oh my goddd juan and i have been arguing about feminism on snapchat for the past hour and we’re both hitting with facts its so intense but hes also like men suffer from inequality and no one cares about us :/ also he just randomly sent A FUXKINF SEMI NUDE between the argument then just continued the argument then while he was fighting me he was also like i was expecting a sexy pic too :)) im so !!!! hows he real omfg also he said at least ur not a feminazi im BSHDHEJEJEHE

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Leo follows Louboutin shoes too, I wonder if he enjoys secretly wearing them himself so he can feel tall and sexy



Niall on the Lou´s snapchat!!
OMFG, he´s so sexy!!!!!

#Niall #LouTeasdale



you guys. idk how much ill be on here while i am actually on my vacation, but i am so stoked. i am more then positive my store will be run great while i am gone. i have my strongest employee in charge, who knows how to get things done.

beyond that. we already have our park tickets to universal studios 2 day passes. butt load of money towards that, but should be worth it. i am so excited. besides all that it is suppose to rain while we are there, hurricane danny is suppose to hit tonight or tomorrow to the miami coast. but to be honest, i am just excited to be able to be somewhere tropical for a few days. ive never been so of course i am excited. i am so glad i am going.

i look like complete poop today while i get everything done and he just stares at me, like omfg you are so fucking sexy. i instantly smiled knowing i look like shit, but thanked him and kissed him because as i look at him, i catch myself staring at his beauty too. he is one handsome man, and i got so lucky to have him.

i went to court today, and talked with the courts. they told me whenever i am legally married to skyler, then skyler legally has the chance to strip kenny of any and all rights to fatherhood. skyler wants masyn as his son, he wants him to carry on his last name. he is from a generation of men raising other guys children. skylers dad was a deadbeat who he hasnt seen since he was a baby, the man he knows and the man he calls dad adopted him as a baby. skyler wants to do the same for masyn. take him away from a deadbeat and put him in the arms of a loving man. & a loving family. a family who wants to see him. once that happens and we are married and he is legally a ross Masyn will not have any contact with his dads side of the family. easier on him that way. he knows skyler as his dad. daddy skyler is what he calls him rn, he doesnt even know his real dad. its sad, but i am glad. seeing as how he isnt help paying for a dime to help me raise him.

i love my life, and i talk a lot about it, lol but i dont have any best friends anymore besides skyler and sometimes i just want to get things out some other way then to just speak to him constantly because i do that 24/7.

Y'all see niall in the fucking drag me down video?? I feel like my eyes are on fire he’s so damn sexy. They were looking so good omfg! Im speechless