Aries: He is all too passionate with a big ego

Taurus: He is all too loyal with a little humor

Gemini: He is all too cuddly with a little crazy

Cancer: He is all too soft with a little pride

Leo: He is all too friendly with a little obsessive

Virgo: He is all too comforting with a little cynicalness

Libra: He is all too romantic with a little cheesyness

Scorpio:He is all too perfect with a little drama queen

Sagittarius: He is all too chivalrous with a little psychopath

Capricorn: He is all too giving with a little boring

Aquarius: He is all too amazing with a little sarcastic ass

Pisces: He is all too nice with a little passive aggressiveness

Soft Lights tender Kisses

This was meant to go up yesterday… oh well.

Summary: H is busy, but Y/N needs his attention.
Warnings: None.

Pic isn’t mine unfortunately. Look at his hair though!

The bones keeping my arms connected to my shoulders made an unhealthy sounding noise, similar to twigs breaking, and I quickly pulled my hands back from where I’d stretched them up and towards our ceiling. Doing this alone sucked, especially since I had to climb onto chairs and stand on the very tip of my toes in order to reach where I wanted to put our decorations.
I smiled. 
Our living room wasn’t perfect yet, but the few soft shining fairy lights I hung up and wrapped around the houseplants Harry insisted on keeping, gave our home the lovely Christmas-feeling it’d been lacking. 
To be fair, it was very early still, but in my opinion Christmas started the moment Halloween ended, meaning I was in Christmas-mode from November the 1st on and it lasted well into January. Being with Harry was a blessing all the time, but especially when I was once more reminded how alike we were, I was grateful. He felt the same as I did about most things, and when it came to Christmas, he was just as delighted as me. It made our relationship so wonderfully easy, I thought, and with one final glance at our festively decorated living space, I decided to go and get him.
Harry hadn’t had much time to enjoy December so far this year, as he’d been buried in work and hardly ever at home. How he managed to be creative under so much pressure and still create beautiful music was beyond me. I was proud of him though, so much did he sacrifice for his work. Even now, instead of helping me make our home prettier the way he’d done in the past years, the way I knew he loved to do, he’d locked himself into his office and asked me to give him space. Not in an angry way, though, in the probably sweetest manner possible.

“Want to have tomorrow off, baby,” he’d explained with a pout on his lips, “Got to finish all of this today so I can have one day I can be yours only. With no other responsibilities. Sucks now, I know, but s’good in the long run, isn’t it?”

“But we always decorate together,” I hadn’t been able to hide my disappointment from him, but of course I understood his reasoning and so after two short kisses on the lips I let him go and do his job.

That was two hours ago, now I missed him almost as much as if we’d been apart for two days, and not in the same house the entire time. My need to see him grew with every minute until there was no strength or willpower left to resist it. My socked feet carried me to the door separating us, before my mind could even decide whether or not to go disturb him.
I knocked softly. He wouldn’t me angry if I interrupted him, I was sure of it.


He sounded tired and only halfway there and absent minded. My poor Harry. A whimper fell from my lips and I was in the room with him and walking towards where his figure sat inner seconds. 
He turned in his seat and frowned when he saw me approaching, though even before he could ask what the matter was or if I needed him for something, I had my arms slung around his shoulders and climbed up into his lap. A surprised sigh escaped his pink mouth and for a moment I was worried, though soon he smiled and hummed when I leaned in closer. Harry was so warm and soft, similar to the lights I’d spent all after noon hanging up. Harry helped to keep me steady and pulled me closer into his chest until I sat comfortably on his thighs. That brown hair of his tickled my forehead when he leaned closer to press a warm kiss to my skin.

“What’s up with you?” he murmured. My heart squeezed itself painfully at how close we were, close enough for his breath to fan over my skin and make it shudder.

I brushed his jaw with my nose and ran it across the warm skin of his cheek before nuzzling into his neck. He smelled amazing, too. Like home. And god was he warm
I squeezed his hips with my knees cheekily and whined when he pressed a wet kiss right below my left ear. 

“S’nothing the matter. Just missed you,” I admitted, embracing him tighter. 

Harry groaned and let his head fall forward so his face pressed into my shoulder. “Missed you, too, sweetheart. Don’t like us being in the same house and apart still… S’there anything you want from me?”

“Yes,” I demanded, “Be with me.”

I knew I sounded desperate, clingy and probably very much like a whiny schoolgirl. But he was just so… desirable. Not only in a sexual way, but also simply because of how endearing everything he did was. Harry, big, tattooed and board Harry, was the most adorable boy I’d ever had the luck to meet and being without him physically hurt.

“Want to,” Harry swore and his hands pressed me against his chest to emphasize his words, “But I’ve got so much more to do and-”

“So what?”

