• what hetalia is actually about:hey did you know some italian troops wasted water during WWII to cook? Germans and Russians are most often portrayed as the villains in films. Greece and Turkey don't get along but both cultures love music and dance *useless trivia**useless trivia**useless trivia*

kkanekki asked:

Can you go more in-depth about canon Prussia? I never knew there was a different between them and I like to be on the more canon side than fanon side Ya know? He sounds like a really nice guy and I think I would love him more I I knew his true personality

ok I think there’s always a certain difference between fanon and canon characters,not just Prussia.

I think fanon characters are way more extreme than the canon characters. Like how fanon Belarus is way too obsessed with marrying Russia and some people tend to reduce the characters to only one trait. But there’s way more to their personalities than just one thing. 

fanon!Prussia is this arrogant guy,telling everyone how super awesome he is, waaay awesomer than anyone else. Gilbird is his one true love. “kesesese” is the only way he can laugh and he does it all the damn time. He goes drinking and partying a lot. The others are nothing but annoyed by him. Well,I would be too if all he says is “I’m so awesome”. He’s albino. He’s annoying and loud. He’s lazy and watches tv all day. People make him way shorter than he actually is.  And - I really don’t know why some people still think this - fanon!Prussia is good at flirting. He’s best friends with France and Spain so he must be a bad boy,right?

canon!Prussia on the other hand…is still arrogant. But he’s more than just arrogant. He’s overprotective,selfless and kind..and has also bad manners. He’s free-spirited and loves new things. He loves sleeping,fighting and eating. Prussia is easily distracted and good at gardening. And he hates the word “mark” for whatever reason. He is…the biggest dork I’ve ever seen tbh. Yes,he thinks he’s awesome. But people sometimes forget that he can actually hold a normal conversation without saying how awesome he is. He can talk like a normal person. And he can laugh like a normal person too,not just “kesesese.” Gilbird doesn’t actually have a name (I use this name as well though because I like it, but canon!Prussia never gave him a name!). Prussia likes petting his bird(s), but he usually doesn’t even notice that he has one on his head in the first place. I see it quite often that especially Austria and Hungary are super annoyed by him all the time. They are not. They spend time together and they like Prussia (but he really annoys those two sometimes). He’s not actually albino. Personally, I see him as albino, but it’s not canon. He can be annoying and loud,but he can be really calm as well. He loves playing the flute and is really good at it. And instead of watching tv all day what many people believe, he reads a lot. And I mean really a lot. He said he wants to become a genius by reading a lot. He’s a neat freak. He loves it tidy just as much as Germany. He’s a hard worker and not lazy at all. He’s never too late. It personally bothers me when people make Prussia so much shorter than Germany because they’re actually almost the same height. There’s only a 2cm difference,which is not much at all. I saw a post here on tumblr that said Prussia isn’t strong at all. And that’s wrong. He was born to fight. He loves (or loved) fighting. While he isn’t as muscular as Germany,he’s actually very strong. According to Hima he’s stronger than he looks. When Prussia starts drinking, he gets sleepy. I think some people see him as this guy who loves to party,and I think he does sometimes,but not every night. He’s actually super awkward and bad at flirting. Let’s not forget that he grew up with nothing but men. Women are probably a different world for him. Prussia loves kids and behaves like one sometimes as well. You know,like how he doesn’t want to eat food with faces on them. He likes cute stuff. And he sees birds as..perfect creatures or something? Because he says he wants to be “awesome like a bird.” He thinks Italy and Romano are super cute (he actually met Romano a lot when they were younger), he finds Sweden and Russia scary (but he’s less scared of Russia now because Germany is so strong) and he’s actually bros with Cuba (no one ever mentions that). I’m pretty sure he would do everything for Germany. Old Fritz,as you probably know,is really important to Prussia as well. Even to this day,Prussia wants old Fritz “to watch over him” and wants to make him proud. I know that Prussia loves maple syrup and pancakes,but he likes other stuff too. He loves manjū. I’m sure he eats it a lot with Japan. Everybody only says he loves maple syrup,but guys,he’s obsessed with manjū as well. Btw,the reason why Prussia feels lonely is because he’s an enclaved country. 

and I think this is where I end this. Prussia is like a never ending topic for me haha