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Kind of Like Narnia (Part ¾) 

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: FLUFFFFFF and also this might be the last part idk yet

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 1286

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3 

Swivel chairs are so much fun, especially the one in Donnie’s control room. You were wrapped in a mutant turtle sized blanket with a hot coco and [P/N] watching Donnie work, mainly because you wanted to gain a little intelligence from him before you left and you were also ignoring Raph. Again.

You’d had gotten over what had seen hours after it had happened and he had forgiven you for interrupting his private time.

But then he had to go and yell at you again. Although this time, it was for a pretty good reason.

Splinter had reluctantly allowed you to go to the surface with the brothers. Usually, he didn’t let you out of his sight because he didn’t want anything bad to happen to you. Protective dad mode: activated. Whilst up on the surface, Mikey and you decided to play a game of hide and seek whilst waiting for any disturbances. It was Mikey’s turn to seek, so you ran and hid under a giant water tower that was covered by a shed.

You just didn’t know whether it was that the brothers were extremely bad seekers, or you were an exceptionally great hider. But it took them hours to find you, since you’d fallen asleep under the water tower.

That’s right, you’d fallen asleep during hide and seek, in a great hiding spot.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

Raphael was pissed. Even though he’d never admit it to himself, he’d grown quite attached to you and your bickering with him. If anything happened to you, he’d never forgive himself. One particular moment whilst you were staying with them really put things into perspective for Raph. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, and you were sat up watching the TV on mute wrapped in a blanket.

When the couch dipped under you, you jumped and snapped your head towards him.

“Raph! Don’t sneak up on people like that!” You swatted his arm and made a pouty face. That made him chuckle. In turn, that made you smile.

“Couldn’t sleep?” You shook your head no, yawning into your hand.

“Please stay there.” You mumbled sleepily. You really hadn’t realised how tired you actually were until you leant up against him. Feeling him stiffen, you rested your head on his plastron and closed your eyes. That relaxed him slightly, but he wasn’t used to this. It was probably because you were tired, and he didn’t really want to move either. This was nice.

“Do you miss it?” he spoke softly after a while, licking his lips, and looking down at you.

“Miss what, Raphie?” his eyes widened, and he coughed slightly, turning to the side as heat rose to his cheeks. Raphie. Why weren’t you tired more often? This was great.

“Home, your home. Don’t you miss it?” you didn’t speak for a while, so he simply assumed you’d fallen asleep.

“Play with my hair. Please.” You mumbled again, yawning as you gripped his large hand and put it on your head. Raph hesitated before running his fingers through the delicate locks, sighing contently. You’d slipped down his plastron very slowly, and your head was now in his lap, facing away from him. “Of- of course I miss it. It’s home, but I wouldn’t change coming here, not at all. I wouldn’t have met you guys. I- I wouldn’t have met you. This time I spent here, is more than anything money could buy, I have to cherish the time I have here, because I- I don’t know when I’m going back.” Raph stopped for a second. ‘Going back.’ You had to leave at some point. This wasn’t your home. He silently hoped that Mikey was right, that this was kind of like Narnia in the sense that he didn’t have to let you go, and when he did, your time together would be over anyway.

“Nice way to think of it…” he mumbled. When he heard your heavy breathing, he knew you’d finally fallen asleep. He reached over to the remote and switched the TV off, so you both were now in complete darkness.

It was a simple kiss on the temple. He didn’t know why he did it. He blamed the timing. It was 2 AM for crying out loud. But secretly, he did it for him. Little did he know however, you did feel it. You weren’t fast asleep yet, but when you felt him lean down, and felt his soft lips on the side of your head, your eyes were snapped open. Not that he could see that. Raph left you to sleep after that, but it’s not like either of you got much.

After that night, you were both a little kinder to each other. You still bickered (a lot), but you both caught each other stealing glances at one another, laughing more than usual at each others jokes, sitting next to each other during meals or when watching movies. You created a bond that night, and you doubted it’d ever be broken. So when Raph found you lying under the water tower, he assumed the worst. Grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you, and when you snapped awake and he realised you’d just fallen asleep, he broke.

He yelled at you about how careless you were, and how you could’ve gotten yourself killed. You shouted back just as much, and when the brothers found you, you left ahead with Donnie whilst Leo and Mikey tried to calm Raph down.

What shocked you the most though, is when he came to apologise first. He came with a small box in his hands to your makeshift couch bedroom, where he sat in the same place he did that night, and shifted awkwardly.

“Yes?” you’d said rather rudely to him, your eyes still on the TV in front of you. It took every fibre of his being for Raph not to retort back at you for your tone of voice, and he simply placed the box next to you.

“Open it.” Raising your eyebrow, you lifted the box and opened it, rolling your eyes in his direction. That should annoy him, and it did. But when you saw the small bonsai tree in the box, your eyebrows knitted together.

“You got me a plant?”

“A tree, but yes.”