I leaned back so my eyes could find his lovely green ones. He sighed. 

“Got a deadline to reach with these 5 songs, baby. I either finish them now and let you have me to yourself tomorrow, or I throw it all on the table and just-”

“Yes! Do that and throw them away, Harry. Screw it and write the passionate songs I know you can come up with when you’re actually in the mood and not forced to be.”

His teeth sank into the bottom of his lips where they pulled roughly until my hand gently freed the pink skin by brushing the tips of my fingers against his mouth.

“I have to, Y/N,” he spoke with a troubled expression. 

I so much wanted to let him get back to work and be respectful… but I couldn’t. An unwilling moan fell from my lips at the sight of his gorgeous face and before he had the chance to pull away I took hold of his chin and connected my mouth to his. The sudden pressure made him jump back, before he melted into my touch and let me pull his face closer to mine. It didn’t take more than a shy tap of my tongue against his lips for him to open his mouth and deepen the kiss. I breathed through my nose and swallowed my smile so he wouldn’t stop kissing me and when my hands scratched his neck and pulled at his hair, I succeeded in coaxing a moan from his throat. 

“Y/N,” Harry sighed into my mouth, “Please. I got to.”

“Okay.” Stop kissing me then, I though, but of course he didn’t because of course I’d long won him over. 
Harry’s hands squeezed my hips and brushed over my thighs. His nose brushed mine and the small moans falling from his lips warmed my lower stomach with need. 

“Fuck,” Harry cursed and pressed another wet kiss to the corner of my mouth, “why do you have to be such a fucking good kisser, huh? Make everything so difficult for me.” 

“You taught me good,” I purred, very aware what my words would do to him and this time I didn’t hide my grin when his moan confirmed the effect I had on him.

“Taught me some other things, too,” I whispered, before burdening him with another heavy kiss, “Something I’d love to do with you right now. If only you’d let me, Harry. If only you weren’t so busy and such a good, good, client to Jeff.”

“Fuck, Y/N.” 

I shrieked when his hands pushed themselves under my thighs and clung to his hips and neck when he rose to his feet. My neck rolled to the side and I sighed upon feeling his nose brush my jaw, before whimpering when his teeth bit my shoulder. 

“Now you’ve done it,” Harry spoke lowly and hoisted me up higher so he could carry me out of his office comfortably, “If Jeff gives me grief it’s you who I will blame.”

“Fine with me,” I giggled and kissed his forehead, happy when I noticed that the direction he was taking me led to our bedroom.

Still not gonna write smut, my friends! Hope you like it regardless. Happy Blogmas. xx


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fics where derek is obsessed with stiles' scent? sorry this is such a vague request, i just read wanna wanna wolf by bleep0bleep and it was so cute i wanted more sterek scenting type fics ❤️

Perfume by pleasebekidding

Stiles smells ridiculously good. Fuck Derek Hale’s entire fucking life.

“I was gonna make a crack about not letting a guy lick his way up my snail trail until he’s at least bought me dinner but I guess you took care of that, huh?”

Creeper Wolf by FearThisQueer

So Derek may have a bit of a problem.

But it’s not really his fault, he can’t help that Stiles smells so good. And if Derek watches him at lacrosse practice a couple times a week and then rushes home to jerk off, well… that’s nobody’s business but his own. It’s not like he’s actually doing anything, right?

Nicotine by honorarystar

Stiles wants to take a nap at Derek’s place. Derek thinks he smells too amazing for his own good. Or Derek’s for that matter.

The Smell of Happiness by Chef_Geekier

Derek likes it when Stiles smells like him. He goes to increasingly bizarre lengths to to make this happen. Stiles doesn’t get it - until he does.

What do you mean scent marking? by mistress_of_mythology

Stiles doesn’t notice it at first.

Why would he, when he was busy trying to take down a psychotic geriatric with a God complex?

When he finally does notice it, it’s not even him who figures it out, and Derek was no where to be found.

Five times someone points out that Stiles smells heavily of Derek and Stiles can’t figure out why the alpha is scent marking him and the one time he got a clue and got the guy.

Episode 4 was a fandom wide callout post.

all you fools too busy being pissed bc Coran went all show crazy and basically re-characterized the paladins to what the masses found entertaining, to notice that the entire episode was literally a fandom wide call out post. they literally called us out guys. 

lets go over the list of things Coran said/did in ep 4 and compare them shall we?

let me preface this by saying he literally wasn’t himself and i still love him just as much as before, my gorgeous man.

