No army can act without light troops. Its operations and even existence depends upon them. Such light troops ought properly to be composed of select chasseurs with rifles, light infantry with (muskets &) bayonets, and light dragoons or hussars…

Lt. Colonel Andreas Emmerich, a German Jager officer during the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence, on the importance of light infantry.

Quoted from: The Partisan in War: Or the Use of a Corps of Light Troops to an Army (1789) [source]

Science + Halloween = a jack-o’-lantern fit for the Headless Horseman himself. An awesome high school chemistry teacher dazzled their students by creating this phenomenal jack-o’-lantern with bright green flames burning inside its head.

The spooky green fire is produced by burning boric acid and methanol together. Click here for instructions for how to make green fire. Just be sure to do it outdoors and very carefully. No one wants to get burned or, you know, summon the vengeful ghost of a decapitated Hessian soldier.

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Archaeologists find possible historic cannon at Red Bank

Historians who studied the Battle of Red Bank in 1777 have long known the tragic story of an American gun crew.

It was one of several defending Fort Mercer against a much larger army of Hessian soldiers, who were trying to dislodge them and open up the Delaware River for British ships to supply the Redcoats occupying Philadelphia.

The crew loaded a massive cannon, lit the fuse, and fired - but the breech exploded, killing a dozen members of Rhode Island regiments who were manning the gun and earthworks.

No one conducting an archaeological investigation of the battlefield in National Park, Gloucester County, expected to find evidence of that deadly moment 238 years ago. Read more.


Here’s the promo for the season finale of Sleepy Hollow, Tempus Fugit; read the episode’s extended synopsis below.

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