Although I always dread playing it, the Deep Roads campaign in DA:O really shows the most compellingly terrifying parts of Blight and what the taint can do. The poem about the broodmother and basically everything about broodmothers is so disturbing but to me, that’s what the Blight and the Deep Roads is all about. Imagine being the Warden, with the Calling going crazy and still trying to move forward. Origins was dark and gritty and showed the true sacrifices of war, and while I love all of the games for their own reasons I really hope that whatever happens in the future, the Wardens don’t get painted in a bad light. The Calling is a huge sacrifice that I think is overlooked somewhat. Being a Warden really would be terrifying.

Hespith's Poem

“First day, they come and catch everyone.
Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat.
Third day, the men are all gnawed on again.
Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate.
Fifth day, they return and it’s another girl’s turn.
Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams.
Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew.
Eighth day, we hate it as she is violated.
Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin.
Now she does feast, as she’s become the beast.”

First day, they come and catch everyone.
Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat.
Third day, the men are all gnawed on again.
Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate.
Fifth day, they return and it’s another girl’s turn.
Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams.
Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew.
Eighth day, we hate it as she is violated.
Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin.
Now she does feast, as she’s become the beast.
Now you lay and wait, for their screams will haunt you in your dreams.

im like 600% done with this game rn

Bioware needs to stop burying their lgbt+ characters while supposedly being pro lgbt+.  They had this huge thing in game informer about being one of the only companies to give us representation.  While they have killed Hespith, Nyreen, Macen, Steve’s husband Robert, Karl Thekla, Jace, and probably more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

These are deaths you have no control over, I’m not even going to go into the deaths you can make happen in their games. 

The thing is, yeah they kill straight characters, but they don’t make it into a THING.  Every time you meet an lgbt+ couple of sorts in game, you’re basically set up for:  oh fuck, one of you is going to die.  (the exceptions are Wade and Herren, Dorian and Bull, and Sera and Dagna)

You meet Nyreen and Aria?  Nyreen dies.

You meet Avitus and find out about him and Macen?  Guess who’s dead.

You go into the Deep Roads and find out about Branka and Hespith, well guess who is gonna die/who you can kill?  Plus they’re abusive and bad rep all together.

You meet Grandin in DAI, and find out about Jace, and it’s heavily implied they were lovers.

You meet Steve in ME3, he has a dead husband.

You find out from Anders that he wants to save his ‘friend’ and then after Karl’s dead you hear about Karl being ‘the first’, and that they were together.

I’m not saying some of these deaths can’t be storyline prevalent or acceptable.  It’s just that I’m seeing a fucking pattern here. 

Is there a Bioware game that doesn’t have ‘bury your gays’ in it?  There’s Mass Effect 1 and 2?  And I’m sure I’m forgetting someone in those games.  But DAO, DA2, DAI, ME3, and MEA all have it in them.  And it’s getting old.

Also the only reason there wasn’t any of this in ME1 and ME2 is there were no gay characters in those games.  (aside from Liara?  Who basically says fshep is ‘not really bi/gay’ for being with her?)  Oh and there was one video clip in ME2′s shadow broker dlc where you could see two men get into bed together for 5 seconds, but that doesn’t count.

Ways that Bioware could have illustrated the threat of the Blight: 

  • Game mechanic centred around protecting you party from infection while fighting the Darkspawn hordes.
  • Visitable location that is basically an leper colony for Blight-infected people to live out the end of their days. 
  • Creepy subplot where the Legion of the Dead are, in fact, all ghouls, on account of infection earns you immediate expulsion from Orzammar.  The Legion bring honour to their families by continuing to fight rather than a quick and painless suicide. 

The actual canon threat of the Blight: 

  • Dramatically killing off spouses, siblings, and friends who are plot-relevant but not too plot-relevant. 

Seriously how does this great and terrible magical plague only have like…. five victims in the entire series. 

inarticulate-flailing  asked:

This thought woke me up last night and I need an expert opinion, please help. Dwarves can't dream because they have no connection to the fade, right? Well what about dwarven wardens during a blight? Do they not get the freaky archdemon dreams? Or is their only experience dreaming terrifying blight nightmares? Blightmares?

Blightmares is the explanation Bioware gave us canonically. We see it with a Brosca and Aeducan Warden who asks Alistair about them, claiming Dwarves never dream and thus they never had till the nightmares. We also see it with Oghren in Awakening, where his first dreams come with the Taint.

Basically the Taint itself gives all Grey Wardens dreams and visions, even Dwarven Wardens.

This could be because the Taint, Archdemon, and Darkspawn are inherently products of the Fade, but it’s never really explained beyond the Taint IS tied to the Fade somehow.

This is also how we get Genlock mages, though they only occur in Origins at this point (I think Bioware is avoiding introducing them again, because possible lore repercussions but the way I see it? It still works out). Genlocks are the Dwarven equivalent of Darkspawn (made from Dwarven Broodmothers*) and Genlock emissaries are born into their ranks (Blighted Dwarves don’t become Genlocks and suddenly have magic, like actual mages they’re born with magic).

So yeah, most Grey Warden Dwarves first dreams are typically Blight nightmares, that said Blight nightmares aren’t the ONLY dreams Dwarven Grey Wardens can have.