”I worked up very specific personas for each of you. This is going to help the audience connect on a much deeper level with each team member.” 

as if they didn’t already have defining personalities that make them very likable and awesome? sounds familiar right? its one thing to speculate and theorize based on what we know about a character especially if we don’t know a lot about said character. the writers put a lot of time and effort into developing these characters and even said during an interview once that one of the things that bugged them about og Voltron was that the only properly developed character was Keith. the other guys didn’t get a chance to be loved. and that was what they aimed to do, to give every paladin and character the chance to be loved. since the beginning the fandom has been bad at this. taking one teeny trait from each character and twisting them so that the only thing that matters is that trait. 

         “lover-boy lance”

throughout the series lance is known  to flirt with…pretty much every cute alien girl. of course. hes handsome, charming, girls love him. Coran wipes away all of the actually relatable things about his personality in favor of this charming flirt who would win over girls. Lance is insecure, he’s witty, he is the freaking sharpshooter, the teams sniper and their glue. he’s voltrons right hand now for a reason. he got into the garrison which is a military space exploration base, not just anyone gets in. hes incredibly intelligent and a great pilot. amazing really. bc simulations are always absolutely terrible and rarely help. oh yea, and hes charming.but god forbid anyone forget that hes a flirt. who cares about the other stuff that will actually help the audience connect with him. 

        “science wiz pidge” 

its no secret that pidge is incredibly intelligent. she is one of the characters who haven’t gotten their developing points until this season. in one of the first flashbacks we learned she nearly gave up studying because some kid decided to be a dick and bully her. Matt pulled her out of it and encouraged her to work hard. later on in ep 4 coran says that her science doesn’t need to be factually correct because noone will understand her either way. he undermined her intelligence because . well. noone cares what she says as long as it sounds smart. fanfic writers do this a lot. like. a lot. i understand that you may not have the same knowledge that the girl who hacked herself into a military school base undercover at he age of 14-15 (if the theory that the garrison is a high school program is correct) because she had gotten banned for sneaking in and hacking into the computer system, but if you really do insist on focusing her on her smarts, do some research. no to mention. pidge may be the youngest, but she really is more than science and calculations. shes intelligent yes, but she can hold her own in battle (at the age range of 15-17 with no prior battle training), shes afraid of the possible reality that all her efforts are wasted and Matt and Sam are dead, she is actually pretty social with the paladins (she can even be seen hanging out in the kitchen while hunk makes glass cookies.) and beyond her intelligence, shes wise. shes not just random science facts, she knows how to hold her own in situations outside of battle and books. shes street smart. 

       “lone wolf keith”

now i know this was said to allura, and ill get to that. but if the keith vlog showed us anything, its that  hes not just a moody loner teenager.  i am very guilty of this myself. i portray keith as a human disaster. we don’t know hen he was left alone, we don’t really know much of his story. i head canon that his dad left him to fend for himself but every month woul drop off food or money or something. i head canon hes terrible about taking care of his body. but at least i don’t call him moody and move on.  i give him a background to fill in the blank space, but sometimes i forget and focus too much on his folded arms and  pouty face. he smiles. he laughs. hes an actual precious bean.  but hes also afraid of being pushed away. hes guarded and does his best to be strong. he hides his feelings and protects his heart with everything he has. (geez boi who hurt you). he is not the human embodiment of “teenagers” by mcr. aka he has feelings too. not to mention he also got into the garrison, and was the top pilot regardless of how he got in, if it happened to be by recommendation like most people think. 

      “humourous hunk”

as a hunk stan this one annoys me the most. throughout the episode hunk is consistently embarrassed, and even protests the fart noises, fart jokes, etc. he is purposely tripped for laughs. the fandom forgets that hes not just the fat funny guy, or just the personal chef. hes overcome so much since babies first lion flight, he used to get sick, constantly had to be the voice of reason to keep his teammates out of trouble,  he is just as intelligent as pidge and is actually one of the only people that can keep up with her science stuff. keith and lance even stated that they didnt understand anything they’d said. hes a fantastic engineer even if he had a few tummy mishaps. hes an amazing pilot too, and extremely sassy. he and pidge probably rigged the game console to work in space, And hes pretty friendly and cautious. he is NOT meant to be the comic relief. (say it louder for people in the back)

