Adam and Scorpius | Closed RP

Scorpius had been in this alternate timeline for just about a week now and he still definitely wasn’t used to it. Every day he was learning something new about himself, something about this alternate Scorpius that made him hate himself more. He ultimately was the same person just the circumstances had changed. If he was less eager to get back he’d want to study the differences, figure out how he had ended up so twisted and just wrong in this timeline. But then he’d just be wasting time. 

He found himself in the library, grabbing a book to try and figure out what on earth had happened at the battle of Hogwarts to lead the world to this. How had everything gone so badly? 

The blonde stood, holding ‘A History of Magic’ in one hand as he looked through the books to see if there was anything that would give him more details, struggling to get used to the tight and restraining uniform that kept his posture straight. 

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Hello! I've been stalking your blog for a bit now, and I really hope you can do this one, love ya either way! So, you can choose if this is before or after the surprise party, but Yata and Fushimi join Jungle and eventually become j-rank. Sarumi!

Maybe in this scenario Yata and Fushimi still try to take down jungle at the surprise party but they manage to get away from the rest of the jungle members on their own and don’t get saved by Mikoto. Afterward the two of them go back to their apartment all depressed because they were defeated and couldn’t change the world. When they get back though Fushimi plugs his computer back in and there’s a mail icon on the screen. He and Yata exchange looks and Fushimi clicks on it. Inside is a mail from the ‘important person of jungle’ who interrupted their mission, praising them for their attempt and noting that if they wish to continue challenging this world they are welcome to join the ranks of jungle. As a gift, they’re given a mission to complete. At first they’re both against it, figuring this is just jungle fucking with them because they lost, but after a few days the mail is still there and they decide that it can’t hurt to just attempt the mission. When they complete it the two of them are immediately promoted up a rank and get some jungle powers, which they’re both amazed by. Fushimi notes that these rankings are different even than those used for j-cube and he wonders what happens to someone who reaches j-rank. Yata’s all hyped up again and holds out a fist to him as he says the two of them will be the first to find out.

So from there they both do a bunch of missions and end up climbing in the ranks. They finally reach j-rank and receive a mail containing a map to a particular location. When they get there Kotosaka is waiting for them, Fushimi warily notes that the King himself didn’t come. Kotosaka tells them that his mobility is limited, which is why he sent his messenger to bring them back. If they truly want to smash this world, they must follow Kotosaka into jungle’s home base. Otherwise, they are welcome to leave and return to their old lives. Yata and Fushimi are both a little hesitant but they nod at each other and end up holding hands as they follow Kotosaka underground into jungle’s headquarters. When they meet Hisui I think Fushimi especially would be a little suspicious that this person is really the one who beat him before. Hisui welcomes them warmly though and Iwafune’s prepared some nice sushi and fried chicken for the kids. Yata’s really confused about the whole thing, like wait so if you become j-rank you get to go to a basement and eat sushi as a reward and Hisui clarifies that he is going to give them power, power strong enough to shape the world.

Fushimi and Yata pass the installation and then for the next couple years they mostly move around from the basement to the city, keeping an eye on the other clans. Fushimi I imagine being more into jungle than Yata, like he’s given all this freedom to work with jungle’s interface and do computer stuff while Yata’s mostly antsy all the time because he’s very rarely given an opportunity to go out and do anything. Ooh maybe one day Yata finally gets to go on an above mission on his own and he briefly meets Totsuka who helps him out, Yata doesn’t know who Totsuka is but he thinks that guy sure was pretty nice. Then a couple weeks later Hisui arranges for Totsuka to be murdered and that’s when Yata starts getting uncomfortable about all this, like he wanted to change the world, yeah, but he’s not down with killing a guy who he knows wasn’t that strong and who was nice to him. Fushimi I think would be less swayed by that, he still just wants to show that he’s worth something and Hisui keeps praising his work and telling him how invaluable he is.

