Hercules Mulligan may have took the measurements and information but he sure as hell didn't smuggle it

But you know who did? His slave, Cato.

Cato was a courier and spy, helping gather and pass on vital intelligence to Hamilton, their contact at Washington’s camp. He’d be sent to a shop with tailoring ads to translate into German for the Hessian soldiers where he’d meet with a fellow spy Heym Salomon. He would then return back with translations and information which would be hidden in packages containing clothing.

As Mulligan’s tailor shop catered to high end British officers, many soldiers had seen Cato running errands for him before and didn’t expect a black man to be the one passing intelligence on George Washington. This meant he could cross the Hudson River without seeming too suspicious.

He was even jailed and interrogated after some suspicions did arise about Hercules Mulligan’s activities and the deliveries but didn’t talk. He also was the one who delivered the messages which helped foil a plan to kill George Washington.

Tl;dr – Cato didn’t even get a single mention in Hamilton and because he was a slave he’s been almost brushed out of history. Just know that he was every bit as important as Hercules Mulligan and deserves to be known.

The Loyalist and African American Escape from Yorktown

On the 19th of October 1781, Washington won his most famous victory following the capitulation of the Crown Forces garrisoning Yorktown, Virginia. For Earl Charles Cornwallis and his fellow officers, defeat meant bitter embarrassment and shame. For their British and Hessian soldiers it meant the same, coupled with the potential of spending the rest of the war in the miserable conditions of an American prison camp. For the Loyalists and African Americans, however, the defeat spelled the potential for death or enslavement. 

Cornwallis was well aware of this, and sought immunity for Loyalists as part of the tenth article of capitulation. Washington refused this article, leaving Cornwallis with no choice other than to abandon formal attempts to negotiate his allies to safety. The British, however, did not give up on more clandestine means of escape. Washington permitted that a single British sloop, the Bonetta, be allowed to sail to British-held New York without being searched, for the purpose of carrying dispatches. Numerous African Americans and Loyalists were smuggled onboard. The ruse was almost discovered where a Patriot commander, General Nelson, demanded he be allowed to inspect the sloop for blacks and “enemies of the state.” Nelson’s French allies, however, insisted that he adhere to the articles of capitulation, and let the sloop go. It reached New York safely, though “guards were placed along the shore to prevent runaways from escaping to the ship, although it was feared many were already hidden onboard.” The Governor of Virginia also wrote angrily to Cornwallis, claiming ‘negroes are attempting to escape by getting onboard the Bonetta… [where] they will endeavour to lie concealed from your lordship until the vessel sails.’ It is not known if Cornwallis ever replied. Washington himself was only able to recover two of the slaves who had fled his plantation. 

The British also hit upon another ingenious means of smuggling ex-slaves to freedom. Under the articles, officer’s servants were not to be separated from their masters, and were allowed to travel with them on parole, and subsequent freedom. An eyewitness recorded that the ships bearing the British officers were “packed together, with two servants to each officer.” Another commented on fifty men and women “whose faces were hidden” - Americans who had deserted the Revolutionary cause, and knew they faced the potential of execution if caught. 

Cornwallis was known to have 4000 or 5000 black recruits at Yorktown and Portsmouth. Smallpox killed about sixty percent of those that caught the disease, but in this case some were inoculated against it, so perhaps half the runaways were spared, though wounds and typhus also took a huge toll. Maybe 2000 survived. It is impossible to establish what happened to them. A proportion of the survivors, perhaps half, must have been forced back into slavery.

Wrote another Halloween thing for my writing class...

I think my Professor is going to start thinking there is something seriously wrong with me from all these witing exersises deticated to Halloween. 

I thought I would share this new one:

“The October Country. A mythical place where Autumn is forever. Where every tree is decked with gold, red, burning orange, and vivid yellow. The mist always creeps and clings low to long pale stalks of grass, and coils around the old, cracked trunks of ancient trees. The moon is always full. A ghostly galleon on the floating, sinister clouds that paint the sky and shroud the stars.

           Graveyards are plentiful here, and they sprawl out over hills like disease. The tombstones pock the ground like strange shaped boulders. Ghosts are seen floating, there macabre wails join the whispers on the wind to form a song to the dead and lost. What homes there are and decayed things, mere skeletons of their former Victorian glory. Rusted iron, weather-beaten, splintered wood. Decrepit staircases that no longer lead to anywhere, and the ghosts haunt these places, too.