     “shiro the hero”

a lot of the fandom has taken to calling shiro daddy, sexualizing him (”now put on this tight shirt”) and focusing on shiro and only shiro (shiros the “favorite character” of corans little show). hes great. he really is. and the man needs a break. voltron is a kids show. he isnt meant to  be sexualized, none of them are. hes more than his arms and his leadership abilities. the biggest issue i have with the whole shiro thing. regardless of if hes a clone, when shiro returned he cut his hair differently, and wore short sleeves. everyone i know, including me, said they’d be fine with the clone if he had kept his hair long and “as much as i love the arm view” and didnt change his outfit. its a kid show. his body shouldn’t matter.i am also guilty of this, and ep 4 opened my eyes to it. coran lifted shiros arm as if to prove that thats what the audience really wanted. he treats shiro differently bc hes the real star here and everyone should know it. ofc, hes the black paladin. (i wonder where the whole “the black paladin is the only one who really matters here” mindset came from. looking @ u ‘84). shiros may have ptsd, and hes constantly trying to hold himself together for his team, and its obviously not easy. maybe thats why hes got a cute white floof. the stress. 

      alluras erasure  

another point that always bugged me. the fandom either forgets allura exists, or that she is just stealing lances place temporarily. Allura is the blue paladin. while keith is gone, she is not filling in. shes a paladin now too. for coran to call her keith, and constantly call her keith, even though she obviously has a few choice words to say about it, its distrespectful. she says his plan is working and he replies with “why thank you keith…i like to keep you in character” once again, erasing her existence. now im not as well versed in this particular topic, but id like you to keep in mind that he talks to his princess with that mouth, and that she IS the princess and not a fill in while keith leads. feel free to elaborate on this more. 

     coran “fires “ team voltron. 

this. i find extremely entertaining. remember that legal trouble last year bc of the leaks? and right around that time the klance shipper started threatening them if they didn’t make it gayer and put keith and lance together? the  fandom, who wanted all of this to happen their way, were threatening to get it cancelled and such just because things didnt go their way. shiro, the leader, disagreed with coran and tries to shut him down. and coran in fit of rage says:

you’re a bunch of quitters! quitters! i’m a visionary! i have thoughts, ideas, i dont need you anyway. ill rewrite the show, get rid of the whole lot of you, replace you with new paladins! and the show will be better than ever before!…except for you shiro, ill never get rid of you, you’re our most popular character!

this is essentially what the fandom was saying. now, was this definitely their plan, to call us out with this bit, in not sure, but honestly, its almost too coincidental.

the writers have made it clear that they heard us, and have always been listening. and really, thats why i love ep4. you’re angry because you know you got called out but haven’t admitted it to yourself. the writers do their best to bring us the best show possible, but they cant satisfy everyone. why cant we just be happy about Actual Meme ™ Matt, and look forward to season five instead of fighting them because we got our shit handed right back to us. weve gotten a  taste of our own medicine, so chill. i enjoy them keeping us on our toes, surprising us with every turn, theyre great writers.who cares if one or two things pissed you off? we both know youre not gonna stop watching.

Kang Daniel | Soulmate!AU | Taste

Originally posted by kngniel

prompt: when you aren’t eating anything, you taste whatever your soulmate tastes.

note: this was inspired by me actually waking up to the taste of toothpaste and gummy worms lmao.

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Dares (Tom Holland x Reader)

omg wow okay, so I told myself that when I reached 100 followers on this blog, I would post this fic. SO here I am with 100 follower posting this fic. Thank you to everyone for following me. You guys are awesome.

Word Count: 1585 (Tom is the word most said, obviously lol)

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, a little bit of platonic Zendaya x reader

Warnings: Cursing, angst (i think this qualifies as angst?)


Part 1 | Part 2 

Spider Man: Homecoming was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Acting had always been a dream of your since you were 5 years old. And now, you were living out that dream, in something you’d grew up with: Spider Man.

But that wasn’t the only reason you were happy to do the film. You’d met the most amazing person ever. Tom Holland was the sweetest, most thoughtful, funniest person you’d ever met. He never failed to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable in any situation. Since you were new to the whole fame thing (which you’d gotten almost immediately after you got cast in the movie 3 months ago), Tom was always there to guide you through it, since he was a bit more experienced with it all.

You’d, of course, gotten comfortable with the rest of the cast too, but Tom seemed to put an extra effort into being your friend. A best friend.

And, of course, this had turned into a crush. Like a real life, “I-really-want-to-date-you-because-you-make-my-stomach-flutter-and-heart-palpitate-kind of crush.” Not a “Hanging-out-would-be-cool-and-I-just-really-want-to-make-out-with-you-crush.” You couldn’t help it. He was just too amazing.

“And cut!” the director called out. “That was great guys, I think we’re done for today!”

Everyone gave a small cheer and began to clean up.

The cast was filming the Homecoming scene. You were wearing heels and a green dress. Acting was fun because you got to wear all different kinds of outfits.

The set was on a small incline, so you had to walk down two stairs in order to get off of it. As you were walking down the first step, your heel got caught on the floor below you and you started falling before Tom ran over and helped you stand back up.