Maybe that’s how the betrayal goes down this time except it’s Yata who leaves, uncomfortable with jungle’s way of doing things. He tries to get Fushimi to come with him but Fushimi refuses, thinking Yata’s chosen Homra over him. So then when ROK comes around Yata’s considered an invaluable resource because he lived with the Green King and knows a lot about him, maybe he tells them about Iwafune but even Yata didn’t know he was the Gray King so everyone’s surprised. Yata and Fushimi keep clashing though, like Fushimi kidnaps Anna and Yata’s super frustrated because he doesn’t know how to get through to Fushimi that this is the wrong way to bring about the world they wanted (and after being kidnapped Anna ends up talking to Fushimi some from her cage, noting that Fushimi’s emotions are chaotic. Fushimi tells her to shut up but despite being the guy who kidnapped her he treats her with surprising gentleness). When the plan to destroy the Slate goes down Yata insists on being allowed to go in on his own, to try and get through to Saruhiko one more time because he can’t just stand around and let Fushimi be destroyed along with the rest of jungle.

Jhené Aiko - new balance (ROUGH)
written and performed by Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Wow. Jhene, you always come with music that hits me right in the heart at particular times in my life… fuck. 

I couldn’t help but break down to this song. I ugly cried and in all seriousness I’m quite afraid to listen again cause I just might do that again. For me, I’m trying to let go of the sentiment of song that paints a picture in my head of memories with a past lover. This is someone that I still hold dearly to my heart, someone who made me feel bliss, someone who really got me through a difficult time when my family was breaking. I’ll be forever thankful that God put him in my life at such a time. I saw him as my world, he was beautiful.  

Unfortunately, “things change, people change”, and this is someone that I can no longer share my love with. In the mist of my new troubles and weird transition in my life, I can’t come to this one person that I once was able to when we first started out and it hurts so fucking bad. Shiitttt..I find myself wanting to love at times. I’m not quite sure if its a new love or it’s him. I can’t decipher the two through all this pain, and trouble as I’m about to enter a new chapter in my life.

A part of me wants him to find a new love. As painful as it all is, he deserves it as much as I do when time allows it for both of us. As sour as we went, I want him to be happy and I pray God allows that for him soon.   To make it clear, I’m not ready to jump into a relationship or date at that. I truly feel as if God/The Creator/Higher-being (I’ll speak more on that another time) is letting me know that I need this time alone as much as I know how beautiful someone coming into your life and turning it around could be. I need to find a new balance within myself this time. 

“Some of us do find the one
To fall in love
And off of the
Fucking face of the Earth with
Some of us do deserve it
A love that’s true and perfect
Some of us been through it all before
Some of us do still come back for more”


This is such a rough post. I apologize for that! I don’t write! I’m a visual artist so usually prefer to express myself through that medium. 

Day 5: The moment I think it’s more underrated

In secret of life! Riley learned about Lucas getting kicked out of school for something he did.
This episode I love and hate because people automatically assumed Riley will never truly like Lucas because she only likes good Lucas!

Riley said in this episode she isn’t mad at what she did she is mad at the fact he never told her about it! By this time Riley already liked him so she just wanted honestly from him!

The important thing here for me is that Riley understands that Lucas isn’t perfect she knows he’s not…. But Riley knows that who he was in the past has made him become this young man with good manners, who is trying to be better in the world he has change! That is who she likes and she knows his past is a big part of who he is now!

Am I the only one who wants more information on Dudley? I want a detailed account of how The World’s Biggest Dickhead Eleven Year Old turned into The Inarticulate But Well-Intentioned Sweetheart Who Leaves Tea For His Cousin. When did Dudley realize the error of his dickhead ways? Did he change at school and around his friends as well or just in the way he treated Harry? Did he ever realize how horribly his parents treated Harry? Did he feel guilty over this? Did he ever try to learn more about this wizarding world in order to understand his cousin better? Did he ever truly grasp how important Harry was to the wizarding world and how much danger he had been in? How did Dudley find love? How was his life altered by having lived with The Boy Who Lived? After the war did he try to really reconcile with Harry? Who initiated the We’ll Send Each Other Christmas Cards relationship? Did Dudley know when Harry got married? Was he invited to the wedding? Did he care whether he was or not? Did he invite Harry to his wedding? Did he know when Harry’s kids were born? Did he let Harry know when his kids were born? I need answers and more detailed character development for Dudley Dursley.

