a sterek fic inspired by this stupid thing because how could I not

It’s a common saying among Stiles’ friends that he doesn’t have a lot of dignity. To be perfectly honest, Stiles agrees with them (as much as he argues against the point whenever they bring it up).

But this is probably a new low.

Well, not new-new, because this is into the fourth week of the habit and if he was a better person, he’d have stopped by now. He’s not a better person in this instance, but he’s made peace with it.

‘It’ being watching his stubbled neighbour jog past his place every morning in sweatpants and obviously non-supportive underwear. There’s a lot of movement down there. A lot.

“I mean, with that much jiggle, he’s gotta know, right?” Stiles asks his window pane, behind which he’s fake writing on his laptop.

They’re not quite neighbours, there’s about half a block between them for which Stiles’ sanity is thankful. Otherwise who knows what ludicrous amateur spying would have occurred.

As it is, he is very thankful he accidentally set his alarm for five am two (it was four) mornings in a row, because now he knows that this is a morning ritual for his neighbour.

Today hot neighbour is wearing the cut off, grey sweats. They’re a personal favourite of Stiles’ (better than the dark blue ones, which make it harder to see) because it means not only can he get a clear view of his neighbour’s dick as it swings forward against the fabric, but also his sweaty, perfectly muscled calves.

Stiles sighs out and bangs his head once against the window pane, a small punishment that is also part of the routine.

What is not part of the routine, is hot neighbour looking into Stiles’ window, and seeing Stiles’ face smooshed against the glass, after which he trips, possibly in disgust, or just simple distraction.

Stiles’ first reaction is to panic. He pushes his chair back from the desk and slams his laptop closed.

His second reaction is that he should call someone to come help.

His third reaction is to realise that, hold on, he can go and help.

Stiles rushes out his front door and into the chilly morning air.

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Things sleep deprived Tim has done

- fell down the stairs in the batcave and manor.
- Argued that life forms existed on other planets all while Kon was next to him…
- Put the milk in the cupboard to Alfred’s horror.
- Almost fell off a few buildings. The boy just need bubble wrap around him.
- Tried driving a car but had no keys. He was still able to hot wire it though.
- Got convinced that Jason was still dead and he was seeing a ghost. Jason might have thought of that one.
- Slipped on a banana peel. Stephanie just wanted to see if it actually worked.
- Ate many questionable food items. His nacho and m&m creation still brings others nightmares.
- Referred to Dick as the fashion diaster.
- Chugged a whole pot of coffee like it was water.
- Fell asleep in Titus’s dog bed.

The boy, he dies at the end.

He’s written the spoiler right on the first page, like a shit, and he’s ghastly. He really is. Only- of course he isn’t. Quite the opposite. She uses the book to hit him in the chest. He laughs.

You’re the worst gift giver in the world, she informs him. He waggles his eyebrows, and she’d kiss him if Sirius wasn’t here. You two should kiss, Sirius says through a mouthful of crisps, looking on with mild interest. James shoves him sideways and then does, in fact, kiss her. He tastes like tea and mint.

The boys wear party hats all round London. Remus has five coffees, Peter loses his scarf to the wind and Sirius throws away a twenty pound note because he thought it was a very poorly made napkin. It might just be the best birthday she’s ever had.

Naturally she can never tell James this because he’ll just be unbearably smug, as opposed to the bearable level of smug he is normally. He buys her an ice block and then precedes to rip into her for picking lemonade flavor, which he has been told by Remus is the ‘most basic’.

Pathetic Lily, truly embarrassing, he says, and she reaches up and snaps the string of his party hat. Being eighteen feels no different to being seventeen, still being told by a choking James that she’d just ‘broken his throat’, still laughing when Remus says that it’s probably a blessing, still liking them all an inordinate amount.