           Black cats, bats, and spiders and seen creeping through this world with sinister eyes that seem to see right through your skin and down to your bones.  Monsters reside here as well. Dark, disfigured creatures from every black corner of your deepest, most horror-filled nightmares.They await you behind doors, corners, and places where the light never touches. Jack O’ Lanterns provide the only comfort with their orange, welcoming glow. Their ghastly grinning faces beckoning you to come closer, grip them tight, and cling to their light. Ancient watchers and soul protectors. They are your only friend in this fiendish world. Keeping all the terrors at bay.

           This creepy land where every day is Halloween. Where every hour is the witching hour. Where the Hessian soldier gallops headless atop his deep black steed. A darksome country that only those who live and breathe Samhain could ever love and find joy in. This is the October Country, and it is not for the faint of heart.”

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Okay, jumping on the (location) gothic meme.

New Jersey Gothic.

It’s three AM, and you’ve just gotten out of a rock show in a south Jersey town that you don’t know. You follow the signs back to the Parkway. You stop at WaWa at the intersection of two county roads for snacks. Unfortunately, when you come back out of WaWa, you’re not sure which road you were headed down, in which direction. You make your best guess, and you’re relieved when you see signs for the Parkway. You follow the signs for the Parkway. You keep following the signs for the Parkway. The clock on your dash seems to have stopped. Radio stations fade in and out. You’re following signs for the Parkway.

You go to Atlantic City for a bachelorette party. The next morning, no one remembers a fifth bridesmaid. You remember a face, maybe, but not a name. The face haunts you.

You own a respectable rental property in Paterson. You go to check on it and realize that it’s been converted into a heroin den. You pull out the mattresses, gut the place, refinish it, change the locks, board up the windows. The next day you go to check on it and it looks like it’s been a heroin den forever. You pull out the mattresses, gut the place, refinish it, change the locks, board up the windows. The next day you go to check on it and it looks like it’s been a heroin den forever. You pull out the mattresses, gut the place, refinish it, change the locks, board up the windows. The next day you go to check on it and it looks like it’s been a heroin den forever. You pull out the mattresses, gut the place, refinish it, change the locks, board up the windows. The next day…

You hook up with the lead singer of a cover band at a beach bar after his set. As it turns out, Jersey Devil wasn’t a stage name. They find your bones under the boardwalk next season.

Your Grandfather knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Your grandfather buried Jimmy Hoffa.

George Washington slept here. He still sleeps here. So do the restless spirits of several thousand angry Hessian soldiers. Can’t you hear them?

You stop at a gas station in the middle of the night, on a lonely stretch of road. The attendant leers at you, and finds an excuse to grab your arm when you hand him your credit card. He says he’ll run it inside, and you inwardly groan when you realize the old fashioned pumps don’t swipe. You wait for him to come back, and wait, and wait, and wait. He’s not coming back. There are no lights on in the station. You remove the nozzle and try to start your car. It won’t start. You feel a prickle on the back of your neck.

You fall asleep on the train coming back from the city. When you wake up, your ex is sitting across from you, and you missed your stop. He wants to start a conversation. “What a pleasant surprise,” he quips. “How are you? Tell me about your life? Do you have a new job?” The train never stops.

Every time you go to the diner, the same waitress waits on you. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, midday, evening, or the wee hours. After several years of coffee and disco fries, you become friendly acquaintances. “You deserve a day off,” you tell her. She gives you a wan smile. “C'mon, you must get some vacation,” you press. “Take Friday. We’ll go out.” “You’re sweet,” she whispers, “but I just can’t.” Her dead eyes get misty. “It’s been a long time since I’ve gone out.” She puts her hand over yours. It’s cold as ice.

The Raritan River flows. The red team flows upstream. So many bodies. Whoo Rah. Whoo Rah.

strongfemalecharacters  asked:

HI! I love how you made the agent carter red fedora! Would you mind telling me where you bought the hat? I haven't been able to find a good one so far...

First of all, thank you!!

