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HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.

i gotta say something about humans. i really love this show. genuinely.

i love that it doesn’t rely on action sequences or gratutious violence or nudity or ~shocking twists~ to keep people watching. most shows nowadays go for that GoT vibe of “anyone can die” and tries to be as dark and gritty as possible, substituting shocks for proper storylines.

but humans doesn’t do that. instead, it focuses on characters. yes, there are action scenes and twists and the like but i truly appreciate how they aren’t the driving force of the plot, they’re simply consequences of the situations and choices the characters make.

for example, look at the character development. mia, niska, laura, leo, pete, odi, everyone… all of them have changed from who they were at the start of S1. never at any point has their development felt forced. it’s a natural progression of who they are and how their experiences have changed them.

plus, the arcs concerning the synths this season have been incredible. i love that mia and niska have been allowed to explore who they are away from their family. they’ve been allowed to branch out and become their own people. they’ve been able to have relationships with others. i love the moral debate between max and leo/hester over how best to deal with their circumstances.
i love how karen is being shown having a hard time adapting to having a life of her own and how her struggles are being presented as important.

then there’s the social aspect of the world: i love seeing how society adapts to the synths through the synthie movement because something as widespread as synths is obviously going to have an impact on culture.

basically what i’m saying is that humans is the best example of a well-written character driven show and if you aren’t watching, you’re missing out

the world needs more unapologetically ugly female characters like Hester Shaw. Yeah sure she’s ugly, but she’s also witty and clever and cunning and ruthless and fiercely loyal and if you fuck with her or her boyfriend she might kill you with a typewriter. 

Ask Me About My Daemon!

Anfang: What gender is your daemon? (Daemons can be the opposite gender, the same gender, or outside the binary altogether)

Belisaria: How talkative is your daemon?  What does their voice sound like?

Cerebaton: Do you think your daemon is smarter than you?

Golden Monkey: Are there any unscrupulous traits that you find your daemon possesses?  Would you say they are your dark side?

Hester: How would adventures with your daemon be like?

Kaisa: Does your daemon notice things before you do?  Are they more aware than you?

Karossa: What mood is your daemon usually in?  Do you even feel their emotions?

Kirjava: What form do you think your daemon will settle as?  What do you want them to settle as?  If you are settled, do you particularly like their form?    

Kulang: Do you know your daemon’s personality types?  Would you say their personality is the opposite of yours?

Kyrillion: How do you think your daemon would interact with the daemons of others?  What about with other humans?

Matapan: Does your daemon comfort you/cheer you up when you are down?

Musca: What do you think your parents’ daemons would have named your daemon?  Do you think it would have been a fitting name?

Pantalaimon: Does your daemon argue with you a lot?  About what?  Who’s right?

Ragi: Is your daemon more mature than you?

Ratter: What forms did your daemon take before you were settled?

Salcilia: Would you give up your daemon for anything?  What would life be like without them?

Sandling: What is your daemon’s outlook on life?  What are their opinions on various philosophical topics (the afterlife, the nature of morality, etc.)

Sayan Kötör: What would your daemon be like if they existed in corporeal form?  Do you wish corporeal daemons existed?

Sergi: Would you have liked to undergo separation (a la the witches) from your daemon?

Stelmaria: Has your daemon ever fallen in love?  What do they think of your past datemates/crushes?

Sophonax: How well would your daemon’s form have matched your physical appearance?

Zohariel: What is your daemon’s name, and what does it mean?

anonymous asked:

Okay what was up with Dean's shit in season 7? Like right when Cas remembers who he was in 7x17 Dean is all "you did the best you could" and then in 7x21 Dean is throwing everything back in his face and is an overall asshole. I've seen both episodes like 4 times each and I still don't get it. I ship destiel but in the show it seems like Dean and Sam only care about Cas when they need his powers. Idk thoughts?

Hey Nonny, 

Its funny that you ask me this as this is the second ask I’ve had recently about Dean’s behaviour towards Cas in the series (the other ask being here).