Afterwards they go home, the two of them, back to the tiny apartment where they eat and sleep and make breakfast. When they’d moved in she’d used James’ wand to flick all the dead moths off the windowsill and to get her back he froze hers in ice. Sometimes when she can’t sleep and her brain is a blank wall she’ll get up, walk around, breathe. She can look at any surface of their place and think here. I kissed you here. I loved you here.

She goes through the door and there is a cake on their bench. The top slants to the left, lopsided, and the icing has melted all down the sides. She freezes, staring. James bounds past her and tries to prop up a drooping candle. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to ice it while it was still hot, he confesses, guiltily.

She keeps staring. You made me a cake. She says, fumbling around the words. I don’t know if you can still call it that, he says, distracted, trying to even out the slanting top by shifting the icing. She cannot believe him- waking up early just to make her a cake. Her heart is swollen. She could break a rib.

Happy birthday Li- he starts, but she has surged forward and is kissing him instead. His hands are sticky from icing, on her face and jaw and neck and he made her a cake. In this kitchen, in this apartment, in her space, he was here. There has never been a better boy than hers, and here. She loves him here.

Hiccup literally watched brainwashed Toothless kill his father, like right in front of his face. And Hiccup responded by yelling at Toothless because he was severely hurt, but he came to his senses almost right after and realized that Toothless was controlled by the alpha, he had no choice.

Compare that to Tony Stark who watched brainwashed Bucky kill his parents on a video monitor. And he responded by throwing away all reason and attempting to kill a man who was tortured for nearly 70 years. 

So basically what I’m saying is that a 20 year old kid has more emotional stability than a superhero who’s well over 40. 

Let Daddy Make You Feel Good | Part Two

part two of my “Let Daddy Make You Feel Good” series! this part is a lil longer than part one, which I don’t think anyone is going to complain about since it’s still all smut and involves lots of rough sex. hope you guys like it! ❤️

part one

She crawled onto the bed, plopping herself down on the plush pillows and stretching her legs out. She eyed Tom as he moved to his suitcase, digging around for a moment before pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

“So you don’t think about moving those hands anywhere again,” he chided playfully, crawling over her. Cuffing her to one of the bars on the headboard, he placed a delicate kiss on her lips before moving down her neck. She squirmed against her restraints as he lightly trailed his fingers up and down her body.

“Patience darling,” he murmured, his lips at the base of her neck.

He began leaving sloppy kisses down her chest, gently sucking and nipping wherever he put his mouth and leaving a trail of red across her soft skin.

Moving over her breasts he took a nipple into his mouth, gently flicking his tongue over it. Using a free hand, he rolled her other nipple between his fingers, gently tugging it. She groaned, and ever so gently rolled her hips up to his, hoping to create enough friction to ease some of the ache between her legs.  Smiling against her skin, he moved his free hand down to hold her hips still. Moving at an excruciatingly slow pace, he continued down her body, leaving small licks and kisses where he went, stopping every now and then to suck at her skin to leave a small love mark. When he reached the spot between her legs, she immediately spread her legs in anticipation.

“Someone’s eager,” he chuckled, tracing his finger along her inner thigh.

“Please daddy,” she whimpered, trying to work him up enough to give her what she wanted.

“Soon, sweet girl,” he whispered, his lips moving close to her core but never touching it. “I’m gonna make this so good for you.”

Sliding his hands up to gently hold her hips still, he began pressing hot, open mouth kisses on her skin. He slowly moved his way up and down the crevice between her thigh and her pussy where he knew she was incredibly sensitive, digging his tongue into her skin. Jerking against the handcuffs, she let out a loud cry and tried to close her legs around his head. Grabbing her thighs, he held her legs apart and continued attacking her sensitive skin with his mouth as she erupted in a fit of giggles.

“Tom! S-Stop!” she pleaded, rolling her hips up to escape his mouth.

“Is my little girl ticklish there?” he asked innocently, replacing his tongue with his finger. Letting out another yelp, she tried to push herself further up the bed, only to feel his hands on her hips once more, pulling her back to him.

