Haven’t posted an omegle rp in a little while so here’s a good one I did tonight. Cisgirl!Kurt and Teacher!Blaine with a dash of dirty talk and D/s elements and damn I wish I could find my partner again..but oh well.

You:  Kate’s heart was racing in her chest, nerves running through her as she walked down the empty hall, coming to a stop in front of her teacher’s door. She knew this was risky but…she was desperate. She needed to pass.. Before she could back out he took in a deep breath and knocked on the door, waiting to be let in.

Stranger: Blaine walked to the door, seeing Kate standing behind the door, shaking his head. “Hello, and how may I help you?” he asked. Even though he had quite a few classes, he knew most of his students by sight, and wasn’t surprised to see who was standing behind the door waiting on him.

You: Kate looked up the moment the door opened, trying not to feel as nervous as she felt as she managed to give the man a small, polite smile, “H-Hello, Mr. Anderson. I was just..wondering if I could talk to you please? If you’re not too busy right now?” She asked, absently biting down on her lower lip as she looked up at him.

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