hesitation mark

Trent Reznor Era Summaries
  • Option 30/ Exotic Birds/ Slam Bamboo/ Purest Feeling: 2 Kewl 4 Sk00l Tr0nt.
  • Pretty Hate Machine: Synthesizers and Movie Samples.
  • Broken: Fuck the establishment (mostly Steve Gotlieb)
  • The Downward Spiral: Fist Fucker Extraordinaire, leather gloves, keyboard abuser.
  • The Fragile: Death is everywhere and is after everyone I love. No I did not get my heart broken by Marilyn Manson and none of the songs are written about the death of my dog.
  • With Teeth: The second coming, sober yet wiser
  • Year Zero: The Truth is Out There...
  • Ghosts/ The Slip: Fuck The Establishment 2.0, (Mostly Interscope) I'm releasing shit for free
  • The Scoring Era: Oscar winner and married with children
  • Hesitation Marks: What the hell did I do in 1994?
  • Apple Music: I Am The Establishment now....
  • Not The Actual Events: The Truth Is Still Out There
My Miracle // Mark, You

You puffed air from your lips, your cheeks balls of breath as the sound resonated through the room, blending in with the fan blowing on the tangled bodies of you and your boyfriend, Mark.

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Another Storm

The lightning
with unfocused determination
bleeds white
from hesitation marks
cut across the night sky
while the curled caps
of the concealed thunderheads
watching over
glow a momentary honey golden
as winds whip
whirling trails of rain
over sleeping villages,

Are you beneath the clouds too?
Have you flung yourself into
Midnight devouring the storm
feeling eternal,
feeling fragile?
Do the raindrops
slide over your skin
just as my lips would?
Is it the wind’s fingers
instead of mine
lifting the hair up
from the back of your neck?
I’m looking for the light
you said you would leave on
but see only the afterimages
of lightning
with tired eyes
and I know all too well
that I was searching for you
but it was only the storm
that found me
once again

So I was at tutoring and my friend was looking through my camera roll on my phone (surprisingly she wasn’t shook by the photos I have on there hehheh) and she stopped on this picture and said “What is the first sexual thing you would do to him” and I said “I’d ride that mofo” out loud without any hesitation and she was like “ARE YOU A HOE???” and I was like “A HOE FOR MARK TUAN” maybe I had some stares but they wouldn’t understand.

-What is the first sexual thing you think of when you see Mark? [come on guys ;)] hehheh