“Now just where do you think you’re going to go?” he laughed, pressing more kisses on her inner thighs, slowly moving further away from her pussy. She threw her head back on the pillow, her breath becoming more labored. He was dragging this out, humming against her skin as he kissed and sucked at her inner thighs. Moving back to her center, he gently sucked on her outer lips and she moaned loudly, no longer caring if the neighbors heard as long as he kept moving closer to her clit. He smirked and pulled away from her, he had her almost where he wanted her. Using his thumbs to spread her open he leaned in and pressed his tongue to her entrance - and listened for the sound of her breath hitching in her throat at the sudden contact - only for a moment before pulling away. He repeated the movement over and over again before she finally broke down in her frustration.

“Fucking hell Tom!” she nearly shouted. “I’m gonna fucking die on this bed if you don’t just fucking do me already!”

He broke his concentration momentarily, laughing at her dramatic statement and pushing her thighs farther apart, slowly dragging his tongue over her opening once before he dove in, licking and sucking at her clit.

Screaming at the sudden relief, she pushed her hips up towards his mouth. Holding her in his hands, Tom began rubbing up and down the sides of her body as he lapped at her clit, feeling her hips gyrating under his touch. She was practically melting in his hands as he drew hearts over her skin with his fingers and wrote ‘I love you’ on her clit with his tongue. She threw her legs over his shoulders and wrapped them around him to hold him closer, hinting that she was getting close. Sliding one finger inside her and slowly pumping it in and out, he picked up the pace with his tongue.

“Oh my god yes yes yes, please don’t stop,” she whimpered, her toes curling as she felt her climax building.

Slipping a second finger inside her, he began thrusting in and out of her faster and licking her clit harder, keeping one hand on her to hold her still. Her hips bucked as she felt her orgasm spread through her body, a hundred ‘I love yous’ falling from her lips as she came. Once her body had begun to relax he pulled away from her, his mouth and chin glistening with the aftermath of her orgasm. Pressing his lips to hers, she moaned into his mouth, tasting herself on his tongue. She felt him grinding his hips against hers, his cock hard and poking her thigh, and she knew he was ready for another round.

“Want another one, pretty girl?” he hummed in her ear, sucking on her earlobe and peppering kisses down her neck.

“Please,” she sighed dreamily, still coming down from the high of her first orgasm. She felt his lips freeze over her skin and she already knew what she had done.

“Please what.” He hardly asked but demanded, and she felt his hands grip her hips roughly.

“Please daddy!” she quickly corrected. “Please daddy, make me come again.”

“That’s my good girl,” he whispered, planting another kiss on her neck before moving off her, reaching over to the bedside table. She saw the little square package out of the corner of her eye and bit her lip, recalling taking her birth control pill at the appropriate time earlier in the evening before she went to the bar.

“No,” she exhaled quickly. “Don’t use a condom…I wanna feel you…”

He paused and looked down at her, stray hairs plastered to her face from her sweat, still breathing heavily and staring up at him with glazed over eyes, silently pleading with him.

“You want daddy to bareback it tonight?” he leaned down, inches from her face.

“Please daddy,” she mumbled. “I already took my pill tonight, I promise.”

Grinning, he chucked the condom across the room and pulled her closer, positioning himself at her entrance.

“Anything for my little girl.”

Pushing the head of his cock inside her, she sighed in relief and laid back on the pillows. He groaned as he watched himself disappear deeper inside her and began slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“So tight for me already, sweetheart?” he leaned down to kiss her, feeling her walls clenched around him. She pulled her hands up with the intention of running her fingers through his curly hair, but was stopped short when she remembered she was still chained to the bed.

“Daddy,” she began, her breath hitching in her throat suddenly as Tom sunk his teeth into her shoulder. She cried out in pain, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist.

“Yes, m’love?” he mumbled, kissing and licking the fresh mark on her skin.