I actually think that the answer to both scenarios (Dean’s behaviour at the end of season 7 and Dean’s behaviour in 8x22) are similar. You have to really think about what makes Dean tick and his base personality traits to understand his reaction to Cas in both these episodes.

In 7x17 Dean was in shock over his best friend and love of his life seemingly coming back from the dead. He is clearly hurt by Cas not remembering him, but he pulls it together to get Cas because Sam needs him and we know that Dean forgave Cas when they had this conversation:

 “If you remember, then you did the best the could at the time.”

“Don’t defend me. Do you have any idea the death toll in Heaven? On Earth?We didn’t part friends, Dean.”

“So what?”

“I deserved to die. Now, I can’t possibly fix it… So why did I even walk out of that river?”

Maybe to fix it…” Then Dean hands Cas his trenchcoat. The symbol of who Cas is, that Dean has been keeping with him from stolen car to stolen car as symbol of his hope and devotion to his friend who he loved and mourned for.

This proves that Dean had forgiven Cas for what happened in season 6. Dean forgave Cas the moment he walked into that river. The moment Dean realised his friend was gone.

in 7x21 the BIG difference is that for Dean, with all the stress they are under with the Leviathans, now he has to deal with the fact that his best friend, the only one who can help them, is crazy. Dean couldn’t handle Cas’ madness. 

We know from 7x17 that Dean has forgiven Cas for what he did, therefore it is not Cas’ mistakes that lead to Dean’s anger in 7x21. Dean’s anger is not anger at all, its frustration. He literally just got Cas back, he had his hopes and dreams handed back to him and yet in the space of an hour or so they were taken away. Dean wasn’t able to deal with Cas’ madness at all. So he acted out with anger and took it out on Cas.

Frustration has its way of turning into hurtful words and bitterness even if we love someone so much it hurts… I have experienced this first hand watching my mum care for my dad. Sometimes she snaps, gets angry and says something she later regrets. Now my dad is in no way crazy, but cancer is a bitch and he is forgetful and clumsy and not exactly easy to live with. Dean, for me, acted exactly how someone who isn’t coping with a loved ones illness would act. Sam didn’t act out at all did he? Because whilst he also loves and cares for Cas, he is not so totally emotionally invested and devastated by Cas’ condition that he can’t cope. The overly emotional character at the end of season 7 was Dean. When you compare his reactions to that of every other character regarding Castiel, its obvious.

Not to mention that on top of all those emotions, Dean has to deal with the fact that Cas’ attention throughout the episode remains wholly on Meg the demon who once possessed both his surrogate father and his brother. How do you think it makes Dean feel that as soon as he turns up he finds Cas all attached to Meg and calling her “Thorny Beauty” and only asking if she is okay and ignoring Dean whilst the angels were after them?

On top of THAT, he then has Hester shouting about how Dean broke Castiel and that “as soon as Castiel laid a hand on you in hell he was LOST!” I mean honestly that was just NOT a good day for Dean like AT ALL.

The best way to really gauge how the Winchester’s truly feel in times of conflict like this, is never to take Dean’s actions at face value, but instead to look at what Sam does:

“ I know you never did anything but try to help. I realize that, Cas, and I’m grateful. We’re all grateful. And we’re gonna help you get better, okay? No matter what it takes.”

Sam is displaying the truth of both Winchester’s feelings here. But Dean can’t voice it. He is too emotionally vulnerable at this point in time. We have to wait until the final episode to really get what Dean truly feels on the situation:

One of the first things Dean asks Cas in 7x23 is “Why did you go to Meg?” Which is more proof that Dean was jealous of the whole Cas/Meg thing.  Then nearer the end of the episode he says this:

“ Bottom of the ninth, and you’re the only guy left on the bench… Sorry, but I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”

Because even after the anger and the emotional outbursts, Dean still wanted Cas by his side, even when he thought Cas wouldn’t be able to help him in his condition. It wasn’t ever about using Cas for his powers, it was about having him there because needed him. 