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okidokieartichokie-deactivated2  asked:

Hey do you have any fics like Fuzzy Logic by Sparseparsley? Not necessarily body swap, but where Stiles smells really good. Sorry if this is already a tag.

Stiles smells good coming up!  For all your other scent needs, check out our scent kink tag ;)  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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A Rose By Any Other Name by emocezi 

(1,638 General I Complete)

Written for the prompt: Stiles smells really good to Derek. Like everything sweet rolled into one. Not that Derek would admit it. Maybe he accidentally gets ride of Stiles’ bodyspray or never returns that borrowed shirt.

Come to You When You Call by anothershower 

(1,799 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles smells good and Derek finds that annoying. Then there’s sex.

Guess What (Sidelines Are Way More Safe Places) by Black_Calliope 

(1,940 I Explicit I Complete)

So yeah, everything started with Stiles punching Derek. But he could swear that it was totally accidental, more like his fist had launched itself towards Derek’s very solid jaw in an outburst of affection. It’s not like Stiles was trying to harm Derek.

Sniffing Games by Goldenpetal13 

(3,163 I Teen I Complete)

Both Derek and Scott have taken to pushing Stiles up against a wall to sniff him and he’s starting to think they’re play fighting by seeing who can scent mark him the most.

Nicotine by honorarystar 

(3,404 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles wants to take a nap at Derek’s place. Derek thinks he smells too amazing for his own good. Or Derek’s for that matter.

Perfume by pleasebekidding 

(6,689 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles smells ridiculously good. Fuck Derek Hale’s entire fucking life.

“I was gonna make a crack about not letting a guy lick his way up my snail trail until he’s at least bought me dinner but I guess you took care of that, huh?”

Anonymous said:

I find it funny that some people have to say Counter 3A that Hanyu does is overrated. If it’s that easy, then why no other men do it. In fact, in ladies, Eteri’s girls now are copying Counter Axel entry and they do not have that outstanding success with it. Zagitova has been failing that entry 2 times in public. And Daria’s Counter 2A is not that huge either. It is super difficult to do a Counter 3A like Hanyu does, and his 3A is HUGE. His 3A Boston was like 5m

And another one, which got buried like 6ft deep in my inbox (sorry anon):

I think Yuzu does back counter 3A since 2011-2012 but I only heard commentators going crazy about that entry of him with PW. Do you know if there’s any reason to that? Thanks a bunch

The thing with Yuzu’s back counter triple Axel is he makes it look so effortless that, to a casual observer, it would come off as really not at all that difficult. 

See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, like there’s absolutely nothing to it, he turns, he jumps, he lands, he changes edge, he turns again, all in one seamless motion, what’s the big deal? By the way #1: did you guys notice, that one crazy exit up there was what he used to do at the end of the triple flip in Seimei - you know, the easiest jumping pass in his layout, and here he’s sticking it to a back counter triple Axel, haha. By the way #2: another anon asked me if this one 3A at ACI was higher than usual - yes I think so too, he got such amazing height on that one and he started unwrapping his body so soon that for one split second while I was watching the live stream I seriously wondered if he just did a double Axel (it was a very short-lived doubt of course, because I immediately reminded myself that I’m 100% sure he is no longer capable of doing a 2A even the Earth is about to explode and his 2A is the only thing that could save the day). 

But, yes, again and again, despite that deceptive appearance, that back counter entry is one of the hardest things ever performed in this sport. I have come across a commentator somewhere comparing Yuzu’s triple Axel entry to ski jumping while holding a tray of glasses and I tell you, that was no exaggeration. The sad but true fact, though, is that not all commentators around the world are savvy enough to recognize its intricacy on the go (I swear I’ve heard one or two calling his entry a three-turn way back when). Also, pre-Sochi, it was basically inconceivable to most people that a pencil thin, relatively unknown kid in his teens could have pulled off a move that difficult with that ease.  

To wrap this largely redundant post up, I’d like to present a quote from a book I recently read and loved:

Ask any ice-skater or ballet dancer or show jumper, anyone who lives by beautiful moving things: nothing takes as much work as effortlessness.

-Tana French, The Likeness-



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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Themes: high school au, badboy & fuckboy jungkook

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 2,003

Summary: After being labelled the school’s biggest bad boy, Jeon Jungkook chooses to live up to the title. What he doesn’t know is that his arrogance will lead him to you.



Jeon Jungkook knows so much about stars that he makes you see them.

Jeon Jungkook was overwhelmed- enough to almost be afraid to let you go to you locker and to go to his. Why? Because he’d never felt like that before- an overwhelming sense of wanting to be near or around you. Not even with all his previous flings because it’s simple, that was all they were.

