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How the characters would act during and after a mid-day nap.

How cute~

Yoosung sometimes gets drowsy after a long day of school and gaming on LOLOL. You’d come over to see him face down on the keyboard, snoozing the afternoon away. He looks so cute when he sleeps, his eyes closed so peacefully, his breathing long and steady, his cheek squished over one eye. You’ll have a hard time waking him up because your conscience wants to watch him sleep a little longer. When he wakes up, his eyes sparkle from seeing you’re there. He’ll yawn and rub his eye with a smile, “Oh… Hey, (Y/n). Sorry, I must’ve dozed off… Alright, I’ll go to my bed. But… will you join me?”

Zen’s canon to be a night owl, so it’s not all surprising to catch him catching some beauty sleep in the middle of the day. You’ll probably find him asleep on the couch in his living room, his script open and laid on his face, his left arm drooping off the couch. You figure he wants to catch up on his sleep for his rehearsal tonight, so you carefully climb on top of him and nuzzle your head against his chest. To your surprise, he stirs to play with your hair. Half asleep, he mumbles “My princess… You’re so cute, haha..” before he continues to drift away in comatose.

Jaehee? Napping? That’s a first. The only time she’ll take a break is if she gets really exhausted and just passes out in the middle of doing work at her desk. You’d notice how beautiful she looks with her hair mangled and her glasses off, her plush lips taking in relaxed breaths. You worry she’ll get aches if she continues to sleep like that, so you encourage her to go to bed to nap, but she mumbles something like “I need to finish working”. You have to be firm in order to get her to finally comply, having her lie down on the bed and covering her with a duvet. “I really shouldn’t have fallen asleep… but then again, even I should relax once in a while. Thank you, (Y/n).”

Jumin manages to get Jaehee ticked off because he doesn’t show up to work and he misses an important meeting, so she asks you to get him there. You find him snoozing while sitting on the sofa, his arms crossed. His face is stoic like he spent time in a coffin, his head tilted slightly downwards. When you attempt to get him up, he grabs you by your wrist and pulls you towards his body, his back falling onto the sofa cushions. Before you can say anything, he silences you by nuzzling his face in your neck as you’re laying on top of him. “I’m aware I have business to attend to, but… I rather stay like this all day.” You better believe he called Jaehee to cancel all of his plans for the rest of the day and evening.

Seven pretty much sleeps during the day anyway, so this is nothing new. You come over to his place to see it being a total pigsty- empty Dr. Pepper cans and Honey Buddha Chips scattered everywhere. You don’t see his maid anywhere, so you go to his computer room to see him K.O’ed on his keyboard at his desk, snoring and drooling like no tomorrow. You shake his shoulder lightly to get him up and he scARES THE LIVING SHIT out of you by jolting with an outburst like “FOURTH WALL BREAKING”. As soon as he realizes you standing there, he’d quickly wipe the drool of his lip and chuckle sheepishly. “Hehe, It’s you, (Y/n). Don’t worry, ahaha! I’m going to bed. Only if you join me though~” He’ll lay with you and get comfortable in your arms, kissing your cheek before he gets comfortable. Right when you expect him to be sleeping, he whispers, “Hey (Y/n)? What do you call a sleepwalking nun? … A roamin Catholic. :D” “SAEYOUNG I SWEAR TO GLOB–”

This character is perfect read this

Ok, so this is why Ianto Jones is great, everyone should go watch Torchwood now:

  • He’s an adorable chubby little puppy dog: I mean not really that chubby but you just kinda want to squish his face and tickle his tummy because he’s just so cute like that
  • He’s in a relationship with Jack Harkness: a nice openly gay relationship on a show for once, you don’t have to long for your OTP to become canon, because guess what,  it already is motherfuckers
  • He’s got some sad moments about not feeling a part of the group which adds to his adorableness and the need to cuddle him
  • He’s not afraid to blubber like a baby and it’s very pathetic but still adorable
  • When something happened to Jack he picked up his coat and smelled it. Like HE SMELLED IT LIKE IN THE FANFICTIONS OMG I WAS SO HAPPY
  • basically it’s just fanfiction come to life
  • and jack and ianto dance together it’s so cute
  • also they catch a pterodactyl together
  • and if you don’t ship them don’t worry because there are so many ships on this show it’s great
  • go watch Torchwood now so we can fangirl about it please and thank you