Zee Hat:

  • I bought it from amazon here
  • It’s close to the right shape of Peggy’s and is a flattering hat in itself.
  • It’s cheaper than buying it from the Steton’s website despite the exchange rate from where ever you live.
  • Do be warned though. Mine came from China and the box looked pretty ratty by the time it arrive to me. But the hat survived with only a slightly floppy part of the brim. 


  • The hat comes with a black ribbon on it and a small metal “M” attached. 
  • No biggie, this is easily removable as there are only a few threads inside holding it in place.
  1. I went to Jo-Ann’s fabric store and bought a 7/8in x 9ft, 22mm x 2.7m spool of red, white and blue ribbon (by Offray). The brand and whatnot doesn’t matter, just make sure you’re happy with the shades of the ribbon’s colors. Jo-Ann’s is wonderful. It’s so much more cheap than anything we have in Canada and they’re all over the US. 

  2. I used two reference pictures here and here to make sure I know which side of the hat the ribbon extra bit (I’ll call it the side thingy) goes etc, etc.

  3. The hat came with a plastic thingy to keep its shape. This is your bff. Do NOT throw out!
    Put the hat on it to help you estimate the amount of ribbon to go around the hat itself. A bit of overlap is fine, because this is where you’ll add the side thingy and it won’t show. 

  4. Next, sew that sucker to make yourself a ribbon to go around the hat. Don’t sew it onto the hat, just make it so it is together and can slip on and off of the hat. Yay! you’ve got a ribbon that goes around and you can work on the rest!!

  5. Now for the side thingy. It looks difficult, but it is manageable. 
    Take some ribbon (don’t yut yet, until you’re happy with it, but that is why you buy a spool - so you can eff up and not sweat it) and try to fold it in a way that resembles the side thingy in the reference pics. Use your best judgement on how big you want the loops to be. (People will think it looks great no matter what, don’t sweat.)
    Once you’re happy with the size of your loops and the folding of the side thing (btw you’re still holding this all in your hand before you cut), cut the ribbon off the role!

  6. Keep holding it if you’re happy with how it looks, or do your final adjustments now. Then (make sure you’ve got your needle and thread ready before this) sew that sucker. I sewed mine so it would take a bomb to make it come undone. I can’t sew very well, so I was making sure it couldn’t come undone. Make sure to keep your messy stuff at the back (the part that will go against the hat) and try to make it as neat as possible. I used white thread so my crappy sewing was less noticeable.

  7. Once your side thing is securely looking like the side thing, you can place it on the hat next to the ribbon you sewed earlier and admire how good it will look once it’s on.

  8. Take the ribbon your sewed earlier off the hat and sew on the side thing. Again, try to make it as neat as you can, but people aren’t going to come up to you and look at your stitching at a con, so go wild if you want.

  9. Next you need to to the around thingy. This is what goes over where the side thingy is attached. This makes it look like it’s all one continuous piece, but little do they know mwohahahahha! Just cut a strip of ribbon long enough to go around and sew that on too. What I did here was first, sewed the little around thing together around the ribbon and then attached it to the rest of the side thingy and ribbon to secure it. I made sure to pass my needle inside the around thingy so that the stitching doesn’t show. Do your best. I just tried something and it seemed to work.

  10. Tah-dah! Side thingy and around thingy are complete! Place the ensemble onto the hat and do more admiring. Now you need a button!

  11. You must have a button jar. Every family has a button jar, I’m sure. So that’s where I looked. I found a silvery replica of one of these bad boys here; which were buttons on the uniforms of German “Hessian” soldiers in the American Revolution. Pretty cool, eh? And what is really neat is that it has an Eagle on it and says esx devs spes nostra, which means “God is our hope”.

  12. Buttons don’t have to be super spectacular, but something shinny and silvery and not too too big are best. The best part is, is that they can cover up some of your messy sewing :D
    So this is where everything will be attached to the hat. Place your ribbon ensemble on the hat and place it where you think is best. Show the reference pics to a few trusted people and ask them if they think it’s looks right as you wear your hat on your head. 
    Then sew it on. This is where you go through the hat’s material to make it all stay. Be careful and make sure the button won’t pop off (I sewed mine on more than I should have).

  13. Sit back, and admire your awesome work. Take a few pictures, send them to your friends, brag about it on social media and best of all, wear it proudly around the house for no reason other than to show off your excellent work!

