hetalia all the way

and it’s done!! (after nearly a whole month omg) 

this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

please let me know which characters you want to see individually 

here it is on redbubble 

not pictured: the insane anxiety i experienced while drawing this

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A little WIP comic thing for aph Romano because I think everyone is tired of the “severe brother complex” and so what better way to feel better about yourself than complimenting yourself! . 

Why can’t I stop drawing them? sOMEONE SEND help plEASE.


Actual Harem Anime Protagonist Lithuania.

@hinotorihime @meadowlarkx i feel like this is entirely your fault.

most names are from this post. it’s @twilightjoltik-toumei who came up with them, so thanks !! :D


















anonymous asked:

Did you learn stuff from Mr. Russia? He looks like he could teach you a lesson or two about how to rule something.

[Tsar Alexander II was a more liberal man and had introduced many reforms during his reign, inculding the emancipation of the serfs in Russia. In the latter half of the 19th century, Russia’s industry was expanding and the country was becoming more and more important in the world’s economy as it industrialized. - however, Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 as there was a lot of dissatisfaction within certain groups in the country.
Industrialization didn’t reach far yet and the workplace conditions were awful; there were movements that condemned the westernization and industralization and called for a return to the old rural days.  

Alexander III, who succeeded Alexander II after his death, was highly reactionary.]


i decided to redraw my very first post on this blog just for you, curious anon. however, looks are a little deceiving - i made this blog on jan 28th, 2014 and reblogged all of the art from my personal blog over to this one on that day. so while this is technically the first post on my art blog, it was actually drawn in april of 2013. the more you know~


*whispers* You can’t tell me they weren’t flirting with each other on that character introduction page in Volume 2