And if that isn’t enough proof for you, we have the entirety of season 8 to then back up that claim.

Theory on Hester’s Involvement.

Earlier this year Lea Michele said Hester’s storyline will mirror that of her favourite movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’. We’ve already seen some obvious connections, such as Hester being in solitary confinement, but what’s possible is that Hester’s storyline will mirror another movie involving Hannibal Lecter ‘The Red Dragon’

Here are two connections that kind of bring this theory together… 

  • Hester (who mirrors Hannibal Lecter) is sent away to an institution, presumably for the criminally insane. 
  • Years later when a killer emerges Hester is asked to help figure out who the killer is (kind of like Hannibal is in The Red Dragon).

We’re already led to believe that Hester is aware of who the Green Meanie (GM) is, she’s also stated that she knows how everything connects back to the events of 1985. But how? 

So back to The Red Dragon, during the movie the new killer, Francis, collects newspaper clippings about Hannibal and all that he did in the past, and Francis refers to himself as an ‘avid fan’. So what if the new killer is an ‘avid fan’ of Herster Ulrich and what she did back at KKT? (SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE…) We find out that the new killer is secretly communicating with Hannibal Lecter, during these communications Hannibal tells Francis to kill someone’s family out of revenge. So how does this all connect to Hester?

What if Hester is essentially Hannibal Lecter in all of this… and the Green Meanie is like Francis. 

Put simply, the Green Meanie became obsessed with Hester after they found out about her being a mass murderer. They began to communicate secretly and the GM asked Hester for help on how to successfully get revenge (for whatever reason that may be, probably connects to the events of 1985). This is why Hester knows everything, she has secretly being communicating with the GM this whole time. In return Hester may want her own revenge. She may have asked the GM to take out her remaining enemies e.g Cathy and the Chanels… 

This theory is extremely rough, because it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but these connections were fun to make and I would love to see something similar play out on the show. Let me know what you think! 


Just want to add these two images that further prove Hester has had contact with the Green Meanie. 

This is an image of Hester’s cell, and the drawings she has on the wall! The drawing on the right is obviously of the CURE Centre (see below). 

This is an image of the CURE Centre and Hester’s drawing looks just like it!

So did Hester really draw the CURE Centre, or did the Green Meanie send her a drawing of it? 

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1x03 "We Shall Overcompensate" - Episode Recap

If I got a dollar for every time this show makes me smile like a goof, I’d probably have made more money in 20 minutes than I do with my entire monthly paycheck.

I know, I know, the show is problematic at times and it’s impossible to please everyone, but it just makes me feel so many things and well, I’m allowed to let my heart win over my brain for once, eh?

I mean, when you have an episode starting in a bright and sunny school lawn, with Amy and Karma being adorable together, how else do you expect me to feel?

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Reviews 1/12 & 1/13

HONORABLE MENTION | Scream Queens season finale might have been all over the place, but there was one thing viewers could count on throughout the hectic two-hour reveal-a-thon: Lea Michele’s rock-solid performance as - spoiler alert - the shows big killer, Hester Ulrich. From her hilarious explanation of how she became a neck-braced monster to her chilling final confrontation with Jamie Lee Curtis Dean Munsch, Michele proved once again that she’s capable of handling anything Ryan Murphy’s team can throw at her.. including a bedazzled eye patch.  TVLine

The reveal was superb and very well acted by Lea Michele, as well as filmed perfectly. Hester was a character I’ve suspected from the beginning (as mentioned in my previous recaps/reviews) but the series cast enough doubt over others to still leave an impact.  aedanjuvet

Overall, Scream Queens was definitely one of my favorite new shows of the year and some of the performances were really great. Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Billie Lourd all did a fantastic job. nerdcoremovement

We all knew Hester was crazy so we can’t be too surprised. And she got away with it. Annalise Keating would be proud. Great job Lea Michele. justtryingtogetthere

And Michele does solid work with the material shes given throughout the hour. popoptiq.com

Making Hester the killer was predictable but the way they revealed it was inane and genuinely sad (initially, Lea Michele’s post-killer reveal performance jarred with me but on a re-watch, she’s excellent, never falling into the common horror movie trap of the unmasked murderer being goofily manic). denofgleek

Michele-once again surprising no one more than me-is kind of an excellent villain who carries psychopathy remarkably well. jezabel.

