hetalia 5 season

Last night I asked people to guess my favorite Hetalia character and at least 60 pple guessed BUT NOT A SINGLE PERSON GUESSED CHINA I’m so sad!!!! 

He threw a tantrum and bashed his head against a wall and the wall crumbled!!! He is smol but strong and adores cute things!!! He repeatedly hit an ancient dragon with a Hello Kitty plush!! HE. HAS. A. PONY. TAIL. CMON NOW GUYS


Just in case the youtube one goes down!

trash-boat-001  asked:

do the nordics like filthy frank? This is a very good & reasonable question.

(Joji is the light of my life and I’m so glad he created this dumbass filthy show)

Sweden and Denmark probably have to warm up to this crazy dude. He carries around rats and screams a lot so it really confuses them. And Pink Season is really just lewd to them. Maybe they’ll watch him later and like it but for now? Not really

Iceland and Norway are the ones with really dark humor so this is probably something they’d watch, especially Iceland. Norway just kinda watches the lore stuff more than the other stuff

Finland doesn’t really care, sometimes he’ll watch the show with Iceland or Norway but the way Sweden and Denmark describe Frank and the guys makes him not want to watch it

Mod Sheila