We see with Oghren that though dreams are new to Dwarves, they can have them outside of Archdemon nightmares. He in particular has a nightmare about Hespith and Broodmothers, which is still 1) A Nightmare and 2) Has Implications of the Taint, but isn’t necessarily a Blight Nightmare.

Whether after being Tainted, if dwarves can have pleasant dreams is still unknown.

*As a side note and interesting fact: Ogres (Kossith, NOT QUNARI, Broodmothers) and Genlocks (Dwarven Broodmothers) as far as current lore implies did not originally exist when the Blight first started. It was only after the current Darkspawn warped Dwarves and Kossiths into Broodmothers did they appear.

This could also be the same for Shrieks/Elven Darkspawn, but nothing so far has come up about it. This is because humans (Tevinter Magisters) were the first to break into the Fade and Golden City, become Darkspawn, and be set out upon the world. Only increasing their ranks by turning others and breeding with Broodmothers.

#thanksbioware for all the krem transphobia comments made by the inquisitor

#thanksbioware for all the ableism directed at anders in DA2

#thanksbioware for the alienages and not letting us improve them

#thanksbioware for making the dalish forget how valuable magic is to them in DAI despite it being valuable to them in DAO because we needed to oppress the mages more

#thanksbioware for not giving Cullen an actual redemption arc in DAI, and instead just glossing over his issues.  AND not giving us the option to call him out on his bull shit in DAI if you WERE going to just leave him as a mage hating asshole on purpose

#thanksbioware for never letting us actually help the mages, and continuing to put the circles back via a poc woman mage in trespasser

#thanksbioware for hawke’s clearly ooc moments concerning merrill, blood mages, and anders in DAI

#thanksbioware for straight and white washed Cassandra Pentaghast

#thanksbioware for GREAT options like putting the mage hating seeker in the seat of divine, or giving Fenris back to Danarius, or killing Anders, sacrificing alienage elves for a blood magic ritual in DAO with Morrigan’s approval, killing the chargers and killing Bull, letting Celene live after what she’s done

#thanksbioware for not including the actual ending in DAI and making it dlc that people had to pay for, AND making it so ps3/360 players couldn’t get it anyway

#thanksbioware for making the rivalry trope in DA2 so prevalent all game, instead of actual good character development

#thanksbioware for not making Jowan recruit able in DAO like he was originally supposed to be

#thanksbioware for not making Nathaniel a companion in DA2 as was originally planned, despite there being a clear set up for him to be a companion in DA2 since Kirkwall doesn’t have a warden base

#thanksbioware for making Solas straight when he was originally supposed to be bi

#thanksbioware for all the wonderful healthy w/w side relationships in DA such as: Leliana x Marjorlaine, Briala x Celene, and Branka x Hespith

#thanksbioware for making it not so apparent that Wade x Herren are official, and having one of your writers tell everyone they were a couple on a website INSTEAD of making it apparent in the game

#thanksbioware for Sebastian Vael’s writing

#thanksbioware for Harvester Orsino

#thanksbioware for Isabela in the comics and drowning slaves

#thanksbioware for a comic named ‘mage killer’

#thanksbioware for white washing Zevran in DA2

#thanksbioware for making Loghain who was previously a hero, into a fucking SLAVER in DA:O

#thanksbioware for rivalmances

#thanksbioware for forgetting an entire fucking moon in DAI (there’s fan theories on why it’s not there but I’m still saying they forgot it)

#thanksbioware for lack of actual character development everywhere concerning companions in DAI

#thanksbioware for the fade mission in DAI, and emotional blackmail against Alistair fans and making them change their canon

I’m sure there are more, but I hope I covered this.


 I always do Orzammar last in Dragon Age: Origins because I find Hespith and the Broodmother to be absolutely terrifying. The fact that the darkspawn use the female dwarves as incubators for more darkspawn just freaks me out to this day. Each and every time I play Origins i do Orzammar last, because I enjoy the other quests so much more and really never want to do the Orzammar quest line.

With the exception of DA2, where a person playing as a straight woman only has one extra choice compared to a woman who is playing as a lesbian, across all the games, straight women have twice the number of LIs to pick from compared to women who want to romance women. 

More than half of the options for women who want to romance women are optional characters.

Lesbian and bisexual women who want to romance women are being sidelined by bioware. Consistently. 

Non-straight relationships between two women NPCs are also given the shaft.

Leliana/Marjolaine? Abusive. Marjolaine tries to murder Leliana.  

Hespith/Branka? Abusive. Branka tries to transform Hespith into a broodmother. 

Celene/Briala? Abusive. Celene treats Briala like shit, kills her parents and also commits an act of genocide against her people.

Ritts and her unnamed mage girlfriend? The girlfriend dies.

Sera and Dagna turns out all right, but they’re the only one out of five couples. 

Straight people who want to see straight romances between NPCs don’t have to look far at all. Aveline and Donnic, for just one example. Perfect fairy-tale romance. 

CONFESSION: I hate fighting the Broodmother but I find Broodmothers intriguing as a concept. The whole poem leading to this thing and finding out how they are made is so dark and interesting. And when Hespith said “Broodmother” in such a haunting voice right before the battle, I was so sold to the idea of these horrible creatures. Hespith is definitely one of my favorite NPCs