Standout moments:
Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) telling Hester that she knows that she is the real killer. The dean tells the murderer that she is going to turn her in. Hester counters with the above information and that she will turn in Munsch as payback. The two stand glaring at one another until Munsch smiles and agrees not to turn in Hester. Smiles all around and hands are shaken

Lea Michele steals the show, in her long expository reveal, and who knew that the gal from Glee could be that damned funny?  Overall the shows ending was funny and perfect for the tale. Mikestalkfilmit

Lea Michele has the best facial expressions ever. Seriosuly though, the second half of the finale was so much better as we got to hear Hester explain her entire plan in detail. We even got to see how she found her cloak of social invisibility, aka her trademark neck brace. Mikeydislikesit

Lea Michele  absolutely owned the #ScreamQueens finale. Jarrett Wieselman

@joereid also, i will be slow clapping for Lea Michele all day because that hour was HER HOUR TO SHINE. Jarett Wieselman ‏

While the two-hour finish, written by Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, featured some impressive displays of breathless dialogue by Roberts and Michele. Variety

It was so fun to watch you (Lea) realize your villainy. EW.

Lea Michele’s maniacal-smile muscles must have been killing her after this episode. But it’s so perfect, the way it all came down to the girl in headgear: the ultimate nerd’s revenge. Glamour

What about the other killer? It was none other than Hester, played by Lea Michele. If anyone can pull off a crazed serial killer, it’s Michele.

Even if you weren’t satisfied with the Red Devil unmasking, you have to admit that Michele did a superb job playing Hester. Sheknows

 I would have loved this season to have been peppered with more scenes like the epic confrontation between Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis. TvLine

Pluses: Hester’s origin story, Scene between Dean and Hester. IGN

I mean, kudos to Lea Michele for playing unhinged remarkably well. TVFanatic

And Hester going on explaining how the Chanels were the killers—complete with parents and split personalities—is quite the performance from Lea Michele. AVClub

Scream Queens Theories

Okay, so I’ve been seeing quite a lot of theories floating around tumblr explaining that Hester is the second red devil killer along with being the twin of Boone. There has been a lot of info forwards this theory in late episodes, but, in the newest episode coming out on December the 1st, ‘Black Friday’, the teaser shows Chanel Oberlin, number 3, number 5 and Hester all locked in the mall for Black Friday. As they are locked in, the red devil can be seen in a shot with a crossbow staring through the windows at number 5. If these four girls are locked in the mall, including Hester, who is the red devil chasing them if everyone is so sure Hester is the red devil.

With the death of Gigi in 'Thanksgiving’, it is highly likely that we will no longer be hearing about the plans they had in store for the characters as Gigi was the mastermind and Boone was the one that carried out most of the tasks, so the unnamed second red devil is most likely going to go on a massacre, aiming at the Chanel’s first, example: the mall.

This leaves the other characters then, deceased or alive. Things we already know about the red devil:

- 20 years old
- White skin
- Is related to Wes and Sophia
- Female
- Doesn’t have a family as Sophia is deceased, Wes didn’t know about them and Gigi raised them

Looking over the female characters that are still alive and on campus or working on campus, this includes: Grace, Zayday, Chanel, Chanel 3, Chanel 5, Hester, Denise and The Dean.

Girls alive and not on campus: Melanie Dorkus, Coco, Amy (if she isn’t Gigi) and Feather.

Deceased girls: Tiffany AKA Deaf T-Swift, Sam, Jennifer, Sonya AKA Chanel 2, Chanel 4, Shondell, Mandy and Mary.