The Difference between Tomco and Bill/dip



Tom is 14 just like Marco .

In Season 2 Tom and Marco got along a little bit and Marco said he was okay.

Tom is trying to change himself and control his temper.




Bill is a million years old and Dipper is 12/13. (Watch the Last Mabelcorn for Bill’s age.)

Dipper never liked Bill. He’s been showed MANY times that he hates him and wants Bill to be defeated and Bill has also never shown that he cared for Dipper.

Bill enjoys being a sadistic, cruel demon. He wanted to rule the world and KILL the Pines family and enslave humanity.

Bill is also aroace. So shipping him/putting him in sexual situations is aroace erasure.


Tl;DR: Tomco has potential to be a healthy ship while bill//dip will stay abusive and pedophilic.

So stop comparing them. :T

Why I'm changing pronouns

I haven’t been down with the highly definitive expectations of men for a while now and it’s often made me feel uncomfortable/out of place.

I always feel like I don’t fit into the normative views of a “boy” and as much as I agree with the fact that it shouldn’t hold me back/change a thing I also understand that as I near my 21st birthday that the “real” world, while increasingly progressive, still has a long way to go. Irl the common stranger won’t recognize that my pronouns are they/them, and will automatically assume I am a cis man/use he/him when referring to me. While I am fine with this I ask that online, & within the community of my friends, that everyone try to use they/them for me.

It may be for just a little while, as I’m testing the waters and seeing how it makes me feel so I may just return to he/him in the end. However, I would greatly appreciate the support while I discover this new outlook of mine.

Please, thank you and my apologies for this interruption.

Barry Allen Imagine #12


“I just found out that my dad’s a psycho who is trying to take over the world. I don’t think I want a relationship at the moment.”

“Cisco no.” You told him pointedly.

“Come on! A change will be good for you.” Cisco persisted taking a bite out of his cherry licorice.

I just found out that my dad’s a psycho who is trying to take over the world. I don’t think I want a relationship at the moment.” You explained but seeing his un-phased expression, you turned to Barry. “Barry, tell him.”

“Hmm?” He looked up at you startled.

You rolled your eyes and clarified. “Tell him how it’s not a good for me to be in a relationship right now.

His eyes going wide, he inhaled deeply as if to wake himself up from his daze.

“Y-Yeah Cisco,” He enunciated his friend’s name heavily, “You should know better than that. Psht, I mean come on, who would want to date her knowing that her dad is an evil freak hell bent on destroying the world.”

There was silence in the room as Barry closed his rambling.

“Really Barry?” You asked, your arms crossed across your chest, your eyes glaring at him. “Evil freak? Thanks for being such a good friend.” You grabbed your leather jacket that was hanging against the back of the chair. “And fyi, he wants to rule the world, not destroy it.”

You marched away just as Barry slouched his shoulders in defeat.

“(Y/N), I didn’t mean, (Y/N)!” You ignored his calls and shut the door with a loud slam giving a clear sign that you had no interest in hearing his explanations.

“Nice job Red.” Cisco said with a mock smile plastered to his face. “Good luck trying to get on her good graces now.”

Barry exhaled loudly and threw his head back, his hands against his hips as he thought of all the different ways to make it up to you.

I just love how in Lady Midnight after Ty and Mark start to get closer, and Julian tells Mark to start acting “normal” or more like a Shadowhunter Ty steps in to defend him. Ty has always seen the world differently, functions ins his own way that doesn’t fit the criteria of the Clave, and kind of understands that people will try to change him. He kind of gets what Mark is feeling being thrown back into his old life after years of being in the Hunt, seeing the world in a different light then everyone else around him, and he isn’t gonna let anybody give him shit for it.

Interviewer: Tulip, for the first couple episodes - she’s trying to sort of lure him back into this world and he does go along only to change his mind - how tempted is he? Is it always a struggle for him to go back to what he was before the show began?

