In case you missed this magic moment during Mark’s LiveStream

Mark: My brother made me prank call 9-1-1 when I was a very young kid.

Ethan: That’s horrible. *laughs*

Mark: Yeah it was horrible for me because like, he was just like, I was like, what, SIX maybe, at the time.

Ethan: How old was he?

Mark: He would have been EIGHT, so he wasn’t much older, but he knew what 9-1-1 was and it was only for emergencies only. So he was like, “Hey, hey Mark if you dial 9-1-1 something cool will happen”, or something like that and so I do it. I call and there’s some angry voice. “9-1-1 WHAT’S YOUR EMERGENCY?” and I’m like, “UH… *click*”

Ethan: Oh!

Mark: And they call back! Like, if you get a hang-up they call back cause they’re like, ‘oh maybe they’re having a heart attack’, and they call back and I’m like, “I’m sorry… It was an accident…” And then like this very gruff voice is like, [cause I get it I’m not saying anything is a bad thing it’s just like, “HOW’D… DO YOU KNOW THIS IS FOR EMERGENCIES?!” and I’m like, “I DON’T KNOW *high pitched scared boys voice*” and I hang-up again.

Ethan: Oh NO!

Mark: And they like kept calling back and it’s just like, “AH!

Ethan: Did they send cops to your house?

Mark: No they were gonna I ran up to my mom like, “BAHHH… MOMMMM! *crying boys voice* BAHMEHGUH *unintelligable crying boy voice* I CALLED 9-1-1 WHAT DO I DO?!” She get’s like, she gets on the phone and they yell at her and there’s like, she’s like, 


and it goes like and she’s like, 


my mom, very angry at the time, 


So my mom was just yelling at the police for a while and they’re like, ”DO WE NEED TO SEND A CRUISER OVER THERE!“ 


Ethan, Tyler, Amy, Kathryn: *laughing*

Mark: Yeah, I got grounded for a while.


“You know there’s a chance we might be mistaken for a couple. Like last week at dinner,” Sam said. His eyes were intent on you and so you tried to make your shrug as nonchalant as possible.

“Yeah. But, I mean…we are, right? Your offer…what you said about being my boyfriend…that still stands?” you asked, refusing to meet his gaze. Still, you could see that smile of his even in your periphery.

“It still stands,” he said. 

“Well, ok then.” 


“Stop staring at me.”

“Can do,” Sam said, standing to the hotel room door and opening it for you. You walked past him, only sparing a glance lest the blush he’d made rise in your cheeks get worse.

“And stop smiling like that.”

“That’s going to be harder,” he replied, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he followed you into the new night.

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