Isabel (Castilla y León), who belongs to me since one of my friends gave me her rights :)

This is a sketch I was drawing in a SAI archive with more sketch layers (it was like a 10-min-sketches-set), and as I like how her face turned out I decided to upload it here. The reason? I don’t really know if I am going to finish it, so you have at least the idea of the drawing here.

Also I want to thank all the people who’s pressed the “follow” button. Thanks for your support! I really didn’t expect it!

‘One snap’, he repeated, snapping his fingers and closing his fist then, 'and, pop!’, he opened his fist, showing some sugar cubes. 'You only have to know how to find it.’

Iñaki stared, fascinated, at Manuel’s hand, and then he looked at him in the eye and smiled, hopelessly in love.

'I think I have already found the magic I was looking for.’

Este dibujo lo hice hace un rato @TheWondersBoy es Manuel vestido de Wonders Boy :3 el traje que pensé para él. Y la pistola fail es un intento fail de sus pistolas de energía, el tuvo de arriba es el que carga la energía y se dispara por el de abajo -lol-

Erea (Ourense) reset. She used to wear loose clothes, now she wears tight. I prefer her this way, it makes her personality be different from expected at first glance.

This OC belongs to me.

Xoán terminado @nekocchii @TheWondersBoy @Aleena212 @claudia_mis

Al final puse a fanboys!Diego y Xandre -Alexandre-, porque una cosita así no se puede ver sin fangirlear/fanboylear :) Incluso Xandre, que siempre lo mira con cara escéptica, no puede evitar ponerse tonto y abrazarse a la almohada (por cierto, lleva pijama de esos unipieza para niños pequeños). 

Ahora lo subo a DeviantArt ;)