i was tagged for the six selfie thingy by sweatpotatoes (s/o to you for being the best, and happy bday you scottish weeb, ily). idk what im supposed to write here tbh. i dont blame shinji for crying a lot and shit, but i think hes a bitch for jacking off to asukas titties. im the farming side of tumblr, this isnt even a joke, i straight up farm corn in ohio. cats are better than dogs and i would rather come out to my family then tell them i watch anime. i tag bashfulbeebo, dobbysmokingabowl, bashfulgausling, chrisyoufuckingdorito, puddingtrucks, agirlwithaplanandafryingpan, thehedgielife, and anyone else I might have missed. ((gemini4lyfe))