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Omfg ive been dating this guy for about a year. today we were just hanging out and then out of the blue he was just like "One day I'm going to marry you." Im dying over here. just omfg. i cant. hes too cute


Broken Ankles and I love you’s

The walking dead: Carl Grimes Imagine

Word Count: 1542

Warning: Fluff 

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Night was coming, the sky illuminated with bright radiant wisps of gold and purple. You looked up into the sky, taking in a long breath and slowly exhaling the crisp autumn air. It was beautiful tonight, even though you were seemingly the only one to occupy a log by one of the fires, slowly dying. You sighed and went to stir the fire with a stick, when you heard some one occupy the log next to yours. You quickly snapped your head to see who it was, and smiled when you saw him.
“Hey Y/N. ” Carl said as he smiled at you. You could see his smile was weary, for he was tired it seemed.
“Hey Carl, rough day?” You and Carl had became friends ever since he was out on a supply hunt and he saved you from getting torn apart by some walkers.
“Like you would’t believe” He sighed as you turned your body to face him, resting your back on the rough log you had once been perched on moments before.
“Tell me about your day.” You looked curiously into his crystalline blue eyes. He was cute, you had always thought so, but it’s not like you were going to act upon it. You and Carl were some of the only teenagers in camp, which meant extra adult supervision
“Well, my dad woke me up early this morning, so that’s why you didn’t see me at breakfast.” He started, fixing his hat, for it had been lopsided on the mound of dark brown locks.
“You missed out big time grimes. I was on my A game wits this morning.” You gave a smirk towards him, which made his face illuminate in the light of the burning embers.
“Very funny Y/N, very funny.” He smiled deviously. “He woke me up to run, to run! Out of all of the things I could have been woken up to, it had to be running.” He used elaborate hand gestures to express his wild emotions.
“Seems like someone has an ‘undying love’ for running.” You joked as you poked his stomach with a stick. There were a few seconds of intense staring before he bursted out laughing.
“Wow Y/N hilarious. You are just soooooo funny.” He proclaimed. You were having fun teasing him, he made your terrible days a bit more bearable.
“But what happened next Carl?!” You put your hand to your mouth in feign shock and surprise.
“Well, if you must know, he made me condition with him for hours, and then I had to do a weeks worth of chores.” He slumped down into the same position you were in, sitting directly across from you, both of your faces flickering with light from the “fire”
“Let’s see how well your dad worked you today then!” You joked as you jolted up and started running towards the tents. You laughed as you heard him swear and start running after you.
“Not funny Y/N! I’m sore!” But you could hear him chuckling as he started to get closer to you. Running at full speed, you were nearing the tents. You looked back and saw Carl inches away from you, his hat clenched in his right hand, and reaching out at you with his left.
You shrieked and laughed, but as you were turning around, you saw the stump and it was too late, you tripped over the edge of it, launching yourself into the air, flying towards the ground in an alarming rate. Once you fell, you immediately felt icy hot pain searing through your left leg, and yelped with pain.
“Y/N! oh god, oh god.” Carl came rushing over to you, bending down next to you.
“Carl I don’t want to look at it.” You said through clenched teeth. You knew your ankle was broken, when you were a child you had felt the same pain when learning how to ride a bicycle. Your head was in the dirt, staring up at the sky, colors from minutes before mixing with blacks and blues, hinting that it was getting late.
“Y/N, I’m not leaving you here, I’ll call for help.” But he didn’t have to leave, because at that moment Rick came out of his tent, noticing the immense chatter going about, and also his son assessing your wounds.
“What happened?” He asked as he quickly walked over towards you both.
“We were-we were running dad, chasing each other, sh-she fell.” Carl stuttered, afraid his father would yell at him for endangering you.
“You shouldn’t have been doing that Carl,and Y/N you know better.” He quickly scolded as he bent down and picked up your ankle ever so slightly, even that movement caused your vision to become hazy.
“Carl, help me pick her up.” Rick and Carl carefully grabbed you, making sure not to hurt you.
“You don’t have to be so delicate.” You joked, which causes a snicker from Rick. They took you to your tent, where your makeshift bed lay unmade.
“Geesh Y/N your such a slob.” Carl said, but it was hard to tell if he was joking from his concerned voice.
“I know, don’t you worry about me Carl, I’m fine.” You said as they put you down on your bed.
“I don’t think so Y/N. Maybe Carl should stay here tonight.” Rick proclaimed, it sounded more like an order than a question.
“Why him?” You smiled and stuck our your tongue, which earned a face from Carl.
“I’ll go get my stuff.” He winked at you and strode out of the tent. While he was away, Rick put your leg in a makeshift splint, and elevated it with a pillow.
“You be careful now Y/N, we can’t afford any more injuries now.” His voice was stern, the voice of a concerned parent.
You waved him off- “ I’ll be fine dad.” You said sarcastically as you smiled and rolled your eyes. He nodded and walked out of your tent, just as Carl came back.
“Now you two, no games or anything, I don’t want to hear anything. Gotcha?” Rick pointed at the both of us.
“Um, really dad?” Carl questioned and you started to laugh. Rick then left the tent and zipped it up from the outside, leaving you both alone.
“Okay Y/N, I brought my comics, pillows, more blankets, and myself, now move over.” Carl happily explained the contents of his bag and started at you for a few seconds.
“Move over!”
“Oh, right.” You scooted over as well as you could with your broken ankle. He plopped down right next to you, staring at you.
“You know Y/N, I’ve always thought you were pretty.” The words made your veins turn ice cold, you had always thought the same about him, in a more masculine way you supposed.
“Well thank you Carl, I’m not sure what to say.” You feigned acting like a diva, which made him laugh, his smile lighting up your face as well as his.
“Yeah Y/N?”
“I’m tried, can we go to sleep now?” You asked as you reached to turn off the sole lantern occupying a makeshift nightstand on your left.
“Sure, yeah, whatever you want.” He said as you both got comfortable at polar opposite ends of the bed, making sure it wasn’t awkward for the other.
“Goodnight Carl.”
“Goodnight Y/N love you”
“Love you too.”
A few seconds went by before you both realized what the other had said.
“Wait what?” You both asked out loud and you both turned to face each other, to find him staring at you already. His eyes boring into yours, and you could see parallels of your own feelings, your own memories with him. Fear pored out of his eyes, reflected on towards your own, for you had the fear of the unknown, that that’s when he decided to end this unspoken consternation. You felt his lips connect with your own, they were soft and supple as he explored your own. He deepened the kiss when he leaned towards you, but being the girl you were, you allowed him only a bit of exploration into the void. When you pulled apart, you gazed into his eyes once more, seeing them swirling in pools of joy and luminescent sparkle.
“Y/N” He started. “It’s okay if you want to wait.”
“Wait? Carl you’re literally two years old, of course were waiting!” You raised your voice and he chuckled.
“That is NOT what I meant.” He continued to laugh. “That means your two years old two by the way.”
“I know, Carl.” The way you said his name seemed to bring joy to him, for he kissed your lips again and pulled you closer towards him.
“I like the way you say my name Y/N, heck I love you, and I mean it this time.” He said as you snuggled your head in the crook of his neck.
“Oh, so you mean it? Well then I guess I mean it too Carl.” You both laughed and he wrapped his arm around you tighter, encasing you in a comfortable tomblike status.
“I’ll always take care of you Y/N, always.”