Apparently US marines sometimes carry items like cigarette packs and wallets in their socks to avoid any bulges ruining the look of their dress uniform. I bet Alfred is the kind who does that and then maybe the habit sticks and he starts doing it out of uniform.
Just imagine someone asking him for change at a world meeting and he bends down under the table to get something from his sock.

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"Matthew can do magic in that he knows people's kinks when he looks into their eyes" Now I'm just imagining the group meeting some very vanilla-seeming person and Matt makes eye contact with them and either bursts out laughing or just gets the most horrified look on his face


POV, you’re a random quest assistant told to go talk to this guy. You approach him, oh wow he’s tall!

You: Hi–

Matthew, his dead purple eyes cutting into your soul: Daddy kink.

You: … .


Prince caught the pigeon… unfortunately, that means it’s here to stay. 

- BBC Ghosts event: season 2! -

You may remember an event I did based on one of my favourite TV shows back last year for 200 followers. well now I have somewhere around 1,000 of you, and Ghosts is returning to BBC today for their long awaited season 2! in celebration of me getting to see more content, I will be continuing my Ghosts event from last year! 

Important to note that my event won’t be following the plot of season 2 of Ghosts - whatever that may be, but will be working from my original story outline that I had last year (since it veered off canon). There are more characters to introduce and a few happenings that have happened in the time that we left them. 

If you’ve never seen Ghosts (I recommend it first of all), here’s the plot of this AU: Arthur is a down on his luck musician used to bouncing around sofa to sofa until he’s contacted that he’s inherited a house from a distant relative. it all seems like a dream, Button house is a huge manor, and while needs a lot of fixing up, Arthur’s just glad to have the space. The other residents of the house, not so much. After a sudden fall from a window, and being dead for 3 minutes total, Arthur finds he can now see ghosts - and they’re particularly annoying. 

Under the cut you’ll find all of their profiles (and like last time I’ll add other character profiles as we discover them.) 

With that, this event is OPEN! :D Feel free to ask them what they’ve gotten up to since you last saw them… 

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For youtuber au: Ludwig has several videos about how to train dogs, and all his pooches seem well-behaved on his channel. The effect, however, is undermined when they see the dogs refusing to move off the couch or stealing food off of plates in the background of Gilbert's videos. Someone else even made a compilation video of these 'well-trained' dogs bullying Gilbert for 30 minutes straight. (ex. stealing the camera while he's filming, jumping on top of him when he crouches or lays down, ect.)

Ludwig dogs are little brats and I love that for them. They also probably bark like crazy while Gilbert’s filming so it’s impossible to record anything. They’re little jerks to Gilbert, but angels in front of Ludwig and literally anyone else.