Off the bat, we know Grace isn’t the killer as she is too young to be one of the bathtub babies, stating to Pete she was 18 when we know the babies are 20.

Was kidnapped by the red devil, Boone to be exact, isn’t related to Wes or Sophia in anyway, wrong skin colour.

This is a difficult one, in the new episode 'Black Friday’, we know she will be attacked by the red devil, so that could maybe rule her off. We have also heard her speak of her countless times so being raised by Gigi doesn’t match her.

We have met her family, and doesn’t seem to be related to either Wes, Sophia or Boone in anyway. Apart from this, there isn’t much else to back up Chanel 3 not being the killer, but it’s highly unlikely she is the killer.

We haven’t seen her family, but she did talk about them but she could have lied, and she was also missing during most of beginning of 'Thanksgiving’, she was gone whilst the red devil was with Gigi. She brought the platter out with Gigi’s head on it also, but, she was attacked by the red devil but this could have been Boone but it makes no sense why he would attack her with no witnesses. She also will be attacked by the red devil in 'Black Friday’ as show in the teaser, so her fate remains unknown until that episode is released.

Hester being the red devil is a huge theory in the Scream Queens fandom at the moment, but with her being attacked in 'Black Friday’ this might break that theory unless there is another person working with the red devil? When Chanel dragged her into the meat locker after being pushed down the stairs, she disappeared for a brief remainder of time, the same time the red devil was with Gigi. She also appears late to the Bradwells Thanksgiving dinner. When Gigi and the devil are talking, Gigi states that the knife is good for cutting flesh. Hester states this again near the end of the episode, with a matching description to what Gigi said. She was also present during 'Ghost Stories’ when Earl Grey was murdered and number 5 and Denise where both attacked. But we know the Earl was killed by Boone, giving Hester enough time to attack Denise whilst Boone attacked number 5. But it is unknown how Hester got the devil costume so her being the red devil still remains a popular theory but a mystery simultaneously.

Too old to be the twin, wrong skin colour, was attacked.

Was attacked by Gigi, Boone and the second red devil all at once, too old also, she is most likely not the devil.

Her fate was changed to alive, according to the Dean after they cleared up her fake tanning incident with he poisoning, so she does have the potential to get revenge, but may be a bit too old, possibly 20 or 21.

Too old, may be dead but has not been confirmed.

AMY (if she isn’t Gigi)
Too old also, might also be dead but not confirmed.

Possibly a bit older then the twins, falsely accused of murdering Stephen and was thrown into a cell in a straight jacket. Probably not the killer.

Had her head mowed off fairly early and there’s no going back from that, the Dean also stated she was forty years old but could have been lying.

The devil did reveal the identity of there selves to Sam and she stated she knew it all along but being strangled. This could mean the devil has some sort of relationship or friendship with Sam.

Jennifer being the second killer is also a big theory in the fandom. As Boone was still alive when she died, meaning she could have faked her death, and she was set up similar to how Boone died. She also was a minor character that stood around for quite a while. Gigi most likely needed Intel on what was going on inside the house so she made the Dean make Chanel make anyone who wishes to do so join Kappa. Making Jennifer a candidate as the Dean introduces her to Chanel later on. We also never heard anything about Jennifer’s family, and it was stated by the Dean that she was twenty years old.

Died fairly early on and Chanel Oberlin saw her in a dream, and they also had a funeral for her, confirming the girls fate.

Died before the series began, it was unknown and still is if she died from the illness she had or was murdered.

Was stabbed in neck and Denise stated later on that she was officially dead.

They where both Kappa members from twenty years ago when Sophia died in the tub, their fates are still unknown but they most likely don’t have any reasons to murder the newer Kappa sisters and friends.

Looking at all this, it’s safe to say that the killer has to either be Hester, Chanel 5 or Jennifer. Each all have their reasons and two of which are still alive, while the other ones death looked quite set up. But none of this will be confirmed or flawed until the upcoming episodes are released.

What do y'all think? Hester? Chanel 5? Jennifer?