You stayed silent, examining the small item. Raph stayed just as silent, nibbling at his lower lip to stop his from saying something before you.

“I can’t even take care of myself, what makes you think I’ll be able to take care of a plant?”

“A tree.” Raph grumbled, sitting up straighter and taking the bonsai out of your hands. He placed it on the table and picked you up, with one arm, and sitting you on his lap. “Do not move.” He was staring into your eyes, so you knew he was serious. “You’re not supposed to take care of yourself. I am. I’m here to protect and care for you.” You swallowed, not daring to say anything. “I- I- like you a hell of a lot [Y/N], and I might not show it most of the time, or at all, but I don’t want to see you hurt. You really fucking freaked me out earlier when you-” Cliché, but you cut him off with your lips against his and your arms around his neck.

“Tell me all the sappy stuff later, Raphie, just kiss me now okay?”

Can you do an imagine where the reader & gemma go to the hospital cuz the reader might be pregnant (And is) but the boys come from a run for a lockdown and jax freaks out cuz he cant find his old lady and mom?


It’s been a chaotic couple of days, I’ve been working with fear of getting killed every second of the day even when I get to my safe place, at home and I know Gemma will be around or even one of the prospects left behind. To that I have to add the fact that I’ve been really sick or at least I think I’m sick because I can’t stop the nausea or the migraines that I get even when I’m taking medicine and the thought of food makes me wanna vomit which shows I’m not my usual self.

I got up after a short nap feeling sick, I ran to the bathroom and let out my contents before hearing the door open and see Gemma from the mirror reflection. “Second time today, darlin’” she said and I nodded

“I don’t think the medicines are really working” I said before start brushing my teeth.

“I don’t think that can be fixed with medicine, darlin’” she said and I looked up to her perplexed.

“I’m not…” I said I couldn’t be, I had taken the precautions and even when I wanted to have a child with Jackson the last months showed the time wasn’t necessarily right and the amount of stress and the fact I could get killed at any minute of the day didn’t make the situation appealing for me.

“Let’s get you checked” she said before leaving the room “Take a shower, we will be out soon”

Jackson parked the motorcycle at the side of the road, his old lady and mom should be inside and he wanted to take them personally to the TM, he approached the house but nobody came out like YN usually did at the sound of his motorcycle so he opened the door, with hesitation and fear running through his soul.

“YN! MOM!” he screamed from the kitchen where everything was neatly in place, a characteristic of his old lady. He went to the back of the house and checked the rooms but nobody was in so he started internally freaking out more at the sight of her old ladies phone lying carelessly on the top of the bed side table. He dialed his mom’s phone number but it quickly reached to voice mail, he was losing himself in desperation so he called the boys to look up for the women quickly to get them to the club as soon as possible.

YN and Gemma were both seating at the small waiting room, YN had been checked by a doctor and they ran some tests now they only had to wait for the results. The younger one was furiously chewing her nails and Gemma looked at her before letting out a sigh, the doctor came out and called them both to get inside the office and check the results, the matriarch got up and walked to the office but looked back to YN who was still seating at the chairs.

“I’m so scared” I said in a whisper “I love Jackson and I want to have a family but what happens if I can’t do enough to protect them?” said YN looking at Gemma who nodded understandably before asking the doctor for a few minutes

“My son, will do everything to protect you. He loves you and he won’t let anything happen to you or to the baby that is possibly inside you” she said to me and I nodded before looking around the room trying to calm myself.

“I’m ready” I said after a couple minutes and taking some air.

Jackson and Opie went to the hospital and the blonde one felt relief at the sight of his mom’s car at the parking lot even when hospitals didn’t mean good news at least he hoped they were both alright inside the building. Both men walked gaining glances from both nurses and patients before asking for the Teller women, but it wasn’t needed because they came out from the elevator seconds later making Jax let out air he didn’t even know was holding.

“You alright?” said Jackson to us and we both nodded, my eyes were puffy and I know he noticed that “Are you hurt?” he asked and Gemma walked over to Opie to take him out and give us some space.

“No, I’m not” I said and I saw the pleading look in his eyes wanting to know what was going on “I was feeling sick…and they ran some tests on me and discovered I’m pregnant” I said before smiling weakly at him.

“Oh my god, YN” he said before crushing me in his arms and kissing my temple. “I’m sorry you don’t look so happy about it”

“I am happy, I always wanted a family and I love you Jax but I’m so scared” I said while crushing myself into his hard chest “I don’t wanna lose you”

“You are not going to lose me baby girl” he said making me look at him “I’m here for the long run, and I’m going to protect my girl and my child with everything I can” he said and I nodded before kissing him once again. “I promise we are going to be alright” he said and I nodded once again before kissing him deeply.

“We are going to be parents” I said with a huge smile on my face, his smile similar to mine.


Isak og Even  💚


I will fight your fight
and I won’t let go (x)

135/365 Days of Outlaw Queen