Interviewer: Alright so there all these articles going on that “Cole iwas HOT, super hot!” So, what’s your workout?

Cole: I mean, I paid people to produce those articles. It’s a little flattery.

Interviewer: I’m sure it’s very flattery.

Cole: Oh, you know, it’s like Schrodinger’s sprouts on Twitter. Because of course there’s an audience of people that are like “Oh I love this guy!"and the other audience is like "Yeah, this guy sucks!”.

Interviewer: Well, I haven’t seen “This guy sucks!”

Cole: It’s flattering, truly flattering. If I had anything like Kj’s regimen, I;m sure the articles would be a bit different. But, I should probably work on that a little bit.

anonymous asked:

In a response you said "harry has closet knocked repeatedly and SOFT OUTED HIMSELF TWICE". Can you explain how he did this? What did he say? I'm new here and I'm curious.

i don’t think i ever said this but i think i did see this post going around but i forgot who said it. I can’t speak for them but i think what they meant is the hints that Harry has been dropping hints about his sexuality like when he said 

and this