“C-Can I please move my hands? I wanna touch you,” she begged, sticking her lower lip out as he moved to meet her gaze. He smiled and leaned in, kissing her deeply and taking her bottom lip in his mouth, gently biting down before releasing her.

“Not yet, sweet girl,” he said, kissing her again as he began thrusting harder inside her. She whined into his mouth, squeezing his hips again with her legs.

“Please daddy,” she moaned, leaving kisses down his neck. “I’ll be good, I just wanna touch you.”

“I said not yet,” he responded more sternly, gently taking ahold of her hair and pulling her head back, exposing her neck to him. He drug his tongue up and down, feeling her swallowing underneath him. He sunk his teeth into her once more at the base of her neck, harder than the last time. She shrieked from underneath him and pulled her legs away, bracing herself on the bed and pushing up against him with her hips. Feeling her resistance, he immediately pulled away and stopped thrusting.

“Everything ok, darling?” he brushed her hair out of her face, searching her eyes for any sign she had had enough. She hadn’t said their safe word yet, but sometimes he felt the need to check in with her anyways when he felt himself getting rougher with her. God forbid she’d hold her tongue if he went too far just because he was enjoying himself.

“I’m fine,” she smiled softly, pressing her forehead to his. “Really, I’m ok. Was just a little rougher than I was ready for.”

“Are you sure?” He pressed, stroking her cheek with his thumb. 

“I’m sure,” she chuckled, turning her head to nuzzle into his hand. He smiled, pressing kisses along her jawline as he slowly began thrusting into her once more. They stayed like that for a moment, him holding her close as he lovingly thrusted into her, feeling her heart flutter underneath him. It wasn’t until she hooked a leg around him once more that he knew she wanted him to fuck her harder.

Pushing her legs farther apart to angle himself better, he began thrusting into her harder again, watching the way her breasts bounced each time their hips met. She looked up at him through her lashes, mouth hung open, ecstasy written across her face. He was slowly losing his composure, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, especially with her looking at him like that.

“Tom, I’m gonna come again,” she panted, pulling him closer. He latched his lips onto her neck, nuzzling into her as he grabbed her hips. He could feel her walls clenching around his cock and it was pushing him closer to the edge.

“Tom don’t stop, oh my god please don’t stop,” she cried again, and he felt her tighten around him. As if he had been waiting for a cue, he immediately pulled out and pushed himself off her.

“N-No no no no,” she pleaded at the sudden loss of contact. “I was so close you asshole what are you doing?!”

Hopping off the bed and digging through his suitcase once more, he returned to the bed and repositioned himself, teasing her entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Would an asshole leave you tied to this bed all night?” he asked, revealing the small silver key he had retrieved from his suitcase. He held it in front of her face, his lips pursed. “Or maybe daddy should leave you like this all night after that little outburst.”

“No! I’m sorry daddy, I-I didn’t mean it,” she reached up to kiss him, frantic to be free of the handcuffs. “I’ll be good I promise, I’m sorry.”

His lips came crashing down on hers as he smothered her against the bed, moaning into her mouth. She heard a small click! and felt her wrists fall from the headboard. Wasting no time, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer and weaving her fingers through his hair.

“Fuck, make me come daddy,” she gasped, breaking away from his lips momentarily.

“Don’t worry love, I plan to,” his voice rasped in her ear.

He threw her legs up over his shoulders before roughly forcing himself back into her. Holding her legs up over her he began pounding into her, the headboard smacking against the wall with each thrust. She gripped his shoulders as obscenities began spilling from her lips, begging him to keep going. She clenched herself around his cock, digging her nails into his skin, ripping a loud moan from his throat.

“Fuck baby girl…I’m gonna spill inside you if you keep that up,” he growled, tightening his grip on her.

“Do it,” she purred. “Come inside me, daddy.”