He promised to meet you back in the music room after you both finished freshening up in the locker rooms near the football field and you complied, agreeing that the room was one of the coldest and most peaceful in the entirety of your school. That is- except for the library, but you’ve both already been there for the night.

You face yourself in the mirror after getting out from the shower and changing into clean, crisp clothes. You’re wearing a plain white shirt and black loose fitting pants with three white stripes on each side. There’s a dark bruise on your neck and you could only wonder where that came from. Your hair is still slightly wet so you get your comb from your small white pouch consisting of your school essentials.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t a bit set off by what had happened because sure, your cheeks were no longer that flushed and you had shrugged off the ‘moment’ that you had but was it wrong to feel a bit nervous about going to the music room with him alone in a rather confined area? You weren’t worried about seeing him, no. You were worried about what you would do especially within such a close proximity.

You were worried about if you’d be able to stop yourself.

You walk slowly, steps light against the tiled floors of your school’s hallways. You put your clothes inside your locker and make your way to where the two of you are supposed to meet. When you open the door and quietly make your way inside the dark room illuminated only by a large window on the side, you hear an angelic voice singing and the accompaniment of a melodious piano.

“Lost my way, 쉴 새 없이 몰아치는 거친 비바람 속에, Lost my way, 출구라곤 없는 복잡한 세상 속에…” His voice was one that could reach a wide range and you were sure of it because he hit all the notes effortlessly. His back was facing you and he played the piano without a care in the world- and you were lucky enough to see him like this. You’ve never heard that song before, and you were just about sit down on the nearby couch and watch him continue playing but he must have noticed your presence because immediately after the chorus, he took his fingers off the keys and dusted them.

“Hey, Y/N,” He greets casually before making his way towards the couch- towards you. There’s an evident smile on his lips as he sits beside you and you wonder if you’re the reason behind it. What you don’t notice, though, is how your lips have tugged upward upon entering the room and Jungkook is fascinated by you. He’s wondering the same exact thing, you just don’t know it.

“Hey…” You reply, him slipping his arm around your shoulder and impulsively kissing your temple. It’s evident that he’s extremely fond of you. He’d seen you around but he never had the chance to get you alone like this. “How are you?”

“Kookie, you saw me thirty minutes ago.” You whisper against his chest, snuggling into his black hoodie. “Still.” He notices that you’re a bit cold and with that, he immediately removes his hoodie, handing it over to you.

The action tugs at your heartstrings because no boy has ever treated you like this before and it’s almost unreal. The entire night all still feels like a dream that you will wake up from, the memory of him quickly disappearing. After all, this feels like a fleeting moment of time- something ephemeral.

You graciously accept his clothing and pull it over your head. You lean over to peck him on the lips and surely, it takes him by surprise. You’re positive he wants more though, because within second your body is pinned down on the couch, him hovering over you. You entangle your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, tugging lightly. Jungkook groans and you assume you’re actually doing something right for once.

Eager to get revenge for his actions merely an hour ago, your lips trail their way down to his neck. His arms grow weaker every time your lips touch his skin so you turn around, letting him ie down. By now, you’re straddling him and your hips are right on top of each other as you try to find his weak spot.

Your lips are connected to the bottom of his jaw when he lets out a guttural moan, telling you you’ve found it. You suck gently and lightly grind your hips on his, knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into. “Fuck,” He says, voice barely above a whisper you’re sure you would have missed it if you weren’t so close to him.

“Baby girl, you’re too good to me.”

You blush- it’s the first time he’s given you any sort of pet name intimately and you’re so fucking turned on- you know there’s a blaze inside of you right now and only he can tame it. When you detach your lips from his neck, there’s a faint sign of a growing bruise and you feel successful with your work. He captures your mouth with his and this time, he’s ruthless. He wants you and you sure as hell want him.

He grinds against you a little bit more and with his tongue in your mouth and the way he’s moving the room seems to have risen 20 degrees, the air being hotter and more humid. Jungkook takes off his shirt, finding the heat uncomfortable. You place your forehead on his and run your fingers down his toned body, your hunger growing even more.

Within seconds, both his hoodie and your tee are gone. You think about how useless it was for him to give you the outerwear but then again, everything that had happened led to now, hasn’t it?

You unclasp your bra and the boy in front of you is dumbfounded. To him- you’re fucking gorgeous and he will make sure that you know that. He places his hand on your right breast, massaging gently. He pushes you down until you’re the one leaning on the other edge of the couch, his lips on your left nipple. “Jungkook, shit, that feels so good!” He feels amazing too, because he’s the reason you’re feeling that way.

