Koreans have the right to ban Hetalia. You say they are jerks,but you are jerks yourself.

I can’t believe it.

Sometime ago,South Korea’s government brought up Hetalia in their meeting-they had banned it from Korea, deeming it offensive to South Korea because of a picture of the character South Korea grabbing Japan’s chest,stating that “your breast is Dokodo(an island,under dispute between Japan and Korea)!” and just acting like a pervert. Of course,I know that Himaruya himself did not draw that…He did not depict South Korea like that at all in his comic. However,I think that South Korea was offended by how South Korea was portrayed in the fanart. I do not think it is rational. I DO think it is justified. After all,10,000 Korean citizens signed a petition to ban Hetalia. Of course Hetalia would be brought up to South Korea’s MOFAT. They were offended. They know Hetalia was meant to be a joke. But perhaps it went too far. That’s perhaps why they banned Hetalia.

But the most stupidest thing is the comments made by crazy Hetalia fans.They proclaim their hate for South Korea (the country) when they see the title. There is so much racism-“South Koreans are morons. Why would they ban Hetalia?” And perhaps a more extreme one-“OMFG I FU-KING HAET KOREA OMFG THEY BANNED HETALIA KOREANS ARE AS-HOLES THEY DESERVE TO DIE F-CK KOREA”.How horrible is that? You’re calling all Koreans as-holes. ALL KOREANS.You sincerely want them to die. THAT IS NOT OKAY. I know Koreans who like Hetalia. They think it is not rational,but it is justified. And you call them as-holes? You crazy racist Hetalia fans,you’re the jerks here. South Korea can ban whatever they want. You are not the leader of South Korea. You should have known better.