That was all the confirmation he needed, thrusting into her faster as he felt his orgasm overcome him and he began filling her up. She drug her nails down his back, marking him for the rest of the week, as she felt his warmth spill inside of her, reaching down with one hand to rub her clit.

“Don’t,” he panted, swatting her hand away, immediately replacing it with his own. She laid back as he continued to thrust inside her and rub her clit, pushing her over the edge to her own orgasm. Gripping his arms, she screamed as she came around him, while he continued to thrust into her steadily so she could ride it out, whispering words of praise in her ear and telling her how much he loved her.

He collapsed on top of her, pulling out of her and letting his seed spill out of her on the blanket. Resting his head on her chest, they laid still, panting as they came down from ecstasy. Before either of them could say a word, they were jolted out of their haze by the sound of someone pounding on the opposite side of the wall. He looked up to see her holding a hand over her mouth as red creeped over her face.

“Don’t worry, they’re only mad that they aren’t getting any tonight,” he chuckled, pulling her hand away from her mouth to kiss her.

“You’re right, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we probably just kept them up for the entire night when they probably have somewhere to be early in the morning,” she giggled, eyeing the clock that now read 2:27 a.m.

Sitting upright, Tom patted her bum and she slid off the bed so he could discard the ruined blanket. After rolling it up and making sure the evidence of what they’d done was well hidden, he chunked it across the room and joined her under the sheets. He wormed an arm around her and pulled her close to him, nuzzling his face into the back of her neck.

“I love you, my sweet girl,” he whispered, kissing the base of her neck.

Pulling him closer, she turned to leave a small kiss on his lips before letting sleep take her.

“I love you too.”

Better off with you watching over me (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Okay so I finally finished this… at uni in the library. You’re all a bad influence on me. I had a hard time figuring out how graphic to go with this so hope this is what you were looking for? Anyway, here ya go anon ;) 

You were staring outside the window again. It was dark outside. Apart from some outlines and dim lighting you didn’t see anything, you just heard the rain ticking on the window and the warmth of a blanket around you. You gritted your teeth as you were trying very hard not to think of the million things that could be going wrong with Jason right now. After his death he had become more reckless… and you were scared you weren’t going to get him back again if something… happened. You shook your head as you tried your damn best to ban those ideas out of your head. They were no good now and they never would be. It was part of the deal to grid and bear it. You grabbed your laptop and dropped yourself in his couch. Not quite as luxurious as his room at Bruce’s place, but more… anonymous somehow. It felt good to be alone together but at moments like these the place just felt desolate.

You opened your laptop and glanced at the time. 2 am. Damnit, you were lucky you didn’t have anywhere to be the next morning. Not that you wouldn’t be there if you had. You had just had one of those days where you couldn’t get him off of your mind. You sensed something was off, usually when this happened he came back more torn up than usual. You glanced over at the bandages and the disinfectant you put ready. “Jason where the hell are you even at.” You murmured. You checked some texts online, they were interesting enough but not to the extent they banned the worry that clung to you like wet clothes. You decided laying down was an option and started to dose off when you heard someone enter the door and closing it behind him. You opened your eyes. Not sure what you expected to see.

