

America: Someone who’s fine with his cheerful side, but who also sees his worries without him pointing them out. He doesn’t really like to talk about personal issues, so they would have to be rather attentive. He would also need someone who can take his thoughts away from global and national issues in whatever way.

France: Someone who’s fine with PDA, and who enjoyes his affectionate behaviour. They would have to enjoy culture and they would have to be a good listener. He greatly values good advice, so that would be helpful, too.

Italy: Someone who’s fine with not being in a constant hustle, in a rush to earn Money or whatever. Someone who understands what living a live means, and someone who understands that beneath his smile and laugh, he does have concerns and worries - though he doesn’t like to talk about these issues.

Four rich fathers go golfing.

One of them stays behind to pay the bill and the other three proceed to the first hole. While golfing, the three fathers start bragging about their sons.

The first father says, “I am very proud of my son Arthur; he is my pride and joy. He started working at a very successful company at the bottom of the barrel and now he is at the top!  He became so rich that he gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes Benz for his birthday.”

The second fathers says, “My son Ivan is also my pride and joy, I am very proud of him. He went to flight school to become a pilot and managed to become a partner in the company where he now owns the majority of the assets. He became so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday.”

The third father says, “Well, well, well - congratulations! My son, Ludwig, is also my pride and joy and is also very rich. He became an engineer. He started his own construction company and became very successful and a multimillionaire. He built a mansion especially for his best friend.”

Then the fourth father catches up and they ask him how his son is doing.

The fourth father replies, "Oh, my son Alfred is gay and he makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub.”

The three friends shake their heads and say, “What a shame, you must be so unhappy! How tragic.”

The fourth father replies with a bright smile, “Oh no, I am not ashamed at all! Alfred is my son and I love him just as well; he’s my pride and joy. And he is much loved by his friends too. Did you know that his birthday just passed and the other day he received a Mercedes Benz, a brand new jet and a huge mansion from his three suitors?”

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How would Italy, Greece, America, England, and Belgium respond to their s/o asking a bunch of questions, but they're less "are you bulletproof?" and more "do you think love exists? Do you think ladybugs have feelings? What if this is all a simulation and everything up until 15 minutes ago was just false memories?" etc.

Italy: he’d give the sweetest answer (some might call them corny but whatever ^^) he’d find it very sweet

Greece: tbh, he’d answer the questions, but he wouldn’t really see where this was going… xD

America: he’d blush slightly, like barely noticeable, and give answers to the question whilst becoming a bit nervous

England: Shakespeare incoming, yes, he will give poetic answers and will be slightly nervous

Belgium: she’d answer the questions very cheerfully and when they ask about love, she’d simply say: “of course there is, and it might develop between the two of us”

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