Dominic Cooper: Yeah, I think it’s a constant temptation and I think that Tulip is the home he knows and the only love that he really knows so he’d really do anything for her, but he’s desperate to make this path he’s on work. And I think he’d probably have given up earlier had this entity not become part of him.

ATX TV Festival

I didn’t want to post a huge thing about this on Instagram, so I decided I’d just do it here. Plus I thought this would help anyone stalking to see what it’s like that are nervous to meet Manson like I was. August 13th I met the man that helped change my life and helped change other people’s lives around the world. I waited about 3 hours in the heat until we finally got to go backstage to the buses. A lot of people in line pretty much acted all tough by telling other fans off and others were silent trying not to freak out about what was going to happen. My dad and stepmom kept me calm the whole time just making random jokes with me or talking about how Alan from Of Mice and Men was stalking me because he kept walking back and fourth in front of the Manson bus keeping eye contact with me. As soon as they started letting people in the bus, we saw another bus approach to see a half asleep Twiggy with his hair half up and half down; he climbed down the stairs of the bus. He looked at all of us confused then continued to walk to another building. An older lady was standing by the bus and asked us to give her our bag or anything we had because we weren’t allowed to take anything inside the bus, then we were told to go in one by one. My stepmom went first and I had to wait by the bus’ front tire until she got out so I could go in. I looked over to my dad who had a huge smile on his face and I shot him a smile back. I tried not to make eye contact with him again because I thought it would make me nervous so I kept my eyes locked on to my hands until I heard the door open.
“Hey.” A man with sunglasses on said opening the door as my stepmom climbed down the stairs.
“Hi.” I said as confident as I could.
“What’s your name?” He said motioning me to go up the stairs.
“Maya.” I said going towards him rubbing my sweaty hands on my dress. The man kept his hand on my back as I entered the pitch black tour bus that was dimly lit with candles.
“Watch your step right there.” The man said letting go of my back.
I looked down as I went up three steps then looked up to see a figure appear from the couch that slowly stood up.
“Hi.” Manson said parting his pale red lips.
“Hi..haha.” I said nervously laughing. I walked towards him and hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me.
His assistant Liz stood there with the camera and smiled at us as he let go of me.
“This is the girl I told you about with the really cool nails.” Liz said while shooting me another big smile.
Manson moved his eyes towards my nails then back up to me.
“Can I?” He said reaching out to my hand. I nodded because why would I say no to him? I picked my hand up stretching my hand out and he started poking the tips of my red stiletto nails.
“Those are pretty sharp, you could cut someone with them.” He said still poking them.
“Yeah exactly that’s why I got them.” I said laughing.
“Good choice.” He said laughing.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and tried to lace his fingers with mine but I didn’t catch on to what was happening so he just smiled and placed his hand on my wrist. We both looked at the camera and I parted my red lips to smile then there was the flash. He kept his arm wrapped around me as he reached for the picture Liz was handing to him and we both looked at it.
“Your name is Maya right?” He said uncapping a sharpie.
“Mia?” He said looking over at me.
I shook my head and spelled it out for him. After he finished writing on the bottom of the Polaroid he closed the marker and pointed to the picture.
“Look it’s slowly starting to come out.” He said squeezing my shoulder. I just nodded and thought of what I could ask him while we waited.
I turned my head towards him and parted my lips to speak.
“How are you?”
He turned his head towards me and nodded his head while saying “I’m good. How are you?”
I looked at his really sweaty face and said, “I’m good.”
He smiled and parted his lips to speak again.
“Is it hot out there?”
“Yeah.” I said nodding my head.
“I’m so sorry you had to wait out there.” He said shaking his head.
“It’s okay.” I said and we both looked down at the picture as it was starting to show both of us on it. He handed it to me and I smiled taking it from him. I got up off the couch but he pulled me back down and leaned his face towards mine and kissed my cheek. I felt like it was my very awkward first kiss but I can still remember how soft his face was. I got up and left the bus without even saying bye to him. Then walked back out into the bright hot day. The lady standing outside the bus handed me my bag and I watched my dad go into the bus. My stepmom smiled as she saw me come towards her and she right away asked to see my picture.
“Manson kissed me.” I said handing it to her.
“Really?” She said with a smile on her face. We waited till my Dad got out of the bus and he came towards us with a smile.
“I told him that he just met my daughter.” He said with a smile.
“I told him that he was about to meet my daughter.” My stepmom said with a smile.
“Did you guys really say that?” I said handing him my picture.
“Yeah of course!” Dad said smiling.
“I had to get him ready for you.”
I just laughed as we waited to go into the venue for the show. I even made a friend but I didn’t get her snapchat or Instagram but she helped my dad protect me from the pit since I’ve never been in one. All in all the show was amazing and I’m still shocked that I met the man that has changed my life and so many others.

