hessian (cloth)

“I’m not haunted by it, but it certainly follows me. I’ve been to the Amazon, and people with no clothes on, and I’m not exaggerating, know about that film. I’ve accepted it.”Leonardo DiCaprio on his role in Titanic

“I remember I was in India researching “Holy Smoke”, I was walking in the foothills of the Himalayas and there was an old man walking towards me and I mean very old man, like 80-85 years old, with a walking stick and kind of hessian sacking clothing. He sort of just stopped in front of me and I was trying to get past him on this little path. And he just went [in an accent] “Oh.. Titanic?” and I could NOT believe it. I just could not believe it. That’s when I thought it really reached some extreme places this film, you know, and there’s a lot to be said for that. To this day I feel really thrilled to have been a part of something so touching, magnificent and epic in those ways.”Kate Winslet on her role in Titanic