“ Jay… please tell me you’re still alive.”
“ Well, I’m technically undead.” You opened your eyes and saw him standing there in the doorway. Suprisingly, he didn’t seem too badly hurt. Some cuts and bruises at most. Nothing he wouldn’t have been able to easily fix himself. He flung his leather jacket in the general direction of a chair where It flung over the back support.
“ An ungodly hour for a booty call. What the fuck are you doing here at this time?” He asked, sounding tired and utterly done with the world in and of itself.
“ I wanted to check up on you. What happened?”
“ You’re better off not knowing.” He grunted. He looked frustrated and something you could not define as easily.
“ Bad day at work, huh?”
“ Doesn’t begin to cover it.” He walked over to you and you noticed something was really, really wrong this time. “ Jason what happened.” He sighed and sat next to you, legs spread and taking up a lot of space in the couch.
“ I stopped some jackass from killing a woman. “
“ That seems like a good thing to me.”
“ Not the first victim. And she’s alive, but in a coma. Fuck, she looked like you. Same… hair and build.“ You arched your eyebrows.
“ Did you think she was me?”
“ Of course not, I’d recognize your ass anywhere.” He grinned but it wasn’t genuine.
“ Jay.” You were pleading with him not to joke about this for once. He always did this.
“ No. But it served as a reminder. Being with you puts you in the line of fire. I made a fair share of enemies, maybe she was supposed to remind me of you. They could have found out I’m not entirely on my own. Maybe you should… steer clear for a while.” He started to take off his clothes, revealing some cuts and bruises but once again nothing he couldn’t handle himself.

“ I know for a fact you’re not self-conscious about how you look so how exactly do you intend to persuade me if you’re gonna run around shirtless?”  That earned you a smile. You followed him into the bathroom as he ran some water of the shower already. He used with hot water, and it took some time for the thing to heat up. He got under the water but you knew he could still hear you and vice versa.

“ I’m serious, y/n.”
“ About the being without me for a while… Indefinitely you mean? You’re never gonna stop being who you are, doing what you do. I ain’t going anywhere. I know the risks and the code to the gun safe.” He looked at you proudly through strands of hair stuck to his face.
“ My little rascal. No, just until I know for sure he wasn’t working for someone or a copycat.”
“ Not a chance that I’m staying away from you Jason. If I’m not around you get even more trigger-happy out there.”
“ How’d you know?”
“ I just do.”

He didn’t even try to contend your statement. This wasn’t a first, but last time you had a massive fight over it. He seemed almost too calm now, concerned rather than pissed off because you wouldn’t listen to his suggestion of steering clear from him. Like he didn’t expect anything else from you at this point. You decided to just let him shower and looked at him. Damn, he looked good, almost unreal. The most attractive zombie you’d ever seen. When he was drying off he looked at you again, with the torn expression he had before.  
You walked over to him and noticed he kept his hands off of you, not even pulling you into a hug. Considering just how physical he usually was, you couldn’t see that as a good sign.
“ Jason, mind telling me why you’re not even touching me?” No response. “Hey, look at me. You’re not going to lose me. I’d crawl my way out of the grave to be with you too”
He looked at you with a sense of guilt in his eyes somehow. “ You might not get so lucky.”

You clung to him, head on his still on his bare chest, and felt his hands slip around you as well. He pulled you close, first carefully as if you’d break then the way you were used to. Old habits die hard.  

“ I’d lose my goddamn mind without you. “ he practically whispered against your hair.
“ I’m afraid you’re beyond that point anyway Jay. “ The fact that he didn’t come up with a quip to counter yours showed just how haunted he was by the thought of losing you. When you backed up a little you noticed the trail a tear left on his cheek. Jason didn’t do bawling, barely did crying, so that meant that it got to him. Damnit.

“ You’d save or avenge me.” He cringed at the word avenge, thinking of what that implied.
“ I love you. I’d rather not have to avenge you.” He said, in a surprisingly clear voice.
“ I know. But I’m dating you of all people. They’d only come after me if they had a death wish.”
“ Some of ‘em do. Hell, most of them do. What have I got to fucking offer you anyway? You’ve got a life, I’m spending my nights hunting monsters down. And I can’t get the damn image of that woman out of my head, but then as you. “
“ Then we have to replace it with another image. Of a very, very alive and safe me.”
You grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed while unzipping your cardigan.  At first he seemed frozen in place but he caved quickly when he saw the look in your eyes, that you weren’t just doing this in an attempt to make him feel less like shit.