This tag is filled with gross bullying and i’m not here for it. i only reblog things that are critical about gameplay, jokes, and people being exposed. I don’t support calling people names other than their REAL NAMES, because it’s rude and effects people of the trans community and etc. every day. I’m sick of people using bad gameplay as an excuse for tearing someone down. I’m here for calling out Paulie and exposing him and etc. because he has done harm to the outside world and the people in the house emotionally. But, when you all attack someone for just playing the game in a way you disagree with, it’s not ok. its bullying and it’s gross. i left the tag a few weeks ago and came back to more followers so i got excited, but honestly, i think i’ll leave again because i don’t want this stupidity and negativity to surround me and maybe this will inspire others to leave the tag or at least try to change things. I would rather just watch the feeds with my sister and true friends and laugh and talk about things, without bullying, tastefully.



Then Nina happened. Below the cut is just a copy paste of me rambling about the following AU

What if Ryou remained in the Adventure world, and Ken ended up in the Tamers world?

Keep reading

Siege of Earth


28 days since those Talrak ships flew overhead of earth. Harndarian ships managed to hold them off long enough to send down enough troops to support earth. Earth’s armies, if it could be called that are barely hanging on to key outposts and bases when the troops landed. Harndarians soldiers supported the armies and sets up many safe houses around the globe. Right now, they’re just waiting until their ships come back.

Harndar looked upon the safe house, it wasn’t the coziest, that’s for sure, but it was something to try and wait out the storm. It had over 5 hundred people in the bunkers, getting food, caressing their family and friends, and hoping that the world will change from now. He pitied them, to see their homes destroyed, cities in ruins, civilization lost to them, it’s sad to watch. Nonetheless, he needed to protect the safe house to provide a safe environment and to welcome other survivors…..

No matter the cost…..


Loki one shot using Lana Del Rey’s Swan Song requested by anon.

Time: Somewhere between Thor and The Avengers.

Warnings: Arguments and fluffy stuff.

“(Y/N) please follow me.” He begged taking your hands in his, he looked in your eyes pleading.

“Loki, I can’t I have to stay here, I have work and friends,” You rambled desperately trying to come up with an excuse to stay on Earth, you’d finally managed to get him here and away from Thanos and now he wants to leave?

“Why work so hard when you can just be free?” He argued.

“I thought you didn’t believe in freedom and we can’t just run away Loki. You have your legacy. And I thought you wanted to take over the world? It’s your moment now with the chitauri on your side you can do it.” You reasoned with him trying to change his mind.

“Let’s leave the world. Midgard isn’t exactly a great triumph is it?” He answered, you sighed, you couldn’t run because he had made a deal with Thanos he needed to take over the world and give Thanos the Tesseract or else he will be killed.

“Nothing could stop the two of us,” He whispered his hand gently stroking your cheek. “You’ll never work another day.” He tried to make his offer better. He knew you hated your job.

“You know I want to run away from all of this Loki. You know I would if we could but Thanos will find you no matter where you go and he will kill you.” You told him avoiding his saddened gaze, “I can’t lose you.” You breathed out tears forming in your eyes. He tilted your chin up forcing you to look at him, “You’ll like where you’re going to. And you won’t lose me I’d never allow us to be parted.” His eyes fluttered to your lips, he leaned in planting a soft sweet kiss on your delicate lips as his hands cupped your face. Once you parted you debated what you were going to do, of course you would never allow yourself to leave Loki. You wouldn’t be able to handle being parted from the God Of Mischief. He looked down at you with a questioning look on his face, “Are you going to say goodnight to the life and world you knew, my love?” He asked.