(Also credit to a certain tumblr user who I forgot the name of, they had some information that I pinched and added to so yeah. thank you!)

Season 2 Hester Theory...

The first part of this theory….

  • Hester is in jail. 

Hester will be in jail when we first see her again. Jamie Lee Curtis has stated that…“Hester visits the hospital - she doesn’t start out there” (the reason she visits the hospital is the second part of this theory). For now though we’re focusing on where else she could be. It’s been reported that Hester will be in a “unique place” and that she will not be with anyone else, sounds like she’s in prison right? 

At the end of season one we see the Chanels wrongfully convicted for Hester’s crimes. We’re aware that in season two the Chanels are free, and that they are now medical students at Cathy’s hospital. The only way the Chanels could’ve been freed is if someone else (Hester) came forward and admitted to the crimes, or new evidence was found that proved Hester was the Red Devil. So did Hester confess or was she otherwise convicted? Either way, she has ended up in jail for the crimes she committed in season one.   

Lea Michele has also stated that this season her costume is “very comfortable”, and what’s more comfortable than a jumpsuit? In a SnapChat posted by Keke Palmer we see Lea wearing a blue jumpsuit, much like one that you’d see worn in a prison. 

(Images posted by Oberlin). 

The second part of this theory… 

  • Hester is pregnant. 

Lea Michele has said that this season Hester has a “fancy new attachment” and given that Keke blurred out Lea’s lower body in a video she posted, its likely that Hester is showing a baby bump. We can clearly see Lea’s costume so what else is there to hide? A baby bump! 

This also makes sense as Jamie Lee Curtis has said that Hester only visits the hospital, she doesn’t start out there. If she is pregnant she is obviously going to need checkups and hospital visits, so this coincides with what Jamie has said about Hester. This is how Hester ends up at the hospital, and with everyone else. 

How will this fit in with season two and Scream Queens in general? I have no idea! But I truly think this will be an interesting storyline for Hester. We will have to wait and see! 

Faking It: Lauren Cooper [ESTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Thinking (Te): As described by Theo, Lauren is the “HBIC” of Hester. She blackmails her way to being social chair and organizes events like homecoming and prom. She plans her step mother’s entire bridal shower to the last detail and very effectively at that. She gets things done. Not one to mince words, Lauren is blunt and direct when she speaks. Lauren seeks out positions of authority within the walls of Hester to assert her status and get things done her way. Lauren needs evidence and facts before making assumptions, such as when Amy finds evidence to suggest that one of their parents is having an affair (“That’s hardly a smoking gun.”)

Introverted Sensing (Si): Lauren cannot wrap her mind around the social structure of Hester when she first arrives and heavily resents both Farrah and Amy at first for making her and her father move from Dallas to Austin. She can’t understand how Hester is a school where being different makes someone popular as the last thing Lauren wants to be is “different”. When she finally starts to understand the social structure and hierarchy of Hester, she uses it to her advantage.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): As the series progresses, Lauren becomes more and more open minded. At first, this function is used in her scheming - such as finding ways to out Amy and Karma as “fake lesbians”, making the connection that the morning after pill box in the bathroom garbage means Amy had sex, trying to stop Tommy from telling anyone that she’s intersex and getting revenge on Theo after she finds out he’s a cop. However, as Lauren opens her mind more to the school and to the fact that she’s “not your average girl”, she finds that when presented with the chance, she doesn’t want to move back to Dallas and is instrumental in saving Hester from being shut down.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Her weakest function, Lauren doesn’t come off as vulnerable to anyone. As she tells Theo when finding out he betrayed her, she tells him, “I opened my heart to you! I never do that to anyone!” When Lauren finally opens up to her friends about being born intersex, she does so in a matter of fact way where she describes her condition medically rather than how she feels about it. Her internal feeling often manifests in outbursts, such as the one at the pageant after she has an argument with her father. Lauren is very stubborn and there are things she won’t compromise on. When she finds out that a college recruiter wants to accept her into their program because she’s “different”, she promptly rejects the offer.