Before you knew it he had helped you out of the rest of your clothes as well and you ended up underneath the sheets. His touch, his body felt warm against your skin, that hadn’t changed since the Lazarus pit. He was still hot-blooded in personality and sheer body heat. And you still reveled in both. His kisses were greedy, desperate, like this was the last chance he’d ever get to be with you. You pushed him away but he started kissing your neck.
“ Jay, not that I’m complaining but…” “ Shhh, unless you’re about to tell me what you want just stop thinking.”  He found a particularly sensitive spot on your neck.
“ Fuck you’re good at this.”
“ You’re still looking at me as if you’re saying goodbye somehow. Like you’re trying to get the image of me in your head.” By now you could read the man like a book.
He wanted to get back to your neck but you shoved him off of you and got on top of him.
“ Jay, I’m not going anywhere. And I’m gonna be in more harm’s way if I try to track you down after you decided to move. And we both know I’ll do it. I won’t deal with you being stripped from my life again.” He sighed, still staring at you. He felt his way up from your tighs to your side to your breasts where he lingered before moving to your arms and shoulders when you leaned forward a little, supporting on your arms. You couldn’t help but lean in to his touch. Didn’t help your resistance that he looked at you with a look of amazement in his eyes. As if he couldn’t believe you were even real.
“ You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. “

“ Flattery isn’t gonna get you off the hook, Jason. Promise me you won’t leave.”
He gritted his teeth, looking you in the eyes again. He pushed your arms from under you, landing your upper body on top of him. “ You really gotta learn to shut up from time to time.” He knotted his fingers in your hair and and kissed you, deepening the kiss and making you get lost in it again. He gently put you on your back again and caressed your body and traced butterfly kisses from your collar bone down to your stomach where he lingered for a little while.
When he wasn’t kissing you somewhere the sense of panic of him leaving crept up on you again.
“ ‘C mon Jason. I’m better off with you watching over me.”
He tried to get lower but you put stopped him with your knees, he looked at you with amusement.
“ Babe, we both know you can’t stop me.”
“ We both you know you wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t want you to.” He sighed.
“ I’m just trying to keep you alive.”
“ Then stay. Promise me. “ He got off of you and rolled over to his side of the bed.
“ Can’t.”
You sighed. “You get a week, I’ll work from here for the time being. This place is surprisingly well secured and I got taught how to use a gun by you. I’ll wear a bulletproof vest whenever you’re away. And then we drop this. Deal?” He ran his hand through his still wet hair, seeming to convince himself to go. You put your hand on his abdomen and kissed him, up his body, properly, not lightly.
“ Besides…” You got to his lips and pressed your body against his as well as you could. “ How long can you really go without this? ”
“ Fucking hell, fine.” He grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you greedily again, this time just with the familiar fire that seemed to be running through his veins. He grabbed a condom and got on top of you again. “ If you want me to I can first…”
“ No. I’ve waited long enough.” He grinned and placed the palm of his hand on your chest while he went down on you. After he had you gasping for air almost making you come, you managed to bring out “ You’re fucking evil Jason.”
“ No, but I am about to…” He got in you. “ fuck you though.”
“ Always.” He kissed you again, hard, and as you felt him moving with you. After you came together, he whispered in your ear. “ I love you. So much it hurts to know how much danger it puts you in.”
You kissed his shoulder.
“ Imagine what it’s like being me then. At least I’m not hunting down the scum of the earth.”
“ Just Gotham.”
“ Cause that’s reassuring.”
He laughed, and you could tell he wasn’t faking it. “ You’re glorious. In every way. Looks, personality,.. what the fuck did I ever do to get you?”
“ Come back from the dead? I mean, I seem to have a thing for zombies? “
“ Really, got a history do you?”
“ Nooo… just one. But hey, when you got your hands on the hot one.” He brushed some hair out of your face.
“ I adore you.”
“ Likewise. “
He seemed happy again, demons driven away. At least for a while. But regardless of whether he wanted you to or not; you would be there to do so whenever he needed you to.
Because you needed nights like these at least as much.