I hoped that answered your question and I also hope that people understand what I tried to say in this tutorial thingy ^u^

Again, thank you for the ask because we need more Peggy cosplayers out there! I hope to see the final product and best of luck to you :D

mydearestlaurens  asked:

Hey, thanks for creating this amazing blog and just thanks overall for being you and cute and alive. Could you write a little Drabble of Eliza and Alex reuniting after the war? Thanks again :)

I am SO sorry it took this long I honestly have no excuse agghhh especially with such a cute message/prompt. I uh….hope you like it!!

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30 Days of Animorphs

Day 9: Least favorite Animorph 

Honestly, this is a matter of degree because there’s no single Animorph that I actually dislike, but I think the one I adore the least is Ax.  

There’s still a lot to like about the character; don’t get me wrong.  I love his sardonic straight-faced sense of humor.  I love the fact that despite being the most well-informed member of the team he’s neither Spock (always perfect and logical ) nor Hermione (nonspecifically intelligent and therefore good at everything) but instead comes off like an ordinary teenager: prickly-prideful, lonely but reluctant to admit it, bad at school, ragingly jealous of the older brother he nonetheless hero-worships, and just looking to do the right thing.  I love how much he and Tobias cling to each other as the only family either of them has left.  I grudgingly admire his willingness to bow out of any vote that he genuinely doesn’t have a stake in.  His whacky perspective on human culture (“all human music is terrible… But the cinnamon bun is the pinnacle of the species’s innovation”) is one of the best parts of the books (#8).

HOWEVER.  Where the character tends to lose me is his passive-aggressiveness.  Ax will never ever contradict Jake to his face—which basically just means that any time he disagrees with a decision he’ll go behind Jake’s back instead.  He throws his loyalty at Jake before he even knows the guy and then takes it away whenever another andalite tells him to jump.

Ax also gets away with a lot of imperialistic attitudes that never really get corrected.  He views the hundreds of thousands of lives he would have taken if he’d succeeded in nuking the yeerk pool in MM4 as acceptable losses but can’t bring himself to take Alloran’s life when doing so might win the war (#8).  (Contrast: Jake and Rachel killing Tom and also being willing to die to save the hork-bajir.) I think I could excuse this kind of attitude early in the series if Ax eventually outgrew it—but as late as the second-to-last book in the series he expresses doubts that the entire human species is worth risking andalite lives to save.  Ax doesn’t quite outgrow his judgmental attitudes the way that Marco and to a lesser extent Cassie do.  For example, Marco starts out the series essentially bullying Tobias and by the middle of the war not only are they friends but Marco also actively steps in to stop other people from being bullies.

Ax’s interactions with Cassie also make me annoyed on her behalf.  Whereas Jake calls her out more than once when he thinks she’s over the line, Ax is… passive-aggressive. He gives her the silent treatment, acts snide or even contemptuous when he does interact with her, and doesn’t argue outright.  

It also annoys me that Ax is in many ways just as much of a war hawk as Rachel but almost never gets called out for it, either by the narration or by the other characters.  At those times when Jake’s out of commission (#37, MM3) Ax in a lot of ways falls into Rachel’s role just as much as Rachel falls into Jake’s: he starts killing Hessian soldiers and later German tanks even though he doesn’t have a stake in either fight and is in fact just killing random humans, and unlike the other three he goes along with Rachel’s craziness in #37 with no attempt to reign her in.  He’s the one who pushes to blow up the yeerk pool.  He’s the one who considers sacrificing humanity to stop the yeerks.  By #54 it’s strongly implied he’s just as addicted to the fight as Rachel ever was, coasting around the galaxy looking for trouble until eventually his recklessness gets his whole crew killed.  

And yet no one calls him a psycho or a killer the way they do with Rachel.  No one says the war made him a monster (the way they do with Rachel!).  Throughout the series the others mostly shrug and write his militarism off as being the product of a warrior culture. Maybe the closest we get to implied condemnation is Cassie describing herself and Marco as “the only two survivors of the war” in the last book, suggesting she thinks Ax is no better off than Jake or Tobias at that point (#54). But, frankly, that’s not much.  I could use a lot more.  I feel like the character has a lot working for him, but never quite gets there for me, because unlike the others his flaws are never fully explored as flaws, and they’re never fully overcome.