Both of you kick off your shoes and he pushes your sweatpants down, leaving you in your plain black underwear. He presses his hands to the side of your hips before using his teeth to pull your last piece of clothing off. By now, you can’t wait any longer and he takes this to his advantage.

“Mmm, you’re dripping wet, baby.” He says, pressing a kiss to the inside of your left thigh. “Fucking soaking…” He places his lips briefly on your right thigh. “All for me, Y/N?” He breathes directly on your core, knowing the answer damn well.

“Fuck, Kookie, do something!” You groan, being frustrated for far too long already. He simply chuckles at your attempt to coax him into satisfying your needs. “Ask nicely, baby,” He says against your hipbones. “Maybe then I’ll help you out.”

“Jungkook, please.” You whine, desperate for him to help you. “Touch me, fuck, please just do something. Please.”

“Since you asked so nicely…” He smirks before pressing his mouth to your core, licking a stripe in between your folds. His actions cause you to react immediately and you push his head closer to you. His tongue massages your clit gently and without warning, he pushes a finger into you slowly. “So fucking tight… How are you gonna take my cock baby?”

You groan in response, arching your back. His finger is uncomfortable in you but after a couple repeated thrusts, he knows you’re enjoying it. “More, please, more…” You beg him and he complies, placing in another finger. His other hand focuses on stimulating your clit and you swear you’ve never felt this way before. It’s euphoric and your core is on fire, the blaze growing into something stronger.

“Shit, Kookie, just like that!” You scream, grinding your hips against his fingers. “You like that baby?” He whispers in your ear. “You like fucking yourself against my fingers, huh?” His begins sucking on your neck again, but this time he’s relentless. His fingers continue to enter you at a quicker pace, your walls constricting around them. Jungkook curses, seeing you wither under him.

His fingers are doubtlessly covered in your juices and you can hear the slick sound of his digits entering your body perfectly, walls tight around him. Your body reacts so well to the slightest of touches because at that moment, it’s only you and him. The rest of the world does not exist.

You move quicker against his digits, trying to get yourself to your high. He rubs your clit mercilessly now, knowing how much you want to release. “Come on, Y/N,” He coaxes. Sweat drips down your forehead as you attempt to get to your high. He goes even faster, his fingers deeper in you before he hits a spot that drives you fucking insane. Your breath catches and you lean your head back, Jungkook nibbling on your earlobe gently. “Come for me, baby girl.” With his words, you clench around him, shouting out his name in pleasure.

Jeon Jungkook knows so much about stars that he makes you see them.

He rides out your high, going down on you to lap up your juices. His tender licks against your sensitive clit are bearable because you take into account how gentle he is even after all the dirty things he had said. You wonder, however, what you are going to do with the hard-on in his sweatpants which is visible even through the baggy material.

He slides a finger between your folds, collecting what’s left of your release and lifts his hand up, letting you taste yourself. “Good girl.” He praises, seeing how you relent to his actions without any orders from him. “You taste heavenly.” He says, though your acts are nothing short of sin.

“What about you?” You ask, genuinely curious about what he wants you to do about the situation in his lower region. He simply shushes you, telling you to sleep. You don’t fight against him because you are exhausted anyway, and you could really use the nap after all you’ve been through earlier in the night. He helps dress you back in your underwear and his hoodie.

Jungkook is uncomfortable, that’s a given. But when he checks the screen of his phone and is greeted by the bold numbers displaying the time which said it was half-past midnight, he knew that letting you go to sleep was the better thing to do. Sure he would have loved to get a blowjob or something like that but he knew that you weren’t ready for it- the way you reacted to his fingers alone said it.

He sees a certain difference in you, from the way the moonlight hits your face in an extremely perfect angle to the way the stupid nickname you’ve given him rolls of your tongue. He sees the innocence behind your remarks, the fragility behind your brave disposition and the masterpiece that is you altogether.

He’s not even worried about the boner he has though it’s extremely fucking annoying, instead he cherishes the time he spends with you wearing his hoodie after the intimate moment, he cherishes having you wrapped in his arms. Because then again, as early as now, he’s wrapped around your finger.

honestly, i love nirvana so much. very cliche of me, i know, but i love it and it deserves all my love because nirvana has amazing music that had and still has an impact on my life. kurt cobain inspires me. most people remember him as the junkie who committed suicide, but what most people don’t remember is:

  • he wrote wrote rape me which is actually an anti rape song
  • in territorial pissings, one of the lyrics is “never met a wise man, if so it’s a woman”
  • was always very supportive of women and anti abuse
  • he loved his daughter so much, he wanted only the best for her
  • he once said “at this point I have a request for our fans. if any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us - leave us the fuck alone! don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”
  • he was overwhelmed by the fame and it really affected him.
  • before he became famous, he used to work as a janitor so he can finance his music career.
  • he struggled with depression, drug abuse, chronic bronchitis and intense physical pain because of a nasty stomach disorder.
  • he was really affected by his parents’ divorce, divorce which gave him a not very nice childhood
  • he tried several times to commit suicide, even as a teenager, so it’s very clear that he suffered from a mental illness

listen, i know young people romanticize his suicide, which shouldn’t be done, but they forget to look at these things too. he was an amazing person with all his struggles. and in the end, he created amazing music with his band. 

