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scarlettbetch  asked:

Doesn't Lar's dad straight up call him Laramie at the end of the ep without hesitation before or after?

if ur saying that it negates the theory, lars’ dad may very well not accept lars for it, or only use his name when he’s around. itd make more sense for his mom too to deadname lars behind his back- thats why she messed up so easily n looked embarrassed, bc it gave away that she was still saying it

Raven Zoë

It’s time! The first single from my new EP, “Hesitated” is now available! It’s a track called “Perfume”, which is a song I wrote when I was 16 and was previously released on my first EP, “kthxrae” (2009). It’s been re-imagined and re-recorded entirely to match how I now play the song live. 

You can purchase the song on iTunes here!!!

I really hope you guys enjoy it! Pleaaase let me know what you think and share it if you enjoyed it and just spread the love :’) I’m really excited to hear people’s responses. 

IT’S HERE! My new EP “Hesitated” is officially released!!! And on my 22nd birthday, no less! Oh my GOSH. This has been such a long time coming. I am so excited. I haven’t released any new music in nearly three years. I am so sorry for the wait. I really hope you guys like this stuff. I worked really hard on it and I’m so excited it’s finally out!! 

You can buy it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify before you buy if you’ve… HESITATED (I hate myself, I’m sorry). 

Please, please don’t hesitate(d) to share this around! I’M SO EXCITED!!! 

edit: The version of “Average Guy” that is up on iTunes and stuff right now is NOT THE CORRECT VERSION OF THE SONG. An old mix of the song was uploaded accidentally (it doesn’t even have the drum track). I’ll be replacing it with the final mastered version as soon as humanly possible so you’re welcome to buy that version if you want but it will eventually be replaced by the actual final mix at some point. 

So I have unfortunate news regarding my new EP. 

The wrong version of one of the songs (“Average Guy”) was uploaded to iTunes/Spotify/etc. instead of the final mastered version. It’s an old mix of the song before the song was actually finished. 

If you do buy my EP, I would recommend buying every song except “Average Guy”. 

I got in contact and hopefully I’ll be able to exchange the song that is now up with the final mixed version in the next couple weeks (unfortunately I don’t know how long processing will take). 

I will make another announcement when the real version of the song is available. 

I am so sorry and so embarrassed. I do hope you enjoy the rest of the EP anyway. 

“Hesitated” UPDATE!!!

iTunes has now fixed the “Average Guy” problem! So if you buy it on iTunes now, IT’S THE RIGHT VERSION! WOO!!!

Spotify hasn’t updated it yet but I’m sure they will in the next week or so. 

:’) phew