• I made fried rice outta leftover togo-ed budae soup and added sesame oil & eggs when frying. That one and only sausage was for jacquel! :) This is basically kimchi fried rice + more lol.
  • Egg roll (seafood flavor) seasoning that I used for my fried rice says “냠냠 맛있는~” // “nyam nyam tasty~” on the bag hehehe

p.s. my fried rice was freeking nyam nyam tasty & hesler kiiiilled it! 

    i used to have this snake, big fucker. i used to have to feed
    him once a week, i used to give him a live mouse. and there was this
    one time i drop a mouse in his cage and he got a wiff of it and he went
    for him and the mouse got up on its hind legs and punched him in the face
    happened again to, snake went for him again, hit him again
    snake didnt know what to do, fucked up, went off to the corner and cryed
    tht fuckin mouse ruled the cage, went on for weeks, he just like walked
    around like he owned the joint, sit in a litte lawn chair or somethin,
    scrathchin his balls, shellin penuts. i tryed to feed him other mice to
    but i drop the new mouse in the cage and hed just hide behind the
    old mouse, snake was scared shitless,he died, starved to death
    ..cage full of mice
    —  hesler

    Weekend of 8/26 :). Drove to sd & back allllalalalalalalalalone.

    WHEN I GOT THERE - Dinner @Granny’s Tofu, shopping @FashionValley, Swimming & Taboo @Choi’s till 4am. TABOO IS SO FUN.

    GNO - Cathy, Choi, Jacquel, & I went to Siam Nara. My first time trying thai food – loved it! We ordered the bananarama as our dessert and it’s sososooo good! Perfect dinner! Thank youuuus, Jacquel’s craving for some thai and Choi’s recommendation for this restaurant ^-^.

    & THEN - Went over to the boys’ cause Hesler threw a party. I dunno if it was last minute but he made a sign outta paper towel for me. His heart took 6 strokes HAHAhAh. SO SWEEEET.

    LAST DAY - We ate brunch at the Broken Yolk Cafe. Choi told me that they’re known for their Eggs Benedict so I tried it and omy, she was right! No pics for brunch though :(.