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Mermaid AU!

/// Oh my god I’m finally done it took me so loooong XDD 

Scotland got a new shade of red, I like this one better than the other. But the poor lad got a strange face too. 

First time drawing mermaid, first time drawing water… It was interesting to draw but I’m not quite sure I’m satisfied of it… x)

Anyway, here it is, a mermaid AU.

Scotland is a merman too but he lives in captivity because fuck him. This is why there is a wooden barrier between them (yeah they could easy like, leap above it… ) //

I won’t have the time to plan another short story for the week because it is my last holiday week and I have to set things ready for school and stuff. But I have an idea for a fanfiction on my mind for quite some time already. But because I am not too good in fanfictions it will also be a good practice. A writer of deviantArt gave me great advises after reading my stories yesterday and I will try to use exactly those tips she gave me.

And yes. It will be emotional, human ScotFra. Because Auld Alliance causes horrible, yet nice feels. *sobbing in the corner*


History with Hetalia
The Union of Krewo (14th August, 1485)

After being split up for a long time, Poland was unified by King Władysław at the beginning of the fourteenth century. His successor, Casimir III, led the country to the height of its prosperity thanks to his clever peace-oriented diplomacy. Casimir III passed away without having an heir and Jadwiga ascended the throne after a series of events. However, Poland sought a strong leader due to increased pressure from the Teutonic Knights. So, because it was in their common interest, Jogaila, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Jadwiga got married, and so, Poland and Lithuania formed an alliance.