“I’ll follow you.” You finally agreed.

10 Random Facts

I was tagged by @sim-bu to do this tag, so thank you! :) Although I feel like it’s going to be quite the struggle.

1. I was named after my mother’s pen pal in high school. My Dad liked the first name so he kept that, but changed my middle name because he thought ‘James’ for a female was too masculine. 

2. I’ve been riding horses since I was two years old - it’s great physical therapy. Recently I’ve been getting more and more into driving horses - CDES, HDTS, etc. I have large dreams of going to the World Equestrian Games, but right now i’m just trying to get the hang of things. 

3. I’m a huge bookworm! I pretty much always have my nose in a book.

4. When I was five I saw my mom playing the original version of the sims as she was decorating a house. I asked her if I could play, and she said no. Eventually she gave in. and I guess you could say I was hooked from then on :)

5. I’m currently in a long distance relationship. It kind of really sucks, but it’s worth it when you get to see your significant other in the airport again. 

6. These facts are seriously a struggle…. 

7. I’d like to travel the world someday. Or even the US. Or both? :)

8. I love learning anything about history. We went to Gettysburg a few years back, and it was a really awesome experience. (Yes the horse came too… we got to ride on the battlefields.) And if you were wondering the horse was afraid to go anywhere near the woods in her corral even though her favorite thing, grass, was there. It was spooky.

9. I’m very introverted compared to lots of people, but if I feel comfortable around people I tend to talk more. 

10. I really like knitting.

I made it! Thank you again @sim-bu for tagging me to do this tag! I’ve never done one before. I’m not entirely sure who to tag to do this so I pick whoever reads this :) (if you want of course)

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Jeb, what's wrong with tyrelliot? :(

tyrell is a literal psychopath who only cares about money and status and elliot is a mess trying to figure out his life but who is also trying to make a change in the world even if he doesn’t always go about it the right way i just don’t see anything in common and zero chemistry

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You are killing me... KILLING ME!!!! But honestly, this chapter was so good. I was worried that after chapter 4, Harry was just going to have a complete turn around and be nice all of a sudden but I'm glad he's not because we get a really good look into character development!! Ughhhh I love this story :,))) I love you :,)))

You bring up a valid point! It would be quite odd for him to change so drastically, because….in what world does that happen? I’m trying to make his reactions as realistic as possible, so thank you for saying it’s in the same vein as believable! Gotta love that character development ;) And I love you sweetums! Come visit soon xx

Free and Responsible Search: Recovery From Privilege

Still reading and learning. Another thing I found while looking around,


“Once again, I need to feel bad for being white and male.”

I’ve been there, so I knew what he was saying: "You’re trying to make me feel guilty about something I didn’t do and can’t do anything about, so I’m just not going to have that conversation.”

What could I possibly say to that?

What I wanted to say is that while I sympathize, the point of discussing privilege isn’t to punish people for their sins by making them feel bad. It’s to raise awareness of the unfairness in the world and motivate change.

And on a personal level, I wanted to tell him that his bad feeling is just temporary. It marks the beginning of a recovery process that (if he pursues it) will go somewhere good.

But is that true? What process would that be and what good place does it go to?

1st birthday survived!

So Jackson turned 1 last Thursday… I always thought people were exaggerating when they said the time passes too quickly. They were right! It’s gone far too fast! He’s walking now, just about anyway, babbling away and so damned affectionate I can hardly bear it.

There are some mornings I sit and try and picture what my life would be like if I hadn’t had him and aside from the long lie ins I honestly can’t imagine it.

There are days when I want to break down and cry and there are days I’m on cloud 9 but I wouldn’t change it for the world… Well, maybe throw a nice, big lottery win and my own personal harem in and it could be improved certainly, but that’s not too much to ask, right?