Small World

Summery: based off this Daddy Wednesday rom @bucky-plums-barnes and @arawynn

Triggers: Break up, cheating (mentioned very briefly, this is mostly fluff)

Word count: 2100+

A/N: sorry ive not been as active recently. ill try to write more. love you all.


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um was hard. After an amazing night with a guy named derek you were left with a more than you bargained for. Tara. Not that you didn’t love your daughter, she was just unplanned. And you did love her but dating with a child was hard. So you waited till she was in school to date.

Your first date was nice but he bailed after you told him that you had a young daughter. The next guy was was amazing.

He bought you flowers, treated you well, was fun with your daughter. And he was amazing until you found out he was fucking his personal trainer. So after that 3 year relationship disaster you swore off men.

‘I fucking hate them, Stacy’ you whined after taking another sip of your cocktail. Your best friend decided to take you out while her boyfriend watched Tara.

‘Yeah, men can be shit’ she agreed, her hand rubbing your shoulder soothingly. There was loud music and people dancing all around you. Usually you’d love it, today it irritated you.

‘Why can’t I find a good man?’ You moaned, swirling the drink with your finger.

‘You just have to wait for the right man’

‘I’m going to be forever single’ sighing you finished the rest of your drink in one gulp and ordered two more.

A man, about your age, blond and tall, walked out in front of you. He pulled your attention by tapping you on the shoulder and practically singing the words. “Have you met Bucky?”  He then pulled his friend into your view and walked away.

His friend, Bucky, must have been 6’1 and thick. You could see the outline of his muscles through the shirt he wore. His hair was dark, long and messy. It really framed his face. Oh, and his face. The definition of perfection.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t appreciate any of that. Clouded by the heartbreak of your last relationship.

‘Hi’ he smiled nervously.

‘Look, Bucky?..’ he nodded to confirm his name. ‘Normally I’d be all over you but I just got out of a 3 year relationship so I’m just here to drink away the sorrows’

‘Thank god’ he sighed, letting out a breath that seemed to hold him up. ‘Not that you’re not beautiful, coz you are, but I’m just not ready for anything. My friends are pushing me to get a girlfriend’

‘Sorry I couldn’t be more responsive’

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Camp Mockingjay - Ch 7

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We asked, you voted… And you decided that Katniss can’t just let her best friend run off, potentially destroying their long friendship! But what’s going to happen to patient (and wet!) Peeta now? Let’s find out, shall we? Here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @appleblossomgirl0305! You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story (until noon EDT on Wednesday, August 2nd). Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be!

I know I need to go after Gale, to set things right between us before they get  impossibly awkward. But as I look back over at Peeta, running a hand through his wet curls and watching me from the corner of his eye while he cheers up a disappointed camper, my heart clenches almost painfully and I realize what I want.

Taking the few steps to Peeta, I say quietly, “I gotta go. I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yeah, definitely,” he responds with a tight smile. I nod, turning to go after Gale, when I hear Peeta call in a stronger voice, “Can I come by and walk you to the party?”

I nod, then turn before the giddy excitement I feel erupts on my face. 

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Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 2/2

Part 1

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

A/N: Hey babes! This took me way longer than expected, and it is WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED. But oh well. This is the second and last part of this fic, and I sure hope it lives up to the reaction I got from the first one (crossing my fingers). Leave me a comment if you did enjoy it, I loooooove them so much I cry. Also, sorry if I forget to tag anyone, I’m really bad at it. Hit me up if you want to be part of my tag list though!

Also, the gif I used is kind of misleading, even if there is smut. It’s just way fluffy. I just… the gif… I… yeah.

Warnings: Swearing and fluffy smut.

Word count: 7356 (oops)

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagines–assemble @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @littlemissava13 @nuroxic @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @taryndbiase @ehvil7 @shadow-of-wonder @ringsidexdreaming @wrestlewriting


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Do you sometimes get the feeling you’re always coming back to the same place? You’ll think you’re moving forward, but really you’re going in circles, bringing yourself back over and over again. It can be frustrating, but I think, sometimes, it’s the universe giving you a second chance. Maybe, just maybe, it’s telling you to get back to the beginning to look for a better end.

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