Netherlands’s rabbit

Netherlands’s rabbit is a Holland Lop. It is rather lazy and sleeps a lot. It doesn’t get out much and likes to lay around. It also loves to be scratched behind the ears. In one comic, it shows that it is able to talk with Pochi, Japan’s dog. The rabbit had noticed that Netherlands is very lonely due his fight with his sister, Belgium.


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Francis Bonnefoy

Bonnefoy (pronounced: Bonne-Foi), means “good faith” in French. His given name, Francis (meaning “Frenchman”), is actually a common French name, though François would be a better spelling alternative.
When Himaruya originally listed the nations’ human names, he said that France’s original name was Jean Epine.


🎩Moldova was very happy as a young kid.

🎩He admires his older brother Romania.

🎩He refers to Russia as his big brother.

🎩That coat seems to be the only thing he wears since he is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

🎩At the Halloween event, he said he made his ghost costume from scratch since he didn’t have much money.

🎩At the Halloween event, instead of asking for sweets, he asked for underwear.

🎩He is very patient and a very hard worker ever since he was young.

🎩He has a high tolerance for scary stories.

🎩Romania and Moldova are very close and Moldova often gets tearful when they separate. Romania also takes responsibility to make sure he and his brother aren’t separated.


We all know Pochi. He is Japan’s brown (although he is white in some comics) Shiba Inu (I hope I spelled that right).
Pochi has a similar personality to Japan and is rather manly. He also delivers messages from Japan to other towns nearby. He does not deliver in lengths the Pierres do. He is rather friendly and likes to follow humans around. Like any country’s animal, Pochi is a regular dog but because of Japan he does not age unless he were to be separated from Japan.

Spain’s bull
Spain is seen with a small bull in many comics. The bull is very helpful and has done many deeds to help Spain. Such as: Rescuing Romano from the Ottoman Empire, attacking France in the Battle of Garigliano, and helping Spain host a fake news report during the April Fools comic.

Today’s Nyotalia character: America

🇺🇸She does not have glasses or an ahodge.

🇺🇸she prefers hot dogs instead of hamburgers.

🇺🇸Her weapon of choice is a baseball bat.

🇺🇸 Her hair is more of an amber colour.

🇺🇸In the Japanese fandom her name is Emily Jones however, the English fandom will often use Amelia.

🇺🇸Ameriko, Meriko, Merika, Rika, Meri, or Nyomerika are other names for her.

🇺🇸She normally solves things through violence.


Japan’s magical creatures

In episode 30, England sees and interacts with these magical creatures. These creatures are a kappa, a youkai and a zashiki-warashi. According to them, when people believed in them, they could see them. Japan also used to interact with them. However he, like many others, have stopped believing in them.

Germany has three dogs named Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster. Berlitz is a male. One is a Dachshund, one a German Shepherd, and another is a Hovawart (golden retriever) but it isn’t confirmed which is what. All are rather wild and enjoy running around in the hills and getting dirty and stuff. But Germany adores them greatly. The Hovawart is friends with Pelze, Luxembourg’s dog. Germany loves the three and takes great care of them.
However, in a trading card set, a fourth dog and what appears to be its pup are shown. They are Dalmatians. Whether this is exclusive to the trading card set is unknown.


One of the most famous animals in Hetalia finally, here’s a post on little Hanatamago. Facts on Hanatamago are very interesting since she talks during the Christmas specials. Yes. SHE. Hanatamago is a female. Unlike what I’ve seen in many MANY fanfictions. Which explains the meaning behind her name. She says she doesn’t like what Finland feeds her. She wishes she had a name like Charlotte instead of the unusual name she was given (I should really make a post on the comic when Finland was suggesting names. Finland comes up with pretty terrifying stuff). If she were separated from Finland, she would age normally like a normal dog.