anonymous asked:

Other then you who is the one person I should follow on here?

The best blog in the world:


For Kristen:

imteamkstew, hessenheffers, fuckyeahkrisbian, enchantedbykristen, kristenforthewin, weheartstewart, and inthelandofkristen.

For Rob:

robsessed, robertpattinson, fading-glow, oh-roberto, pattinson-pics, and weheartpattinson.

For RK:

pattinson-stewart, rkloving, hysteriarobsten, favnia, nabstew, adiiizonlovesrk, sordinos, tristen-blewart, iheartrobandkristen, robstenisfearless, and absofreakinlutely

These aren’t in any order, I was just going through the people I follow. You asked me to pick one and it’s just impossible because I love all of these blogs so much. I’m so selective about who I follow so if I follow you, I fucking love your blog okay?